Jet Black Heart

I have always loved his band, but I didn't know that he loved me. Why does he love me? I'm just like any other fan of his, but why me? I don't know when I will or if I will ever find an answer to that question. But he doesn't know that I love him too. Pretty much love at first sight.


2. Meeting Luke

I just got back from the concert. It was AWESOME. Except I didn't meet any of them. Very upsetting. Now I'm just walking around the park because Claire left with some guy. I don't know or care who he is. I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw Luke, the Luke Hemmings smiling at ME. It took all I had to not let my jaw drop. "You're really pretty, and it looks like you are a big fan. Wanna hang out? Calum went back to his place, and Michael and Ashton went to Michael's to play video games," Luke said. Okay Rachel, don't freak the freak out. "Um... Sure. I'd love to. I'm Rachel, by the way," I said. "Nice to meet you, Rachel. I'm Luke, but you probably already know that." I smiled, and he smiled back. OMG he's so cute. "Yeah, I already knew that." We decided that we would just sit down under a tree in the park and talk. "So, Rachel. How old are you? I'm 19, but you probably already knew that," Luke stated. "Yeah, I already knew that. I'm 19, too." I flashed another smile, and so did he. Luke started talking again, "So, do you have a car? I don't see one parked anywhere, only mine..." Wait, what is he asking again? Oh yeah... "Yeah, I have a car. But it's at my house. My friend Claire was supposed to drive me to and from your concert, but she got drunk and a guy drove her and her car home." All Luke did was smile, then scratched the back of his head. I love it when he does that. "Well... Can I drive you back to your place?" "Uh, sure," I said, also smiling now. He got up, then put out his hand to help me off the ground. I blushed, and took my hand in his. He pulled me up. How much cuter can he get? Still holding my hand, he walked me to his SUV. When we got to his SUV, he let go of my hand to open the door for me. I knew I blushed again. I don't know why I felt upset when he let go of my hand. He closed my door and came to sit in the driver's seat. He looked nervous about something, but what? I kept telling him when to turn. When we got to my house, he stopped the car, and quickly got out of the car to open the passenger door for me. I smiled at him, and he did the same. He walked me to my front porch. He scratched the back of his head again. "Um, er. Do you want my number," He stuttered. "Uh sure." I handed him my phone, and he put his number in. "Uh, bye, Rachel." He walked over to me, and bent down to kiss my forehead. I must've blushed. He quickly went back to his SUV and drove away. Wow. Luke Hemmings just gave me his number AND kissed my forehead. Wait till I tell Claire about this.

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