Just A Little Bit of your Heart


4. Chapter 4

November rolled around and we broke up. It was awful. I had a total break down and my mom sent me off to a mental hospital for suicidal attempts. It wasn't that bad but I hated being away from my family. When I got back I hardly had no one to talk to at school. It's like I wasn't important to any one anymore. Marshall was still with Gretchen so he didn't care. Jake and I stopped talking and Ari had a new boyfriend so when we did talk it was all about him. Marissa had dropped out so I had no one to rely on really and it was hell. I'm surprised I've survived this long really. Then Justin came back into my life. Here recently to be honest and it is January of 2016. Where was he when I needed him? I have no clue. Then just as fast as he came back into my life he was gone. I'm sure Marshall is being home schooled again because he and Gretchen broke up. So yeah. I've tried to become friends with him again but it just didn't seem to work out. He doesn't seem to care anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel so alone in life anymore. There is nothing left I can do. I just hope he sees that I am good for him and decides to take me back.

The End

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