Just A Little Bit of your Heart


1. Chapter 1

I had to be honest I HATED school. I had from a young age and I'm 17 now. I am a junior this year and I thank God. One year of school after this and I was free from this hell. I knew what I was going to do after this. I was going to spend my summer after senior year looking at colleges and visiting them. I already have a job at Subway and I had quite a bit of money saved up from over the years. I planned to get a good job after I graduated and planned to get into a good college. My grandparents got me a new Mustang for my birthday so I don't have to worry about a car really. I already had my eyes on a school in California. It's an art school established by Walt Disney himself. I honestly want to go here and would die if I don't get in. Well I mean I have other places in mind but I really want to go there. I finally snap back into reality when I hear the bell ring signaling my free period is over. I gather my things and head to my English class. When I get in I see someone sitting in my seat near the main back. Shrugging I claim the seat beside them on the right. They didn't seem to notice me but I could tell it was a male. He had his head down and his hood up. He was probably asleep so I wasn't going to bother him. I pull out my English notebook doing my bell ringer then I copy down our writing prompt. Finally the teacher walks in and I tap the boy beside me. The teacher--- I stop seeing his beautiful blue green eyes. The teacher is? He questions in a soft voice. The teacher is here. I say looking away. Students we have a new class member. Mrs. Wellman says. I look over to see the boy next to me trying to hide his face. This is Marshall Adams. He was homeschooled for a while and decided to join us here at Wrangler. Mrs. Wellman says. He mumbles a small hello and pulls out a notebook copying off the board. When he finishes he puts in head phones and begins to sketch on a sketchpad. I work on my writing assignment until the bell rings for us to go. I watch as Marshall stands letting his hood to fall down. I look at his hair. It was a blonde color covered by a blue beanie. I head out the door before him hoping he didn't catch me staring at him. I head to my fourth period math class and take a seat. I hear the door open and turn to see who it is only to see Marshall. Quickly I look away. Do I have every class with him now or what? He takes a seat beside me and looks at me. I never caught your name. He says with a smile. My name is Haliee Carpenter. I say with a smile. It's nice to meet you Haliee. He says then looks down at his sketch book. I peep over seeing he is sketching The Joker and Harley Quinn. I'm quite the Harleen Quinzel fan myself. I also like The Joker. I say. Yeah I'm pretty pumped for the new Suicide Squad movie to come out next year. Jared Letto will make a killer Joker and I'm not sure who Margot Robbie is but she makes Harley look good so yeah. He says. Yeah. Maybe we can watch it together when it comes out. I smile. Maybe. He says then puts in headphones listing to music and sketching until Mr. Way comes in. It was getting close to the end of the period and Mr. Way was giving a lecture on something. I had kind of zoned out only writing the notes but not listing. Finally the bell rings and I stand grabbing my stuff and heading to lunch. I walk to the line and get my tray heading to the salad bar to get some cucumbers. I take a seat at a table near the back and being eating. I put in my headphones and begin listing to King for a Day by PTV and Kellin Quinn. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look up and see its Marshall. I pull out my head phones and speak. Yes? I ask. Can I sit here? He asks. Sure you can. I smile. He sits down and starts eating. I finish a little bit before him and wait. He looks over at me and I speak. What class do you have next? I ask. I have a baking class. Well actually I have two. I don't remember what it is called I just remembered it was baking and what the classroom number was. He says. It's just called baking I also have it. I say. He finishes eating and we dump our trays. Let's go. I say with a smile. He nods and we head over to the baking room. I walk in and introduce him to the teacher. Mrs. Lake this is Marshall. Marshall this is Mrs. Lake. I say. They shake hands and she goes over basics with him. As they talk I put my hair net on and an apron. Then I wash my hands. I grab my recipe notebook and flip to the pumpkin section. I begin making a pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie. Marshall walks over to me. Need help? I ask. No she just told me to watch you a bit. I mean I know how to cook but she said to watch to see where everything is stored. He says. Okay. I say. I decide to just show him where everything is so he could get started cooking. After I get done showing him he grabs a set of recipes and begins cooking. My food gets done and I show it to the teacher. Good job Miss Carpenter. She says. Thank you. I say and sit down letting it cool. After a while Marshall sits beside me. Hey. He says. Hey. I say back. We sit in silent for a while. Then the bell rings releasing the students from lunch. See we had got in the class and got everything done sooner. I do it so I have free time to look up more recipes. I find one for red velvet cupcakes. I print it off and find one for a rainbow roll. It looks pretty good. It's a type of cookie. So I print it off and show it to the teacher getting her okay and I start making both the recipes. They both turned out good. I smile at my work. I keep the rainbow roll and one of the red velvet cupcakes then sit the rest up to sale. This is how we make money for the class ingredients. We sale our foods and the money goes to the class on getting ingredients. By the end of both periods I had all my stuff sold and at least $50 made on cupcakes $5 per cupcake, $50 on the pie $5 per slice, and $20 on the pumpkin roll $5 per piece. So in all I made $120. I did really well and I'm proud of it. I take the money to Mrs. Lake and head to my next class. I realize I don't have it with Marshall so it was kind of boring. After that I head to my eight period and of course I don't have it with Marshall either. By the end of the day I hadn't seen Marshall so I get in my Mustang and head home.

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