You Hate Me, It's Okay I Hate Me too

Destanie and Maddie are 18 year old girls who just moved back to Sacramento Cal, when they meet 2 guys Sam and Jc who are in a boy group They instantly fall for them. But when Sam and Jc introduce the girls to the group they start to get bullied sexually and emotionally by the rest of the group. When Sam and Jc realise they have feelings for the 2 girls they start to hang out way more and try to stop the guys from bullieing them, But it doesnt work and the group forces Sam and Jc to have sex with the girls whats gonna happen to them? What will Sam and Jc say? Will they actually do it? Find out in You Hate Me, It's okay I Hate Me too.


3. The Paty!!

~Maddie's POV~

"Come on Dess plz come its just a party" I say. 

"Ummm I dont know maddie" dess says in wearry voice.

"Oh plzzzzzz dess the 2 cute boys we meet the other day are gonna be there with the rest of there group" I say. 

"Fine.....only because there gonna be there" dess sayed with a sight at the end.

We walk to the party and are greeted by the 2 cute guys we meet 4 days ago. I think there names were Sam and Jc, I really like Jc and Dess said she liked Sam.

"Hey umm Maddie right" syas Jc 

"Hey and ya you got it right!" I say.

Jc starts to laugh.

I walk in and he follows me so close behind me I can feel him when he grabs my ass and squeeses it, I turn around and stop right in frount of him he looks at me with a smirk and I keep a stright face. 

"Sorry thats not like me but It was so tempting" He says 

"Well don't do it again" I say in a stern voice with a smile.

"Mk" He says. 

"It felt so good why would I say don't do it again" I mumble under my breath.

"Ohhhhhhh so it felt good now, did It" Jc says 

I start to blush and hide my face in my hands. I turn back around and start to walk outside, when I wounder were Dess went oh well shes probably with Sam so I didn't worry that much. Jc took me by the hand and dragged me somewhere with him it was hard to keep up with him because he was so fast, he took me in a croud of people by their pool and started to dance with me. Like 30 min latter after like 3 or 4 drinks Jc asked if I wanted to go swimming. I said why not cuz noone was in there. I took off my tank top reveling my Black french lace bra, Then removed my booty shorts reveling a black lace thong. Jc's eyes widend and mouth drooped, He did have a few drinks with me so he might have been like a little drunk.

"DAMN MADDIE!!" he says with drool kinda dripping down his mouth.

"Hehehe" I say and stick out my toung and tease him.

Then I jump in and Jc follows then the croud screams and some people jump in. I get on Jc's shoulders and this girl gets on this guys shoulders and we starts to have a chicken fight. Me and Jc won and then I got down and Jc is holding me by my waist and leans in to whisper something in my ear. He said "I have liked you ever since I first layed eyes on you, and thats why I came to help you and same goes for Sam but he likes your friend and ya". He was in compleat control of his body and mouth and wasn't drunk anymore, I look up at him and smile and say "I have liked u since I saw u out of the conner of my eye and when u came closer my heart skipped a beat". He chuckles and I giggle and he lifts me up by my waist and puts me on his back and walks out of the pool. 

"Wait u need to help me find my friend" I say in a worried voice

"Ok anything u want" he said 

By that time we got changed It was 11:45 Pm. We find her sitting in a cricle with Sam and what im gessing was the rest of the boy group and let me tell you they were almost drunk exceped Dess. They were playing spin the bottle and they all look at Jc and me.

"Hey guys this is my friend Maddie" Jc says 

"HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" says the group in all different pitches and u could now tell they were drunk.

"There you are Dess, wanna go dance?" I say 

"Sure can sam come to?" she says 

"sure u all can come if u want" I say talking to the group 

They all get up wobbley like jello and we go to the dance floor and start to dance, Its now 1:00 AM and Dess dissipered again so I told the guys I had to go find her and they all told me Sam went to find her but right then they took me behind a sheed and I looked at them but Jc wasn't there.

"Wheres Jc and why are we back here?" I ask 

"Just shut up and let us do what we want" Said Kian.

Then conner held my hands agenest the wall and mouthed sorry, Then ricky took a peice of duck tape and I knew were this was going I didn't fight back because I knew Kian would hurt me. So I let ricky put it over my mouth, then Kian told Conner to do what he wanded, Conner nodded his head as Trevor pulled down my pants and licked his lips. Conner mouthed sorry again and unstraped my bra and started to grab my boob as Kian walked away with ricky, Then I feel my thong beinging pulled down as conner starts to suck my boob. Just then Trevor starts to play with my clint as I moan and Conner takes off the duck tape and I stay put. Trevor starts to put one finger up my pussy as Conner tugs at my nipple, I moan in pleasure but I just wish it was Jc doing it to me. 

"damn your so fucking tight" says Trevor as he puts another finger up my pussy and fingers me fast and hard.

I moan pretty loud as Conner plays with my clint and I moan louder. Then I close my eyes and smell something on a wet wash cloth and I black out.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter written by Me Dream.On This time. So me and nicole are taking turns with POV, I play maddie and she plays Dess, so she writes 3 chapters and I write 3 so I hoped u enjoyed maddie's POV and what happened at the party and to her but thats not all that happened to her. U will find out more in the next chapter comment if u want the next chapter anytime soon! Luv you guys <3~ Cosmic.Exile. :P

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