You Hate Me, It's Okay I Hate Me too

Destanie and Maddie are 18 year old girls who just moved back to Sacramento Cal, when they meet 2 guys Sam and Jc who are in a boy group They instantly fall for them. But when Sam and Jc introduce the girls to the group they start to get bullied sexually and emotionally by the rest of the group. When Sam and Jc realise they have feelings for the 2 girls they start to hang out way more and try to stop the guys from bullieing them, But it doesnt work and the group forces Sam and Jc to have sex with the girls whats gonna happen to them? What will Sam and Jc say? Will they actually do it? Find out in You Hate Me, It's okay I Hate Me too.


1. Im Done

Destanie's POV

I was walking home from my friends party a 1am. I know what your thinking... why the hell are you walking home at a time like this, Well you see my friend Maddie said that the party was only going to be a few friends but turned out to be like a housefull. 


As my phone rang i heard footsteps behind me. I did not want to look back but i had to. That was a smartass choice. 

Sam- Oh look who we have here, Its Destanie the biggest slut inn school.

All of his friends laughed i could tell they were all drunk cause they smelled like acholol. I just turned back around then all of a sudden he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

Sam- Dont walk away from me when i talking to you

Me- Just leave me alone i dont feel well

Sam-Thats too bad cause you arent going anywhere

Me- Sam please leave me alone i just want to go home

I said above a whisper as my eyes started to get teary, cause i knew what he was going to do

Sam- Destanie dont cry im not going to hurt you, but i will if your dont give me what i want

When he said that i knew what meant and trust me i was not going to be good

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