The way I see things, everyone gets to choose something they want in the world. Whether it's an expensive house, a killer body, or something as simple as a career. These are the things that push us throughout our lives, and they keep us going when the thoughts of giving up come across our minds. They are our goals. Our dreams. Turns out my 'want' in life was just a little bit different from everyone else's. I wanted Jace Micheal Adams.


1. Prologue

The day Jace Micheal Adams had moved in across the street from me, was the day my life had begun.

The first day I met Jace Adams my stomach flipped, I almost believed I had an entire acrobatics show going on inside my belly. He was a country boy that had moved to my large city of Los Angeles, California from his little town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Naturally it was common for a 12 year old girl to swoon over a new boy with an southern accent the first time they meet...but I was more than just swooned with Jace Adams. I was totally and hopelessly in love. I was in love with his big blue eyes, his terribly messy brown hair, the barley noticeable freckles that scattered his nose, even the small birthmark that sat just on the base of where his neck connected with his shoulders. Of course I did what any 12 year old would have done in the situation, I ran away and hid until my mother found me. 

The next day Jace Adams showed up on my doorstep. I of course refused to answer the door and locked myself in my room with full intentions of waiting till he left. But my mother however had other intentions and explained to me that she had invited Jace over to play with me for the day while his parents unpacked.

The first few minutes alone with Jace were awkward and quiet. I had never even been alone with a boy before, other than my father and cousins, and now my she expected me to play with one for a whole day. But the first question Jace Adams ever asked me, had sent all my doubtful and awkward thoughts of our friendship out the window. 

"Do you want to see my dog?" 

I know, stupid right? But my father had basically been allergic to any animal with fur his whole life, so my childhood dreams of having a puppy and kitten, were thrown out the door at a young age. From that day on me and Jace Micheal Adams, were best friends...well up until age 18 that is, when me and Jace's lives changed forever. 

It was the first semester of our senior year. I had finally decided to join the school drama club, Jace had finally joined the school football team. It only took a few weeks for me to realize that me and Jace Adams were heading in total opposite high school directions. I no longer drove him to school every morning because he no longer went to his morning classes. I spent my weekends at home studying or watching movies, while Jace went out to restaurants and parties with his friends and teammates.

When we passed each other in the hall, it was simply two strangers walking past one another. I actually wasn't even sure if Jace had even remembered my name anymore, considering when I had bumped into him a few days earlier he had stumbled for an excruciating 10 minutes with it before I had finally told him.

Truth was, I barley knew Jace Micheal Adams anymore. Which is a pretty sad, because I was his best friend for close to 6 years. But I never lost my feelings for Jace, they've been there since the day my gaze locked with those beautiful blue orbs, the moment he stepped out of that moving van. Of course I had decided that what I had for Jace had no doubt been 'masquerade love' of a naive teenager,

well, at least that's what I thought...












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