Dead world

Thanks to the study of alchemy the government brought back the dead, but as sick twisted undead demons that mutate and destroy humanity. After one hundred years the dead have out numbered the living but Bryan doesn't care because he's neither human nor undead, no he's a freak of nature that has only one goal in life..... to never have to eat flesh ever again. Life is dead but humans aren't join Bryan on his journey to find life.


3. Reunion:Bryan

 (The top of the empire state building)nine years later

         Ha horde of those flesh eaters are chasing me, Oh God how I love killing these bastards.Eating them is terrible never do that unless you're me, but they taste like shite if that makes it easier to understand, but I finally acquired some new powers that I can try out. Oh if you're reading this I am Bryan Goode I'm half undead shite on my mum's side, and crazy human on my father's. You know it's all good I can't die if you're worried about the horde of crazed hunger psycho paths behind me, I was born with some bizarre abilities super healing is one of them. But i have to eat flesh in order to heal it can be the flesh of a "sinned" as we call them, or human. But I haven't eaten human since Hank my adoptive father and that was... ten, maybe 9 years ago sorry i'm bad with time. Back to the power crap I'm super strong, fast, feel pain but my sense of pain is more dulled than most humans, super healing, and I can devour the "sinned" acquiring their mutated abilities. Ohhhh the fun part is coming up watch if that's possible.

      I rush out slamming the door on the "sinners" behind me I spread out my arms ,flesh growing and spreading taking the marrow from my bone multiplying it making my bones hollow and shaping out some wings. I jump off diving down several stories, the horde of idiots following me down, I spread my new wings catching the air curving p to the nearest skyscraper where I stashed my "toys". I believe it's pretty fun watching hundreds of immortal trash fall to the floor splattering against the broken pavement, their bones smashing twisting, blood gushing everywhere, they moan in pain unable to die wanting me to relieve them of this torture. I can it's what i do for a living in fact i'm one of the only people on this planet that can naturally kill them sending them to hell, well besides exorcists and other powerful sinners. I've helped hunters rise discovering tons of different ways to kill the bastards. one way as I do when i'm hunger is to devour their dying flesh to heal my own, you can blast lasers at them disintegrating them but good luck finding a laser gun. The undead devoured most of them creating laser eyed "sinners" those are called rage, much better tasting then most of the other sickening creatures. Then there dismembering them of all body parts, pouring the new acidic bleach into their mouths, shooting them with bullets but only if a cross is engraved and blessed into them. That requires a lot of bullets usually filled with holy water if you must, You can spray hem with holy water but it'll only burn them, plus it won't work on the aquatic "sinners". But back to the falling corpses I really should end their suffering I am getting paid well for this, lets take a pic for proof. I pull out my camera taking what people used to a selfie, call me old school but hey society really died over a hundred years ago. I turn my head blast red beams from my eyes burning the disgusting creatures to ash, my vision red and my laugh is uncontrollable. I'm sick but then again who isn't, taking another picture to compare I smile to look better. Pulling out my death switch I press the button activating a couple condense blasts of my laser ability destroying the building all the "sinners" inside. Thank God for smart humans right? Wrong thank him for the sick intelligent "sinners" that wanted an opposing army destroyed....

    ( several days later London city aka the city of the dead )

   Going back and forth between continents is a bitch, lucky there's plenty of floating islands to rest on, filled with "sinners" well smart ones anyways the best use their telekinetic powers to keep the land a float, only way to get here is be an extremely strong human, or smart dead. These guys are crazy in a good way, they make families build weapons, revive the ancient creatures using the idiotic "sinners" lives. I mean these guys live in floating cities with electricity, undead dragons, and dinosaurs, with almost every single "sinner" empowered with telekinesis. The stronger ones said to have bitten by the king, which I can believe the king is the strongest but he was first. Never met him and hopefully never will because I like living in both worlds living on neither side, neither one can touch me because I cant kill either side with out dying. They fear me calling me the ghoul eater, the holy reaper, demon devour, the gluttonous sage, and the Prince of Death. They've tried to kill me believe me they have, but that's when I go into black mode my blood boils, and in mad rage I devour all eating the flesh of the dead healing what ever wounds they give me, my body immune to lasers after eating so many rages, I can breath underwater and hunt like a megaladon, in fact megaladon is delicious (giant sharks). I can now fly and well my telekinesis is ten times stronger than most, but don't get me wrong I can die I know I can, these idiots just haven't figure it out. No I'm hunting for the one thing that can truly make me immortal and free. But thats for another talk let me show you around the city of the dead.

        Floating cities is a normal thing now, so are prehistoric creatures and vampires but then again we don't really question this insanity. The cities have been restored from their ruined state and we have millions of "sinners" living doing everyday jobs keeping liquor stores open, market, bars, brothels take my advice don't go here they do not make good sexual partners i prefer humans but that's me. Not saying dead girls aren't hot they just rot from the inside out quicker than living ones, and at least a human girls kiss won't always make me want to vomit. Then again who am I to judge I eat rotting flesh, I brush my teeth of coarse but hey mint can only do so much. But the "sinners' try to live today as the humans used to in an evil yet pleasurable way where almost every citizen is equal and they discriminated against one race. Humans!!!! Yay everyone hates humanity, personally i don't give a damn about either side and I know a lot of people who don't either but lets just say a "sinners" cash is much more appealing to me than a humans money especially since humans can't trade much. And here we are at club "Depression" won't tell you why it's called that but it's where I get my money from my many unappealing jobs, Don boss Ricky owns the place and if things go his way he'll own New York too, but he needed some cleaning up to do. Its a good pay so I don't question plus who c ares about the stupid man eating "sinners" right?

       The first thing you have to get used to in this sick world is the over powering smell of death, decay, and shite you get used to those three things and this place will be the bomb. Of coarse most people here are rotting and falling apart with vicious tendencies, but as long as they don't mess with you, you don't mess with them. I look for my employer a "sinner" named Tony who works for the Don, his skin is always peeling and his eyes red with laser infusions, he still has most of his teeth, and usually has a human girl with him for his own sick purposes. I look around to see him in his own both three dead girl s drinking what they call sludge, and the human girl dressed skimpy with tony hanging over her snapping his jaws. He looks my way a smiles getting up, 

Tony: "Hey if it isn't my mos favorite killer what are you doing back so early huh?" He winks at me with a sly smile that's falling apart.

Me: "Nothing much just came back finished your little job no more idiotic "sinners" in New York. The workers have already started on the Don's wall soon you guys will have another booming city under your control."

Tony: "AH HAha that's my boy knew you could pull it off. So how much do ya want ya little rascal?" He says nudging me. "Can any of these lovely ladies cut that price a bit?"

Me: The females rotting in the corner smile and wave at me their skin still rotting off, the human girl cowering in the corner shivering with fright. I feel bad for her knowing she's just going to become one of Tony's undead bitches by the end of the night....but buying a human that I'm just going to let go in a couple days for more than half of my earned money. Damn you father for giving me a human conscious. "How much for the white haired human girl in the back?"

Tony: *frowns but quickly changes it to a smirk* "Not for sale but you could have a night with her if you want Bryan?"

Me: Laughing I reply "No seriously I want that girl, you asked me if one could bump down my price. i'm guessing you don't have most of my money or spent it thinking I wasn't coming back. So as the old sinners saying goes "Flesh in Flesh out" Give me half and I'll keep the girl and my job is done no bad blood eh Tony?" i hold out my hand for him to shake on the deal, knowing he won't pick a fight with me.

Tony: Giving me a death stare he shakes my hand, pulling out half of my money in a wad of cash 10,000 sin bills."You're so kind as to leave me some spending money Bryan it would be a shame to lose business with a fine man such as your self." He motions to the human girl, the dead girls moving out of the way for tony. "Here use her well see ya soon for another job."

     Taking the girls hand I rush to the door prepared to run for it knowing every sinner is going to after me for this human. "Hey Bryan some chick was looking for you earlier." my friend the bar tender told me as my hands touched the door. "I think her name was Sarah y'know the chick you told me to warn you about. Saw her with Tony earlier..." I turn my head to meet a magnum to my forehead, and the human girl takes off her contacts revealing red eyes, and a wig showing her short silver hair.

Me: *laughing* "Sarah long time no see, it's a darn shame tony ripped me off though. But you're not still mad about that whole abandoning you incident right?"Staring at the psycho bitch that follows me trying to kill me, that i granted made her mute and infected her, but that was like ten years ago. Let's just say some girls really know how to hold a grudge.

Sarah:*cocking the gun she smiles* (her voice speaks into my mind)"Oh that nah who would be mad about that. But it's a shame I'm not worth ten million to you Bryan. That's sad because you're worth so much more to me Bryan five million to be exact. Of coarse that's just a bonus for me because killing your dead ass is something I've been wanting to do for ten years ever since you and Hank left me to die."

Me: "Hey Sarah baby I had no choice in that, Hank abandoned you I didn't OK. Plus if it makes you feel any better Hanks dead so that's cool. And remember I tried to save you, and to be honest I kinda regret not trying harder, but can't you forgive me Sarah?" *Holding my hands up surrendering*

Sarah: *showing the bite mark scars on her neck* ( angry voice fills my head) "I can forgive you for turning me into a monster, I can forgive you for taking away my voice, I can also forgive you for taking my first kiss.... but i can't forgive you for leaving me you had the power even back then, but you still listened to Hank and let me die. now my love experience death. "

Oh shit I'm about to die thanks to this crazy bitch......



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