The Shifters

Alli, Sam, Willow, Bryce, Koda, and Cade are all werewolves. They live in the woods; don't have any worries. Yeah right! Watch their story unfold with heartbreaks, missing people, and a couple of friends they meet along the way.

Co-written again with Books For Life! Plz go follow her. She is an amazing person.


1. Characters


Sam Richards- he seem to be a sweet guy, but could turn on you in the blink of an eye. Sam is Alli’s boyfriend and they are the perfect pair. He has very green eyes and brown hair and is about 5’11. Sam usually wears black vans, khakis, and leather jacket. He is 22 and is the oldest of them all. Sam shifts into a brown wolf and yellow eyes.


Cade Reynolds- He really is a nice guy. He would always stop to help someone if they really needed it. He and Koda are best friends, not dating, but Cade loves her in a friend way. He has electric blue  eyes and short black hair and stands at 6’3. Cade wears black and white checkered vans, black pants, and a white shirt. He is 19 years old. He shifts into a black wolf with lighter paws and tail and same eyes.


Bryce Scott- He is an okay guy; not too nice, but won’t eat you if you get in his way. He is very protective of his girlfriend, Willow. Bryce has blue eyes and short blonde hair and, stands just a little bit smaller than Cade, at 6’0. He wears whatever he has clean. He is 20 years old. Bryce shifts into a gray wolf with the same eyes.


Willow Macken- She loves to be paid attention to. She isn’t mean to people, but she doesn’t filter what she says. Willow loves her boyfriend, Bryce. She has green eyes and long, wavy brown hair and is about 5’6. Willow wears shorts or skirts, not too short, and short sleeve shirts. She is 19 She shifts into a light grey wolf with same green eyes.


Alli Darsey- She is just like Sam, but worse. Bratty, mean, and stuck up are only a few words to describe her. Alli has medium, straight really blonde hair and green eyes. Alli is about 5’8 and is very protective of Sam. She normally wears skirts and t-shirts with high heels. She is 21. Her wolf, when she shifts, is a light golden wolf with hazel eyes.


Koda West- She is friends with everyone stated above, no one else. She is kind of a nobody at school and no one notices her. Koda is best friends with Cade, would like to date, but loves him as a friend also. She has long, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Koda is the shortest of them all at  5’2. Koda is also the youngest of them all, being 18. She wears skinny jeans and baggy sweatshirts with converse. She shifts into a ginger wolf with amber eyes.


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