"STOP!" I yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE." He said "I HOPE YOU DIE." He said. I couldn't think straight. I didn't want him to hurt me. I jumped out the moving car and everything went black.

Kengi is no ordinary girl very different. She has no friends because she's not the best looking person she's ugly and weird. At least she thinks so. She lives in LA after a tragedy to her parents.


6. What was that?


Jax kissed me. Jax kissed me. I then took action and kissed him back. I kinda figured that he only kissed me to make noah mad. I heard noah yelling at Craig for tempting Jax. It was funny and i dont know what events took place next but Jax  and I were in a room. I knew exactly why.

"Why are we in here?" i asked Jax

"To make lil ol noah mad." he said smirking "but we are not gonna do anything. im just gonna put a video on and leave it near the door. then five minutes later we will walk out and you will be wearing my sweat shirt."

"  Maybe i could put make up on you neck to make it look like those things." i said

"thats a good idea love" Jax said. tbh im really happy i get to walk out in his sweatshirt. I think he wants me in it too. i also know he is only gonna use me for his own pleasure. but that's never gonna happen. I don't see him giving me what i want.


Jax had played the video and set it next to the door. He wanted me to start on his make up. Tbh i did a really good job. it looked real. When i was done the make up he took his sweatshirt off and gave it to me. As i undressed i told Jax to turn around. He did so but the sweatshirt was not where i left it. As i looked around for it Jax said something.

"Holy fuck" he said wide eyed 

"Hey turn around no peeking." i said 

"Jax did you take the sweatshirt?" i asked

"No" he said we both scanned the room for it. i laid my eyes on it and so did Jax. He then looked at me and ran to the Sweatshirt.

"Give me a kiss first." he said with eyes full of lust

"give me the sweatshirt first and i will give you a kiss" i said but i was lying

"fine" he said giving me the sweatshirt.

"just kidding" i said running out of the room but i ran into Noah and he was pissed and he was red.

" what happened in that room?" Noah yelled

"im sorry bro but i got what wanted and it was great." Jax said walking up behind me kissing my neck. he was taking it a little too far.

"Nothing happened Noah." i said

" i don't believe you." Noah said

"Babe its almost curfew" jenny said winking at me

i then mouthed a thank you too her because she lived alone and she didnt have a curfew

Jax pushed me against the wall and said 

" i never got that kiss love." 

Noah was about to go off but hey it was fun. 

"Kengi you have a boyfriend and you're screwing around with Jax? He only wants you for sex. you're too stupid to see that. when will you ever change your ways?" Noah yelled at me 

" Hey man it was just a joke. this is all just make up " jax said wiping his neck proving it. Noah looked at me with an apologetic look. 

"kengi im--" noah tried to say but i cut him off

"the worse part about it is that my own cousin didn't believe that nothing happened and that you had so much to say about me." i said through tears running out of the house

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