"STOP!" I yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE." He said "I HOPE YOU DIE." He said. I couldn't think straight. I didn't want him to hurt me. I jumped out the moving car and everything went black.

Kengi is no ordinary girl very different. She has no friends because she's not the best looking person she's ugly and weird. At least she thinks so. She lives in LA after a tragedy to her parents.


2. ThE wEekEnD

Kengi pov



I've been down lately. I can't really think straight my heads been tripping all night I needed another point of view. So I decided to hang out with my cousin Noah. He always cheered me up.I called Noah and told him I was feeling down and he told me that he would bring me back to his place.



As I walked into the house I felt a little bit better because i knew i was safe in here and i knew that he would protect me no matter what.

As i filled him in I got a call from Carlos. My 5 year old brother. I guess he felt homesick because he was crying and I couldn't help him so I told him his favorite story. (K= Kengi Cr= Carlos)

K= the dog never found a stable home where people cared about him but he found friends that cared about him. Sure it was no big house that he used to live in but this box was all too perfect he had 2 best friends and it was the only thing he could've wished for.

Truth be told I was waiting for two years to come when I became 18 because I would inherit millions of dollars and me and Carlos would go live somewhere happy and be a little family. Just us two. Maybe Noah.

While I was joking around with Noah my phone started ringing rapidly and it was a stupid asshole to be honest I did not wanna talk to him. "Who is that?"Noah asked

"Cameron keeps texting and calling me." I said agitated (C =Cameron k =Kengi)

**on the phone**

C= I'm sorry


C= I said I'm sorry please forgive me.

Noah asked me to put the phone on speaker and I couldn't say no he would be to suspicious

K= I forgave you so many times. I can't this time you crossed the line.

C= listen you little fuck I cannot keep putting up with your bullshit I'm sick of it. Once you got in you can't get out and I recon you stop trying before I come for you. If and when I do it won't be pretty. I'll leave you there to bleed out this time I'll make sure I give you a good beaten!

N= and then I'll give you a good beaten if you ever come near her and it wont be pretty don't you ever threaten her again and if you ever touch her I will kill you.

C=she'll get to herself before I do. Aye and listen wanna be brother. Next time I hope she goes so deep that she doesn't live to see the scars.

And with that the phone call ended.

"What does he mean "she'll get to herself before i do" and what did you get into that you can't get out?"Noah asked

"I don't know."I lied.

" either you tell me or we stop talking. that's that. i cannot be dragged into this mess you are in. you have five minutes to start explaining." Noah said sternly

"I can't explain."I said through tears

"you had enough time to explain Kengi why haven't you? I'm sick of being lied to. Especially by you." He said "i can not help you with this if you wont open up. i'm sorry but i'm gonna have to ask you to leave"

I couldn't tell him anything. it hurts because the one person i knew would help me couldn't help me and I don't want Noah to get hurt so its best that he doesn't know

"please go." He said "i need to think."


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