99 Skinny • Adopted by 5sos

She thought the world was against her and being loved just wasn't for her, until she met four boys determined to change that.

warning: this book deals with triggering topics such as eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6



"Luke, could you go upstairs and get Daisy for me?" Ashton asked, pouring a glass of Orange juice for her. I got off the bar stool at the island and headed up the stairs, passing Michael along the way.

"Good morning." I smiled at Michael, my hand hovering over Daisy's doorknob.

"Shut up, Luke." Michael groaned, shutting his door behind him. I glared at the back of his head as he made his way down the hall to go downstairs for breakfast.

I twisted and pushed, completely forgetting to knock.

Daisy sat on her bed, looking through her suitcase for something. Her sweatshirt sleeves were rolled up, showing off her skinny little arms 
and - 

"What the hell?" I cried, clearly startling her.

Daisy squealed, her eyes snapping up to look at me in a mixture of fear and surprise.

"Jeez Luke, you scared me."

"What the hell is that?" I pointed at her arm. 

*trigger warning??*
*trigger warning??*
*trigger warning??*

She looked down, realization hitting her like a brick wall. Daisy quickly pulled her sleeve down, smiling at me innocently.

"My friend has a cat.." she trailed off.

I shut her door and walked over to her, grabbing her arm.

"Luke, don't." she whimpered. I tugged her sleeve back up, my thumb tracing over the cuts. 

"How old are these?" I snarled.

She looked down, ashamed. "Two days old." 

Her wrists were covered in endless scars. Self-inflicted scars.

I sat beside her. "Why?"

"Luke, forget about it. Please." 

"No, talk to me." 

"Luke -"

"I'm not going to tell anyone." I blurted out. "If - if that's what you're worried about, I swear to keep this between us." 

"You won't want me anymore. If Ashton finds out, he wont want -"

"Ashton used to self-harm too." I admitted. "So he would never abandon you over that."

"Everyone who finds out leaves me." Daisy said. "I need a chance."

I sighed. "Ashton won't leave you. We won't leave you."

She sighed, looked at her bare arms, then looked back up at me. "It started when I was 12 - the self-harming. My parents, they.."

She trailed off, looking to the side with so much regret. Her eyes glossed over with tears, but she held it in.

"They what?" I pushed.

"They hated me." she confessed. "They loved my sister more than me. That's why they drove off with her and left me."

"Daisy, that isn't true." I argued, reaching a hand up to wipe a stray tear running down her cheek.

"It is true." she choked out. "Everyday my parents would bully me, my mom would call me fat and ugly while my dad said I was stupid and lazy. They pushed me to cut and starve myself."

She hadn't realized her mistake until I said, "Wait, what?"

"Might as well tell you now." she sarcastically 

said. "I'm anorexic and the first day of me living here I lied about being allergic to pizza sauce to get out of eating." She looked down in shame, adding out a little, broken, "Sorry."

I looked her up and down, debating on what to do. 

"I'm so sorry -"

She nodded.

"- But, I think I should tell Ashton." I calmly began.

"What? No! You promised." she harshly whispered. 

"He needs to know -"

"He will. Soon."

"He needs to know as soon as possible before it's too late." I was already making my way to her door.


She followed, pulling down her sleeves. We quietly bickered all the way down the stairs.

"Ashton, I need to tell you something."

I glanced over at Calum and Michael, who were waiting for the "gossip" then at Daisy, who was behind them, her eyes looking straight into them. Those green eyes, they looked so hard and cold and vicious, yet so sweet and sad and innocent. There was something burning behind them. I opened my mouth, my eyes still locked on Daisy. She sadly looked down and stared at the floor.

Everyone who finds out leaves me. I need a chance.


Ashton's voice brought me back to reality. The little spark in Daisy's eyes completely left, a look of sadness and emptiness taking over. I looked over at Ashton, that horrible look in her eyes causing 

me to shiver.

"I wanted to tell you that.. I love you."

Ashton looked at me oddly. "I love you too.. I guess.." He went back to shoveling pancakes onto five plates.

I looked over at Daisy, who let out a sigh of relief and gave me a small smile.

"Thank you." she mouthed.

I nodded and grabbed my plate of food. 

"Oh yeah." Ashton said.

"Daisy, we need to talk about school."


Ending on a bit of a cliffhanger hehehe. Stuffs gon go down im about 8 chapters.

I'll publish chapter 7 once +8 people read this bc check last chapters authors note if you dont know why. I already have the ending planned out and (in my opinion) its cyoote (cute) asf, Im so excited. 

Another short chapter ugh im so sorry. I tried to make it longer but it didnt work out lol oopsie DAISY 

see what I did there ;) okay I'll stop


dont risk it.

- Mickey <3

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