Wings (Harry Styles)

Brianna Dawson is a normal Doncaster girl, she moves to Holmes Chapel since her mother finds a better job. While she is there though, Brianna meets the town’s most favourite boy Harry Styles. They become great friends until Harry starts having feelings for her. They soon find out they feel the same and becomes the town’s favourite couple until a boy George Shelley comes along.


1. Wings (harry styles)



My hair was flowing behind me as I walked along the beach. This would be my last time on this beach, I'm moving to Holmes Chapel tomorrow, it will defiantly be difficult to say goodbye to my friends, I mean, I have known them my whole life and now, I'm leaving. I can't believe I will be leaving my hometown, it has so many memories, that I will hopefully remember. The memories start from when I was younger, me and my brother William was playing on the grass out our back yard, that was when I broke my first ever bone, I fell off our patio, which luckily wasn't that high, I only broke my arm. They even went to when I was 15 and me and my friends Jasmine, Olivia, Toni and Cat went on a walk and thought a creep was following us. That has to be the funniest memory though; I don't think I will ever forget this place.

I collected my towels, phone, iPod and sandals and begun my way back home. I kept looking around at the buildings, parks, roads, cars and anything I pass and make a mental picture of what my hometown looks like. I saw I was nearing my house and there was a moving van, I was leaving in ten minutes. I entered my house and saw it was already empty, I don't see why mum couldn't turn down the offer; she knows how much I hate saying goodbye.

"Ahhh Bri, just in time, get your suitcases and take them to the car love," mum said. I sighed, going up to my old room. Whispering goodbye to it I grabbed my two suitcases and pulled them downstairs. I dragged them to the car and put them in the boot. I got in the passenger seat as mum got in the drivers seat and followed the moving van to our new home. I had stuck my earphones in and listened to Little Mix 'DNA' it's my favourite song right now.

Personally I like Perrie Edwards best, but they are all awesome. It took one hour and forty minutes to get to Holmes Chapel, I got out of the car and grabbed my suitcases and pulled them up to the house. Since I didn't want to move, mum let me have the biggest room. I pulled my suitcases up the spiral staircases and into a room, it was purple and the bed was on a draws which was also a step.

It is a really cool room. I unpacked my stuff and sat on my bed, above my bed is a window, I can look out at the sky if I lay down. Sighing I got off my bed, running down the stairs and helped mum unpack. We listened to music as we unpacked, it was relaxing. When we finished there was a knock at the door, letting mum sit and rest I went and answered it. I was face to face with a handsome boy, with green eyes, curly hair and dimples.

"Hi, my mum sent me with this cake for you," he said handing me a plate with cake on it.

"Thank you, come in," I said, moving out the way so he could step in. He did, thanking me and I led him through to the living room where mum was reading. When she heard us entering she looks up from her book, she smiled,

"Hi, and who are you?" Mum asked, looking at the boy,

"I'm Harry, my mum sent me to give you a cake which I give to your daughter," he explained,

"Well Harry, thank you, my daughter is Brianna and my name is Louise," Mum said, "would you like to stay for dinner?" she added, Harry nodded,

"As long as I'm not a bother then OK," he said politely,

"Nonsense, your not a bother," mum said taking the cake off me and leading us to the kitchen cutting off pieces of cake and handing them to us.


Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this book. This story will be updated when I'm on the laptop

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