story of another us

margo never thought change existed.
she thought he was a nerd.
a nobody.
a reject.
but the only nobody was her.


3. ~2~

Lucas's P.O.V

"It's guitar hero.." I yelled, but she drove off too fast. The towel was soaked and the first aid kit was slipping out of my hands. Margo James. The most beautiful girl in Northwest Christian College. Her smile, her hair, her eyes, her everything. But, there is one thing. Her personality. She could be nice, then turn into a snake. I call it the backwards sour patch kid effect. I walked in from the rain to my house, Michael and Calum still on the porch. "Well, you tried." Michael laughed, and I rolled my eyes. "Sure, Mr. I have a girlfriend." He bit his lip. "Lucas, you don't have one either." Calum was adjusting his headgear and Ashton was asleep on the lounge. I put my head in my palms. "Why does she hate me?" I groaned as Michael shrugged. Calum took out his headpiece. "Well, ysur kinda a ners." He spoke, lisp clearly showing. I rolled my eyes. "You have headgear." "You have glasses." "You sound like fricking Jimmy Jr." "You look like-" Ashton cut him off. "Whatever, you two need to grow up." He yawned, pushing his fringe back. "The only reason Abby is dating you is because she feels bad." Michael laughed, as Ashton threw a pillow at him. "Sure, at least I have a g-girlfriend." "We already established that!" I zoned out for a second. You wonder what's wrong with us. Calum has headgear, braces and a lisp, Ashton has a stutter and Michael is just a nerd. I have braces and glasses and some acne, the normal nerd stereo type. I don't know why society just doesn't let us fit in. The only one of us that has a girlfriend is Ashton, and it's a really strange story. Abby is Margo's best friend, which means she's popular. Ashton asked her to homecoming, and she said yes, and they've been dating since. It's strange how somethings work like that. Then it hit me. "I have the greatest idea ever!" I yelled, interrupting Ashton and Michael's small fight. "What is it it now?" Michael asked, rolling his eyes again. "School starts in two weeks, right?" They nodded. "Actually one week and six days-" "Shut up, Calum. We can change! This constant bullying and being dumped is getting old!" Ashton stood up. "Lucas, that's what makes us special! We are supposed to be nerds in high school, but then we rise up and make a band and get famous!" I groaned. "I can't wait that long! I'm gonna change, who's with me?" Calum and Michael sheepishly raised their hands, and Ashton just looked mad. "Lucas, this dumb-" "No, it's not!" "Yes, it is! Ashton, I'm done with this!" "I'm leaving!" "Fine, get out. You guys too." The rain stopped, so they lived close enough to walk home. "This is so stupid, Lucas. All you're doing this is to date Margo! She doesn't like you!" I groaned one more time. "Bye, Ashton!" He rolled his eyes and walked out the door, Calum and Michael following him. I saw the clock, the bright orange light shining "12:45." I really hope that Isabelle was still up with Kalel. (i know Luke doesn't have a sister, butttttttt..... -lili \_('~')_/) I slowly walked up the stairs, praying I wouldn't wake up my parents or my brothers. Isabelle is a junior in College, but her and her friend Kalel visit from Upper Sydney sometimes. Lucky it was this week. My sister was so popular in High School, and is studying on a Lacrosse scholarship. She is aiming to be a lawyer, and she's doing pretty well in life. Her boyfriend is really chill, too. But you would usually think "Oh, she hates him, like every older sister." That's not the thing. Isabelle and I have had a really tight bond. My brother were a year old than me and twins, so they had the close bond. I'm the youngest of my family and Isabelle is  years older than me, so she treated me great as a baby. I was supposed to be a girl, and my parents told her that and she was so happy. But funny thing, I wasn't a girl. But Isabelle just loved me more. I walked over to her door, and saw the lights were on and Fall Out Boy was softly playing. I knocked, and I heard a laugh. "Come in, Lucas." Kalel said, giggling. Molly was at the end of the bed, and my sister was writing a notebook. "How did you know it was me?" I asked, climbing next to Molly. "You were yelling at your friends downstairs, so I knew you would need some advice." Isabelle said, smiling and looking up from the notebook. "I wrote some things down and maybe called some people," I laughed. "By next week, all your problems will be gone." I smiled, looking through all the notes she scattered in the book. "You're the best, Belle." She gave me a smile. "I know. So for tomorrow, I called Tommy to take you're braces off." I gave her a confused look. "Like with pliers?" Her and Kalel laughed. "No, Tommy's dad is a orthodontist. You've had those braces on long enough. Afterwords, we are getting you a lip ring." I saw the note underneath lip ring. "Lucas may get upset, just hold his hand like when we were kids." I felt my upper lip curve into a another smile. "Then I'm taking you to get contacts and get you're done." I saw the note underneath "get contacts." It said "no color contacts, his blue eyes are what people want." Want was underlined a few times. Isabelle grabbed my face and rubbed a pink oily liquid on my face. It smelled like rubbing alcohol, and made me sneeze. "This stuff will help your acne. But it isn't even acne, just pimples." I let out a yawn. "It's almost one, go to sleep." I waved goodbye and closed the door. Goodbye Lucas, Hello Luke. 

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