Spys L.H


1. Chapter 1

Melissa P.O.V

Hi, I'm Melissa Rose Anderson, a spy. As my profile says, a "normal teenage girl". Well, I'm not, anymore at least. That girl in the flower dress, that's me, brown hair, and I love to make flower crowns, that one I'm wearing is an original of mine. I'm pretty, right? So, they recently just put me on a mission to find the Princess of Austria,  her name is Honor Aleksandra. I knew her when I lived in Austria, she was my bestfriend. You're probably thinking, what is a nerd and a Princess doing being a best friend? Well I grew up in the castle and I was a nobody so they kicked me out, now she is Princess, and I'm just a busy little tech nerd trying to save her butt from the North Koreans. The emperor of North Korea is obsessed with Honor and wants everything to do with her but, Honor has someone else in mind. His name is Prince Matthew of Spain. Oh my goodness have those two fallen in love. Matt is my best guy friend, and Honor is my best girl friend and well, I'm kinda the information dealer for between them.  Anyways, Matt is now worried as fuck since Honor is kidnapped and it's my duty as her best friend and as a spy to go and get her, no I'm not a spy for Austria, I live in the US but, my boss put me on the mission since I'm her best friend and, I'm the best agent that the whole World has besides my one enemy, Luke Robert Hemmings. Lucas is the best agent in Australia, but he always says "I'm the best agent in the world" when we both know, I'm the best agent. We were in training together to be a spy. He treated me like a total asshole, omg I hated him so much. You can't even pay me to go near him, but I guess my boss can, ha. It's tough to be in this kind of situation, your best friend, kidnapped, and here you are, ready to save her.

I just started crying.

"Oi, I can recognize that little cry baby from here!" Luke Robert Hemmings, my new partner for finding my best friend.

"Leave me alone Hemmings" I sniffled, wiping my eyes.

"What's the matter," he whispers in my ear, "little baby miss her best friend" I nodded and I know he was smirking, I didn't have to look. "Well too bad" he backs away.

I immediately turn around and slap him across the face. "Fuck you Hemmings" I spat and walked away.


Hey guys it's Chrissy!!! I hope you like the new story! Stay tuned!

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