Spys L.H


2. Chapeter 2

Auroras P.O.V

I sat at my desk crying, my best friends possibly getting tortured right now, and I'm sitting right here, doing nothing. That's it, I have to go, right now. I got up, wiped my eyes and fixed my hair. I was about to turn around but then I heard talking from the space next to me.

"Yes boss, Aurora Rose Anderson and Luke Robert Hemmings are on the mission for Princess Honor" he whispered as low as he could possibly speak. I listened close, putting my stethoscope on the divider. The call ended and I jumped over the divider and pinned the guy down, and before I knew it the guy started laughing. It wasn't anyone special, Lucas was just pulling a fucking prank.

"Lucas" I growled, but he just kept laughing.

"That was hilarious" he snickered, but then I just kicked him in the balls. He let out a loud whine and I started giggling.

"This is why you don't mess with a girl that's wearing heels" I smirked, giggling, walking away with my heels clicking against the floor. Luke is so fun to mess with, and there is just no way that it could get even funnier than this.

I finally got home where I was met with reality, I was second in line for throne. There may have  been a tiny lie I told. They didn't kick me out because I wasn't royalty, they kicked me out to protect me in case of the future. Now they want me back, I have to run away but they'll find me, they always do. Lucas is going to have to get me, kidnap me and replace me with some sort of look-a-like.  I have to finish this assignment, I Aurora Rose, never give up on a mission ever in my life. So this will be a first.

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