My Hero

Small town girl, big city rich guy. Not the typical romance story when they end up together, no this is different. The small town girl constantly crushes on the big city boy, he's a player. But when the small town girl's best friend gets in between, she looses her friendship and possibly her only chance at a crush. Read this story to see the thrilling drama.


3. H

     I don't know why I agreed to this shit but Darren seems REALLY sorry.  I whisper in his ear "Maybe."  But then I think, UH YES! I need the money and he seems super willing.  So what the hell.  I whisper in his ear again.  "Yes." I make sure my breathe brushes against his ear, making him shudder.  I give him a peck on the cheek and I walk away, I left Darren Brooks speechless. I mean if I can do that, what can't I do? Hm? I feel unstobbable today.   Second period is the worse, yep you guessed it, math! This is my first time going to a real school in years.  Ever since my mom died and I got kidnapped from that creepy man and Darren ruined my life.  I felt so betrayed by everyone I knew.  I brush my long brown hair as the teacher lectures us on some stupid area shit.  I start doodling a self portrait and I play on my phone.  "Liberty, Liberty? Earth to Liberty!" My teacher shouted like she was calling my name for a long time.  My messenger bag has been plopped on my desk so she couldn't see a thing I was doing.  "How do you find the area of the circle?" She asked.  "Well obviously, first you do pi..."  

      I run out of my class practically cheering.  I see a pretty girl with curly hair.  "Hey are you Liberty?" The girl says to me.  "Uh yes..." I reply.  "I'm Andrea, you're the legend that left Darren Brooks speechless, OMG every girl in the school has a crush on him." "Oh look we're in the math room, and Darren Brooks is a stupid spoiled brat." I practically spat at Andrea.  "Come on i'm in this class too, wanna sit with me?" I sigh as I go in the class.  "So for your first homework assignment you're interviewing your parents about their jobs for career day." My stomach quickly tenses up.  Andrea whispered to me "You okay?" Andrea asks.  "You look sweaty and sick..." She says.  "Uh no i'm fine it's just... my mom died and my dad walked out on me..." I whisper back.  "Is there something you would like to share with the class?" The teacher asked.  I tell her nervously.  "No it's nothing, really... can I do a different project?" I ask.  "Unless you want a F."  I sigh as I grab my bag and flip it over my shoulder when the bell rang.   "Wow, what are you gonna do?" Andrea asked.  "Andrea, wanna be sisters?" I ask.  "Totally" She replies.  "Well, when do I meet my parents?" I smirk.


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