My Hero

Small town girl, big city rich guy. Not the typical romance story when they end up together, no this is different. The small town girl constantly crushes on the big city boy, he's a player. But when the small town girl's best friend gets in between, she looses her friendship and possibly her only chance at a crush. Read this story to see the thrilling drama.


1. M

     5 years, 5 years I lived in this town.  5 years I have been single.  5 years I had bad luck.  5 years since my mom died.  5 years since my dad stormed out.  I had nobody, nobody loved me, appreciated me.  That all changed.  But before I explain what happened now, I need to tell you what lead up to this 5 years, starting 6 years ago.  

     I was only 10, life was easy, life was simple.  I had the dream life, but I didn't realize that.  "Hey daddy, are you ever going to leave me?" I asked my dad.  The day was cold and boring, I needed to get some news.  I always dreamed of being a news reporter when I grew up.  I grabbed some journalism tools, and I started writing stuff down.  My mom was sick in bed with pneumonia.  I grabbed the filled up writing pad and waved to my dad.  I hopped onto my blue bike, put on my helmet, grabbed my bag and flung it over my shoulder.  I rode my bike to the Subway Station, parked it outside, locked it then I ran inside.  It was 11:40, right when the subway is supposed to come.  I check my watch multiple times.  11:50, why is it so late? The subway jerked forward as I ran into it.  I jumped on the subway quickly before it abandoned that station.  I ran onto the next station, ran up the stairs quickly.  I climbed over the old electric fence that lost it's power ages ago and I climb down.  I follow the path to the hospital, and I go to the front.  Open the door and enter the sad lobby with women and men of all age sobbing. 

     I walk up to the main nurse and she nods her head.  "A bit late there Libby" she says before I run up the halls.  "SUBWAY GOT HELD UP!" I yelled as I ran into room 102.  I see my mom lay weekly.  "Hey mums, got the hot goss." I said walking up to the hospital bed.  "Honey..." my mother paused.  "I can't wait to hear, spill" She said popping up.  I knew my mom was going to be healed soon.  "Okay, so you know Tiffany and Tyler?" I asked.  My mom nodded.  "THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER!" My mom gasped.  Tiffany was my older sister who moved to California.  Tyler was her huge crush, they obviously liked each other.  My mom smiled.  "Honey... can you please...." She fell asleep.  It was 12:19 anyway.  I always left at 12:25, but my mom looks a little tired.  I exited the room as I simply walked the whole 10 miles, just kidding.  I decided to go around the fence instead of over which took a while, and it made me miss the 1:15 subway.  This was my weekly routine, I just waited at the station.  An old man walked over.  "Hello" the man said to me.  "Uh hello." I replied.  "Liberty right?" The man said to me.  "Uh yes." I replied.  "I used to work with your mother, it's a shame she has pnuemonia." The man told me.  "Yeah, it is." I replied.  "Why is the subway taking so long?" I asked, bored.  "Didn't you hear, somebody died on the subway so it's delayed." He told me.  "Dang it." The distance between the subways were not like 10 miles, it's like a mile or 2.  I'm guessing 3 miles total.  I got up and I walked to the other subway station.  "Bye Libby." The man yelled to me.  "Goodbye." I replied.   

     I blow out my candles and I beam proudly.  It's my birthday! It's been 5 months since I last visited my mom, it was because of that poor dead person on the subway.  "Dad, can I visit mom for my birthday?" I asked.  "Sure." My dad said after a long pause.  He drives me through the streets, this is the first time I ever went with my dad.  I quickly run to the hospital, the main nurse looks sad.  "Here for your mother?" The nurse says, trying to be peppy but sadness was in her voice.  "What's wrong?" I asked.  "Come with me." The nurse said.  She lead me down to the hall.  I saw the old man from the subway station, towering over a hospital bed.  He was weeping, once I got a look of the hospital bed, I gasped.  My mom... she was dead.. "Hello daughter." The man said to me creepily.  "You're not my dad, he's right behind m-" I look behind me to see my dad was gone.  The man creeped up to me slowly.  "What do you mean, i'm in front of you..." The man said.  I quickly gasped as I backed away into the slammed door.  I slid down the door and I shut my eyes and let myself pass out. 

     I wake up to find myself in a dark room.  I'm on a bed and my mouth is being covered and I cannot yell.  My arms are tied behind my back.  I try to scream but no sound escapes me.  I try to get out of the rope, but that was the moment I realized I could not escape.  No way, no how.  

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