Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


7. Chapter 7

It's been a year a horrible year that I've been in this damn orphanage this place is like hell it's self and fucken Satan runs this place. I'm always getting told that I'm going to get adopted but it never happens because most people want smaller kids. I still go to the same school with Nathan and Lauren and Melissa. Melissa found out about my parents a week after it happened because of the funeral and her parents were invited I obviously went and so did Lauren and Nathan that was a tough day it was actually the worst day of my life. Today is Saturday which thankfully means no school I was then brought out of my thoughts by the lady who runs the orphanage yelling for us to head downstairs. I then got up from this so called bed I had and went downstairs when all the girls got there she said "all right listen up you brats adoption day is tomorrow so I want this place very clean now go!" I then headed to the kitchen and began with the dishes and after that I did the floors in the dining room, sitting area, and hallways when I was done Satan herself came into the kitchen then she told me "Hurry Up!" "I'm already done" she was going to say something else when she heard glass breaking she walked up to the sink and I heard yelling and then crying I knew it had to be one of the smaller girls, I don't get why she has them cleaning like this like she should have them pick up not put away the dishes when she knows they can't reach the cabinets. As I was walking someone ran into me I looked and it was the little girl I share a room with her name is Skye she then said "sorry" "what' the matter?" "s-she hit me" "where?" "here" she then pointed to her face and her cheek was all red and you can clearly see a hand print I then got her and put the stuff away that I was using then I got an ice pack from the freezer then went upstairs to our room then I said "here hold this to where it hurts" it killed me every time to see one of the smaller kids get hit like it's not there fault they are in here and for them to get beat in here is the worst thing ever. To be honest I don't get in trouble here because I know that if I don't do what I'm told there will be trouble there are times that I'm allowed to have friends over and that's because I'm literally the oldest one here, as I was sitting in my room reading a book my room door opened and I looked to see Satan there she then said "your friends are here" "oh right I forgot they were coming" I then followed her downstairs and in the sitting area they were right there when Lauren seen me she said "Denise!" "hey guys" Nathan said "how's it going?" "ugh I want to get out of this place already"  "hopefully tomorrow will be your lucky day" "that's what you tell me every adoption day" "well because you got to be positive" "yeah I guess" "it's true" "yeah I know" "is it really that bad here?" "you have no idea it's like this is hell and she is Satan" "that bad?" "that bad" "damn you need to get out of here" "trust me I know I want to so bad" "I have hope that tomorrow you will get adopted" "I hope so" we then talked about random things for hours until they had to leave when they left I went back to my room and read a book until it was dinner time I then went to help set up the table and call all the girls to eat then once we all sat down Satan said "tomorrow I want you all on your best behavior because some of you will get adopted while others won't" all the girls nodded there heads then I just sat there listening to what the lady was saying not really talking because I never really talk when it's group talks like this. Once dinner was done everyone went to the sitting area and every Saturday we have a group session thing where Satan herself gives us a topic and we all have to answer or say something at least once everyone was sitting down and she then began to speak she then said "if you were to get adopted tomorrow what is one thing you would want your new family to be like with you like do you want them to be nice and loving?" most of the girls said they would want there new families to love them and care for them and treat them right or not die like how there other parents did when it was my turn I had no idea what to say so I said "I don't know" Satan then said "there has to be something?" "I had everything I wanted before I came here" "I'm pretty sure all these girls had that also, but if you were to get adopted tomorrow what is one thing you would want your adoptive parents to do for you?" "um I don't know love me I guess I wouldn't want those type of adoptive parents that get me because they just see me as a house worker who will just clean the house for them" "I've had many of those cases" "that's something I don't want" "thank you for sharing" I then gave a small smile then she continued to talk to the other girls she somehow knew I didn't like to talk much and it's true I didn't like sharing I've learned over the year to keep my feelings and emotions to myself and so far it's been working. About 2 hours later the group thing finished so she let the girls watch TV and I went to go do the dishes once I was done I cleaned the table then after I was done I sat on a chair at the table and just sat there thinking I mostly think about my parents I still have my phone so I usually will look at pictures of us that I have on my social media accounts, they never got the guy who killed them so they just called it a cold case but they said they wouldn't stop looking for the killer as I was sitting there I heard someone say "hi" I looked to see my social worker Juliet she's nice, she's better than Satan she then sat next to me then she said "are you okay?" "yeah just thinking about my parents again" "tomorrow is adoption day excited?" "for the other girls yes most people don't want a 17 year old" "some people do" "I've been here for a year and I've been told a lot of times that I was going to get adopted but it never happened" "I know but you can't lose hope" "is that what got you through the system, hope?" "yeah I was your age when I got adopted by my parents and when I got out of the system I knew I wanted to help kids like me so I became a social worker" "hope?" "yes hope" "okay" "also there will be a lot of people here so do you think you could try to keep your panic attacks down?" "I haven't been having them for about 3 weeks now" "oh then that's good to hear" "yeah I just learned on my own one day" "that's good I'm proud of you" "thanks" "I know I didn't come see you for a month" "it's okay she told me you had your baby and wouldn't be around for a while" "oh she did?" "yes I'm not mad so don't worry but congratulations on the baby" "thank you maybe I'll introduce you to her one day" "you had a girl?" "yeah I never told you huh?" "no you made me guess what you were having" "you guessed it right though" "I know, what did you name her?" "I let Daniel pick the name" "what did he name her?" "Denise" "Denise?" "yeah Denise Elizabeth" "that's a cute name" "thank you" "you're welcome" "alright kiddo I will be here tomorrow okay" "okay thanks for stopping by" "no problem good night" "night tell Daniel I said hi" "I will, he will probably come tomorrow too because he's even saying he feels like tomorrow will be your day" "okay hahahahaha" I then hugged her then she left the dinning room once she left I went to my room and went back to reading until I fell asleep reading the book. 

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