Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


5. Chapter 5

The next morning when I woke up I looked next to me to see Lauren still asleep I then carefully got up and once I as up from bed I checked to see if Nathan was awake but he was asleep too did my morning business in the bathroom then when I got out I went downstairs as I was walking I heard talking I then got to the kitchen then see my parents in there i then said "Your Home!" my dad then said "were home" "how was the flight?" "it was long and good" "hahahahaha I can imagine" "hahahahahahah" "aren't you both tired?" "no it's already noon Denise" "What! Really?" my mom said "we were going to wake you up but we seen you had visitors" hahahahahaha dad never said his sister couldn't sleep on the same bed with me" "don't worry were not mad" "oh" "just glad the house didn't walk away" "mom I was only joking" "hahahahaha I know" my dad then said "are your friends still asleep?" "yeah that's why I thought it was still early" "hahahahahaha" "well since there asleep I'm going to go shower" "alright" I then went to my room then got some clothes and went to go shower. When I got out I had on a summer dress that was black with white polka dots then I put on my white sandals and brushed my hair down then went back downstairs with my parents I then walked in the kitchen and said "so what did you guys want to do like you said you wanted to?" my dad said "go out for dinner" "oh yay hahahahahah" "and maybe a movie" "yes" "but we haven't fully decided yet" "okay then" my mom then said "so what did you do these days you were alone?" "I was hanging out with my friends the ones upstairs like we went to go eat, the mall, then one day I was at there house well I didn't spend the night I was just there for the day, then the two other nights they were here and we went swimming" "so in other words you just relaxed?" "pretty much" "that's good to hear that you weren't in your room all day" "hahahahahaha I know" "do they usually sleep this long?" "well we kind of did go to sleep late last night so yeah I don't blame them or they might be awake but just laying there waiting for me to go up there" "I have a feeling it's the second one" "me too hahahahahaha" Then my parents began to talk about work so I went to my room when I walked in I seen Lauren and Nathan awake I then said "well glad to see you both awake" Lauren then looked at me then she said "what time is it?" "past noon" Nathan said "really?" "yup it's about to be 1pm" "well there goes half of our day" "not really it's only really starting" "okay true" "my mom made us breakfast so we will go down in a bit" "wait your parents are home?" "yeah they got here sometime in the night" "oh" Then Lauren got up and went to the bathroom in my room then when she came out Nathan said "can I shower?" "sure you can use my bathroom I'll turn on the shower for you" "okay thanks" I then went to my bathroom and turned on the water for him once I did I walked out then went and sat on my bed with Lauren I then said "are you okay love?" "yeah why you ask?" "you seem quiet your never quiet" "I know I'm just thinking" "if it's about what you told me last night what I said is true I don't see you any differently" "I know I believe you" "do you want to talk about it?" "no I'm okay now" "sure?" "yes" "okay then, if you ever need to talk you can always text me or call me" "I would if I had your number silly" "I'll give you my number" "okay" Lauren then got her phone and gave it to me i then made a new contact with my number and name then sent a text to my phone to have her number also I then handed her the phone back then I said "now you have my number and I have yours" "hahahahaha now I can text and call you when I need you" "yes now you can" "or when you want to talk to" "yeah true" "you know I'm glad that Nathan ran into you the other day and asked you to tutor him" "really?" "yeah because now I have a friend" "aw I'm glad I met you too your such a nice girl" "you too" "hahahahahaha" 'so what are we doing today?" "well I have no idea because later on in the evening me and my parents are going out for dinner and a movie I think" "oh that sounds fun" "yeah" "then tomorrow is school" "ugh don't remind me that means I'm going to have to face Melissa" "oh right" "yeah let's see what she ha to say" "I know true" "yeah" "don't you have Nathan for all of your classes?" "yeah I have someone to walk to class with thankfully" "so that's good" "very good" "yeah" "I just noticed I don't have classes with you" "I know sadly but we could hang out at lunch" "sure if you want to" "of course I do" "yay!" "who do you usually hang out with at lunch?" "Melissa" "only her?" "she was my only friend until you two" "oh right" "yeah not that I cared I didn't have other friends but sometimes I just wanted to talk to different people you know" "yeah I get you" "wait who did you sit with at lunch on Friday?" "it was just me and Nathan we were on the bleachers on the field" "oh I've always wanted to go sit there at lunch but Melissa always says no" "why not it's better there?" "I have no idea" "well tomorrow that's where we will be at lunch" "yay!" "hahahahahaha" Then Nathan walked in my room and said "Denise I love your shower" "what's there to love about it, it's just a shower?" "yeah with steam" "and?" "that's like so cool" "if you say so" "you are used to it that's why" "I've actually never used the steam" "What! Never?" "nope never" "why?" "because it doesn't interest me" "you are weird" "I know thank you for stating the facts" Lauren said "Nathan you like weird crap" "whatever Lauren" I then said "you guys want to go eat?" then both nodded so we got up and went downstairs when we got to the kitchen my mom was still in the kitchen then she looked and said "hello" I then said "mom this is Lauren and Nathan, guys this is my mom" they both said hi then my mom told us to sit at the table and she would give us food then I said "where's dad?" "he's in the shower" "oh" then my mom handed us the food and we all ate then as we were eating my mom sat at the table with us then she said "any plans today?" I then said "not sure yet because of the things tonight" "oh right" "so not sure yet" "we could cancel" "no it's okay mom" "sure?" "yeah I'm positive" "okay then" "do you know what movie were going to see?" "no" "guess we will pick when we get there" "like always" "hahahahaha I know" Once we all finished we all sat at the table then Nathan said "you know we could just go swimming again" Lauren said "hey that doesn't sound like a bad idea we could do that Denise" I then said "are you guys sure?" thy both nodded then I got our plates and went to go wash them as I was washing them Lauren came in and said "I could've washed my stuff" "no it's fine you are a guest therefore you don't have to wash anything" "still though" "it's no big deal love I'm already done" "okay: then I went back to the table then I said "let's go get ready then" we all then walked to my room then we all split up to go change Lauren was in my bathroom I was in the closet and Nathan was in my bedroom once I was done I said "Nathan can I come out now?" "yeah!" I then walked in my room and got my cover up and put it on then Lauren walked out of the bathroom then I got towels and the sunscreen and we all went to the backyard once we all put on sunscreen we all got in the pool and messed around for a couple of hours. Around 5pm we had all gotten out of the pool and were all going to take showers Nathan in my room Lauren in the hallway bathroom and me in my parents room when I got out of the shower I went to my room and since the door was open I knew Nathan was still in the bathroom so I walked in and went to my closet and began to look for something to wear then I got my phone and began to listen to music and I had forgotten that Nathan was in the bathroom and began to sing and if I would've remembered he was in the bathroom I would've not sang because I'm so shy to sing in front of people but since I forgot he was in the bathroom I sang along to the songs that were playing, once I finally found something to wear I turned around to see Nathan looking at me I then said "um hi" "your voice is amazing" "oh you um heard" "uh yes" "I forgot you were in the bathroom" "was I not supposed to hear?" "yeah you weren't" "too bad I heard it and I love it" "thanks I think" I then went back to my parents room and put on my clothes that I had picked out to wear tonight then once I finished that I opened my parents room door then turned on the curler then as I was waiting for the curler to heat up my phone began to ring I then answered it and said "hello" "hi" "oh um hi" "what are you doing?" "getting ready" "with the new kids again?" "no my parents were going out for dinner" "oh" "yeah" "um by any chance did you do your math homework?" "yes why?" "can I copy you?" "no you can't" "why not?" "because your just being lazy you could do it yourself" "but Alex wants to hang out today" "that's not my problem then" "ugh your no help" "bye" I then hung up on her then went to go do my hair once I was done my mom walked in then said "hi love" "hi mom" "are you sure your okay with us going out to eat?" "yes why wouldn't I be" "because of your friends" "it's fine mom" "okay then were going to leave soon your dad said that we could take your friends home so they don't have to walk" "okay I'll let them know" "okay" Once I unplugged the curler I went back to my room then when I walked in I then said "my dad said we will drop you off at home so both don't have to walk" they both nodded there heads then I sat on my bed putting on my shoes once I was done we talked for a bit until my dad came into my room and told us we were leaving. We then all got up and got in the car and I told my dad which way to go when we got there I went with them then they had knocked on the door because they didn't have a key and the door was locked when there mom answered the door she greeted me I then said "thank you for letting them spend the night those two days" "oh it's no problem I hope they didn't make a mess" "oh no they didn't" "that's good to hear" "well I just wanted to say thank you" "you're welcome" "I'll see you both tomorrow bye guys" they both said 'bye' then I got back in the car with my parents and went to go eat dinner. Once we were done my dad had decided that we would go to the theaters in the same shopping center that we were in so we were walking and talking having a good time until this guy went up to us and was mumbling things my dad tried to talk to him but he all of a sudden pulled out a gun and my dad stood back and by now I was scared then my dad said "what do you want? Want some money?" my dad pulled out his wallet and was going to hand him money when the guy shot my dad I then yelled then ran behind the car I was standing next to then I heard another 5 gun shots then I heard footsteps running away I then slowly got up and there laid my parents on the floor in there own blood I then pulled out my phone and called for help once the help came I was a mess, I was crying next to my parents bodies once they took them I went with my mom and we made our way to the hospital when we got there they immediately took my mom to surgery and they took me to go get evaluated even though I knew I wasn't hurt once they checked on me they left me alone and a couple minutes later a nurse came in and she said "is there anyone you could call to come be with you like family or friends?" "um I could see if my friend could come I have no other family here" "okay" Once she left I got my phone and called Lauren when she answered she said "hello" "h-hi Lauren" "oh hey Denise your home already?" "um n-no" "what's wrong?" "they got shot Lauren I don't know what to do I'm alone and scared and there not telling me anything" "wait who got shot?" "m-my parents" oh god are you okay?" "I'm fine" "okay um Nathan isn't here so I'm going to see if my mom could take me don't hang up okay" "okay" then I heard Lauren talking to her mom then a couple minutes later she said "I'm on my way is it the closest hospital to us?" "yeah Sydney Memorial" "okay I'll be there soon" "okay I'll see you in a bit" "okay" Once I hug up I just sat there crying even more I just kept hoping they would survive there my parents I can't lose them. About 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door and it slowly opened I looked to see Lauren there alone she then walked up to me and just hugged me while I cried she then sat next to me and she kept trying to calm me down then the doctor walked in and introduced himself then he moved on to say that he was very sorry and they did everything they could but both of my parents has passed away, and once again I cried and cried then he said something to Lauren that I didn't quiet hear then he left and once again she tried to calm me down and when I did she said "there letting you see them if you want to" I then nodded my head 'yes' and about another 5 minutes later a nurse came in and asked if we were ready we then nodded then we followed the lady to where they were keeping my parents when we got to the room there was another nurse in there she then said "sorry for your loss" then she walked out leaving us alone I then slowly walked up to them then I lost it I cried and cried some more I already miss them so much as I was there crying my phone began to ring but I ignored it and it kept on ringing and ringing then Lauren got it and them answered it saying that I was asleep then she put my phone in her pocket then she was by my side immediately. Then that's when it clicked I have no family my parents are gone I'm an orphan now I then said "what's going to happen to me now?" "I-I don't know love" "I don't have any other family here" "oh" "I'm an orphan now" "can't then let you live on your own your almost 17?" "I'm still underage" "so does that mean you have to a orphanage?" "not sure yet" "oh I hope not" "yeah me too" Around 1am a nurse came in and told me that they had to take there bodies already and having to say goodbye was so difficult Lauren had called her mom saying if she could pick us up once I said my goodbyes we left the room and truth be told I was a mess and as I was walking out people were just looking at me with concern in there eyes when we walked out of the hospital her mom was already there then Lauren said "they gave me the bag of there belongings" I then nodded my head then Lauren's mom got out the car then she hugged me then she said "I'm so sorry for your loss, you are welcome to stay with us as long as you need to okay" I then nodded my head and we all got in the car and went to her house when we got there we walked in then Lauren got my hand and took me to her room when we got there I lost it again I then went through the bag and got out my moms cardigan that was in the bag and put it on then Lauren handed me some shorts and a shirt I could sleep in I then went to to change then once I was done I walked back in her room then she said "let's get some sleep yeah?" I then nodded my head then I laid next to her on her bed then I eventually fell asleep wishing all these events were a dream and I would wake up and find my parents at home alive but deep down I knew that wasn't going to happen.

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