Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


4. Chapter 4

The next morning when I woke up I noticed that one I was on the couch and two Lauren and Nathan were still asleep I then got up and put my blanket in my room then I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair then for some reason I was really craving pizza I check the time and noticed that it was 10:35am so I had called the pizza place we had went to the day before and ordered a pizza, now to lonely wait 30 minutes for it to be delivered I thought to myself. As I was walking back downstairs I heard Lauren talking to what I was guessing was her parents when she hung up I then said "good morning" "morning" "are your parents mad?" "no they were just worried since we didn't call to tell them we were staying" "I hope they don't hate me" "no they don't there just glad that they know you it calmed them down a bit" "oh that's good" "yeah, um can I use your bathroom?" "sure it's the first door on your left upstairs" "thanks" "your welcome". As I was walking to turn off the house alarm my phone began to ring I then answered it and said "hello" "hi love" "hi mom" "hey what about your old man?" "hi dad" "hi sweetie" "when are you both coming home?" "tonight" "really?" "yeah we are at the airport right now" 'your not lying to me are you?" "do we ever lie to you?" "no" "then?" "okay, okay I believe you" "how's the house?" "what house?" I then put them on speaker while I opened the windows then my dad said "you know the house we expect to be there when we get home" "oh that house yeah it's gone" "Denise what do you mean it'd gone" "it grew legs and ran away dad" "what oh god Denise" "I'm kidding the house is fine" "you almost gave your mom a heart attack" "sorry hahahahahaha" "you haven't been locked in your room have you?" "no I've been out with friends and two of the stood over last night" "do I know them?" "no you don't" "I thought it was Melissa?" "no it's some other friends I've made" "other friends?" "yeah they transferred to our school on Friday and we have been hanging out ever since then" "girls?" "boy and girl" "doors open" "DAD!" "what I'm just saying" "no dad it's not like that hahahahahaha" "still" "okay we all slept in the living room so all doors were open" "good" "dad he's not going to do anything" "yeah that's what the last one said" "dad" "sorry" "ever since that day I've never trusted anyone anymore and trust me on this if anything like that happens again I won't let it" "I know I just don't want you getting hurt like that again" "I won't dad" "I know" "I seen him yesterday" "did he talk to you?" "no well I kinda like literally bumped into him at the mall yesterday because I wasn't looking where I was going" "what did he say?" "nothing I just said sorry for bumping into him then he said it was fine then I went back with my friends" "did he know it was you?" "he did because he smirked at me but I obviously walked away" "god because he's just trouble" "I know dad" "I just want you to be careful Denise" "I know you do dad I know you and mom both do" "we don't want to lose you too" "you won't okay" "we love you" "I love you both too" "remember no being alone in your room with boys" "dad I know your rules plus it's me, him, and his sister so we won't be alone so you can calm down plus I told you it's not like that" "okay, okay" "when are you boarding" "in a few minutes we won't be there till morning though" "oh that's true" "at least we will be home tomorrow" "yeah that's true then that gives me tomorrow to hang out with you both because no school tomorrow" "oh that is perfect we can go out or something" "won't you both be jet lagged" "we will sleep in and go out in the evening" "sounds good dad" "alright love I'm going to let you go because we are about to board" "okay then dad have a safe flight you two and I love you both" "we love you too bye" "bye" Once I hung up with my dad I opened the living room windows then Lauren went back to the couch then I said "you can watch TV make yourself at home" "thanks" "no problem" then there was a knock on the door I went to go answer it and it was the pizza I then paid for it then I said "Lauren want some pizza?" "oh sure" "it's the one from yesterday" "yay even better" Lauren then got up and came to the kitchen with me then I gave her a plate and let her get her own pizza then we sat at the table then I said "do your parents want you home today?" "probably just to change we could hang out again" "oh okay then" "yeah what could we do today?" "I don't know really my parents are coming home and won't be home till the morning kinda" "oh" "yeah" "we could stay here if you want" "I have a pool in the backyard" "you do!?" "yeah hahahahahaha" "oh man yes we could go swimming" "and have more pizza" "hahahahahaha as long as it's this pizza I'm not complaining" "it will be this pizza no worries" "alright then it's a party of three then" "yay" "hahahahahaha" As we were eating our pizza and talking we heard a voice say "good morning" I then looked and seen Nathan I then said "good morning" "can I use your bathroom?" "sure upstairs first door on your left" "thank you" "your welcome" Then Lauren said "are you going to prom?" "no you?" "yes girl you need to go" "why?" "it's your senior prom" "and?" "it's a thing that you need to go" "I don't like the people at school why am I going to go when I have to be in a room with them for a couple of hours" "okay true, but you can come with me, isn't your other friend going?" "yeah but she's going to be with her boyfriend" "will she leave you alone to go with him?" "pretty much yeah" "oh" "yeah so I don't want to be there all alone at a table" "I get you" "so I don't know if I want to go" "isn't there a guy there that's asked you to go to prom?" "no everyone there thinks I'm a freak" "why?" "I have no idea" "that's just sad if they only knew how nice you really are" "yeah but whatever don't care" "well true" "yeah" "what if someone does ask you to prom?" "I'd say no to them because those kids are assholes to me" "yeah that's true" Then Nathan walked to me and Lauren then he said "is there pizza for me?" Lauren then said "yeah like only one bite though" "oh that's just rude" "kidding" I then got up and got him a plate then handed it to him then once he got his pizza and sat down as he was sitting down he said "so what are we doing today?" Lauren said "nothing" "so we have to go home?" "sadly yes but Denise is coming over" "but it's boring there I like it here it's quiet" "well Nathan we can't live here" "I know" "plus mom and dad are worried because we didn't tell them we were staying" "I had a feeling they would be" "yeah" I then said "well we can head over there in a bit let me just go shower" "okay" they both replied I then put my plate in the sink then as I was walking upstairs I then said "ignore the music too" they both laughed then I went up to my room and went to go get clothes then went to go shower. When I got out I put on a turquoise colored flower summer dress then I opened my room door and went into my parents room and got my mom's curler from the bathroom then I went back to my room and began to do my hair as I was doing my hair my phone began to ring I stopped what I was doing and answered it and said "hello" "hey Denise" "hi Melissa" "what are you doing?" "I'm getting ready you?" "home with Alexander" "oh cool" "yeah you want to come over?" "I can't I'm busy again" "with the new kids?" "yeah" "ditch them" "why?" "because my house is better" "yeah have Alexander you will be fine without me there" "but I want to hangout with you too" "I already made plans" "tomorrow?" "I'm busy too my parents want to go somewhere" "oh" "yeah" "alright then I'll talk to you later" "bye" I then hung up then went back to doing my hair when I was done I then put on my shoes and did my makeup which really was only eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick then I got mu phone and made sure the curler was unplugged then I went downstairs when I got to the living room I said "alright are we ready?" "yup" they both said so I turned off the TV then I locked up the house then we went walking to Nathan and Lauren's house when we got there they opened the door then we walked in then Lauren said "we are home" we then walked to the living room where her mom was on the couch watching TV then Nathan said "hi mom we are home" she looked then said "next time tell us your not coming home" "sorry we fell asleep watching a movie" "still" Lauren then looked at me then said "come on" I then went with her to her room then she said "we are still going back to your place?" "yeah of course" "Alright so since were going to just get in the pool I won't shower I'll shower after" "okay" Lauren then went into her closet and began to get her swimsuit and clothes for after then as I was sitting there my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hi love" "hi dad" "are you at home?" "no I'm at my friend's house" "the boy?" "dad" "okay sorry" "and no I'm with his sister" "okay then" "why did you want to know if I was home?" "I just wanted to know" "oh well I'm not home right now but we are going to go back to the house to go swimming" "alright then" "is that all you called me or hahahahahaha?" "maybe" "hahahahahaha oh god dad" "I'll let you go now" "okay bye dad" "bye" I then hung up with my dad then there was a knock on the door then it opened then Nathan walked in and said "do we really have to stay home today?" Lauren then said "were not staying home Nathan I was only joking with you" "that's so mean" "hahahahahaha that's okay" "what are we going to do then?" "swimming" "oh Denise you have a pool?" I then said "yeah hahahahahaha" "aw yes that's so cool" "hahahahahaha go get your stuff so we can go back to my house" "alright" Nathan then went to his room and got his stuff and a couple of minutes later he came back with his stuff and said "okay I'm ready let's go" I then said "were going to make a quick pit stop because I forgot I don't have a swim suit" "oh god okay I'll wait here and you both go" "sure?" "yup" "alright then we will be back" "okay" me and Lauren got up and then walked out of her room when her mom seen us she said "Lauren where are you going this time?" "me and Denise are going to the store and when we come back were going to her house to spend the day there" "if your going to stay this time make sure to let me know" "I will" then me and Lauren walked out and walked to the mall when we got there we were walking around talking and having a good time until someone said my name I looked and began to walk away then Lauren said "are you okay?" "no can we go" "sure" we then went back to Lauren's house when we got there we walked inside then Nathan said "that was fast" then he looked at me then he said "did you guys buy anything?" Lauren said "no" "oh" I then walked out of the front door and sat on there porch moments later the door opened and Nathan walked out and said "you okay?" "maybe" "Denise?" "okay I'm not" "what's wrong?" "remember that guy I ran into at the mall yesterday?" "yeah what about him" "I know who he is" "what do you mean?" "about 7 months ago me and Melissa and her boyfriend went to this party I was basically forced to go because she wanted me to go anyways when we got there she left me alone and went with her boyfriend after a while of me sitting on the couch that guy I ran into yesterday sat next to me and at first I thought it was Melissa who sent him to go talk to me and after a while of us talking he asked if I wanted anything to drink and I told him I wanted a soda so he went and got me a drink and something inside of me told me not to drink it but I ended up drinking it anyways after a while I started to feel funny so he told me that I should go lay down then he offered to take me and I let him so he put me in a room then I got up and somehow walked to the bathroom and threw up so after that I felt better and didn't feel how I was feeling before so I walked out of the bathroom and he was still in there then I had thanked him for taking care of me but I was feeling better but he kept insisting that I lay down some more and that if I took a nap I'd feel better" I then noticed that I had started to cry then Nathan said "hey if you don't want to tell me you don't have to" "not it's okay, alright so after a while of arguing with him that I didn't want to he got up and forced me to lay down then I was trying to push him off and he began to take off his clothes and I was screaming hoping someone would hear me then he began to take off my clothes and finally someone had heard me yelling and they came into the room and took him off of me it was like about 5 guys then one of them seen me and he came close to me and I flinched so bad I just got my shirt and put it on and sat at the head of the bed crying then they tried to talk to me and calm me down but I only would shake from being so scared and flinch when they got close to me it was just all bad then I had called my mom and told her what happened because I never kept anything from my mom then she came and got me with my dad and when they got there they went up to the room and my dad tried to hug me and I flinched so bad I could see the hurt in his eyes and I felt so fucken bad then my dad started going off on the guys and I told him that they were the ones who helped me then my mom was the one who calmed me down and I just got up and left I didn't go find Melissa or anything then on the way out I somehow felt angry and I seen him and I went up to him and punched him in the face and kicked him in his man area my mom literally had to pry me off of him and take me to the car before I hit him more then I just went home if I'm being honest I was actually terrified to be around guys up until a month ago like I felt bad that my dad couldn't hug me because of what that guy did so my mom helped me through it all and I eventually got over it" "wow I'm sorry that happened to you" "bad things happen to good people" "yeah that is true" "yeah" "so you seen him again today?" "yeah he called my name" "so you left?" "I couldn't be there seen him brought back all the memories" "I understand that" "yeah" "so are you going to get in the pool?" "now that I don't have a swim suit I can't" "oh" "I'll just put my feet in the water" "that's no fun though" "I know" "is there another store you can buy them at?" "just that one I was going to" "do you want me and Lauren to go with you?" "um" "hey Denise he's not going to do anything to you anymore" "what if he does?" "he won't he will have to get through me first" "I just don't want it to happen again" "and hopefully it won't" "yeah hopefully" "so you want to go back real quick then we will go to your house right after?" "yeah" "alright let me go call Lauren" "okay" I then sat there and waited for Nathan and Lauren to come out while I sat there I got my phone and looked to see if I had messed up my makeup and thankfully I didn't then moments later Lauren then said "ready?" I then nodded my head and we walked back t the mall when we got there we went to the store that I was going to then I went to the bathing suit section and me and Lauren looked around while Nathan went to the guys section then Lauren showed me lots of bikini's that I could get but there was only one that caught my attention it was in the colors of blue, pink, purple, and green then I got it in my size then also got the matching shorts to go on top of the bikini bottoms then I went to go pay once I paid Nathan then came up to us and we walked to my house when we got there I unlocked the door and we all walked in when we walked in Nathan said "I'm going to go change" Lauren said "no Nathan me first" I then said "Lauren there's another bathroom in my room come on" "okay" we then walked in my room then she said "I like your room" "thank you" I then told her where the bathroom was then she went in and changed I then closed my door and quickly changed when I was done I heard Lauren say "can I come out?" "yes" Lauren then came out and I went into my closet and got my bathing suit cover up and put it on then me and Lauren went downstairs I then went to the backyard and made sure the pool was clean once it was I went back inside then went upstairs and got the sunscreen I then put some on then handed it to Lauren so her and Nathan could put some on then I went back outside and got our pool chairs out and put them by the pool then I seen Lauren and Nathan walk out then Lauren said "this backyard is huge" "hahahahahaha my dad  kinda made it like this" "your house does not look like you have a huge backyard" "that's what always amazes people when they come over" "because you don't expect it" "true" then Nathan and Lauren jumped in the pool and I sat at the edge with my feet in the water then Lauren said "girl come in" "I will right now I need to go take off this makeup off" "alright" I then got up and went to my room and took off the makeup as I was walking outside my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "are you busy?" "yeah" "damn" "why?" "I was going to see if you wanted to come over one of Alexander's friends are here" "oh well I'm busy sorry" "ugh still with them?" "yup and I'm not leaving them" "alright" then Melissa hung up on me then I got my phone and walked outside then Lauren said "now can you get in?" "yeah now I can" I then took off my cover up I had on top of my bikini then I got in the pool I then sat on the steps to get used to the water then Lauren said "can't swim?" "no I could swim" "I guess Nathan is the only one who can't swim" "your serious he can't?" "he's not good at it" "oh god" I then got up and dived under water and swam to the other end of the pool when I got up from underwater Nathan said "holy crap you scared me" "sorry hahahahahaha" "it's fine" "so you really can't swim?" "dammit Lauren" "hahahahahaha" "but no I'm not good at it like how you are or she is" "as long as you don't drown your good" "what's going to happen if I do drown?" Nathan said smirking I then said "let you drown easy duh Nathan" "oh god hahahahahaha" "I don't know how t save someone from drowning" "so I'm basically going to die?" "yeah unless Lauren can save you?" "yup I'm dead" "hahahahahaha yeah so don't drown" "I'll try not to" "your going to keep me worried I don't want my parents to come home and find a body in the pool" "don't worry I won't drown" "don't prove yourself wrong Nathan" "I won't" "alright" I then swam to Lauren then she said "when are your parents getting here?" 'sometime in the night they said late so I'm guessing some time in the a.m." "oh so you will be asleep?" "yeah pretty much" "so we can't stay?" "yeah you could stay if it's okay with your parents" "oh true but where could we sleep?" "in my room we have a blow up mattress" "alright" "I'm sure my parents won't mind" "are you sure?" "yeah they won't" "alright I'll call my parents in a few" "okay"

Then Nathan came up to us and then we all sat in the pool and talked about anything that came to mind then as it got darker Denise got out and ordered pizza for them to eat for dinner then Denise checked her phone and seen that Melissa had called her she then called her back then when she answered she said "finally" "sorry I was getting wet" "and you didn't invite me" "well sorry I'm with Nathan and his sister" "and?" "your with Alexander" "and?" "and nothing your with him I feel like a third wheel when I'm around you both" "why?" "oh I don't know because your always making out around me" "well get a boyfriend" "I don't want one god" I then hug up on her then I just sat at the breakfast bar then moments later the door bell rang I then got money and went to go open the door when I opened the door I paid for the pizza then put it on the counter then went to go call Nathan and Lauren then they dried there selves then came into the house then we all sat at the table then my phone began to ring again then I looked to see Melissa's name on the screen I then ignored it then once she hung up she called me again then I answered it and said "what?" "hanging up really Denise?" "your the one who kept telling me to leave them alone when you clearly know I wouldn't do that" "I don't get why you like them?" "you obviously don't know them enough so don't fucken judge them" "your choosing them over me?" "no I'm choosing me I don't want to be a third wheel around you and Alexander" "I've been telling you to get a boyfriend" "you know why I don't have a boyfriend" "that was fucken 7 months ago get over it fuck" I then hung up and got up from the table and went to my room when I got to my room I opened my bedroom window and just sat on the roof like how I usually do then my phone began to ring again I looked to see Melissa's name on the screen I then turned off my phone and threw it on my bed I then sat there for a while until someone sat next to me I looked to see Nathan there then he said "are you okay?" "no" "want to talk about it?" "I didn't know she felt that way about what happened to me" "what do you mean?" "you know about what I told you about that guy?" "oh what did she say about it?" "that I should get over with it and get a boyfriend but she knows how I feel about that" "wow what she said was wrong" "I know" "don't let her bring you down though" "I'm not I'm just angry because she doesn't get it" "I know that's true" "yeah" "well why don't you go finish the pizza you were eating then we could watch some movies or something" "what if I don't want to" "I'll drag you downstairs" "oh you wouldn't?" "don't test me I can carry you down there" "nah I'm too heavy" "come on" "ugh fine" Nathan then climbed back in my room then I went back in my room and got my phone then turned it on when it turned on I had a lot of messages from Melissa I then deleted them then went downstairs with Nathan when I got to the table Lauren then said "are you okay?" "yeah I'm fine" "okay" I then finished eating then once we were all done we sat on the couch and watched some movies as the first movie finished I said "Lauren don't forget to call your parents" "oh right let me do that now" then Lauren got up and went to go call her parents then a couple minutes later she came back and said "alright we are good" "they were fine with it?" "yeah" "that's good" "I know" Nathan then said "I'm lost" Lauren said "were staying over" "oh I should've known, wait aren't your parents coming home?" I then said "yeah but they won't mind" "okay then are we going to sleep on the floor again?" 'no what kind of friend would I be if I let you guys sleep on the floor, we have a blow up mattress that your going to sleep on" "oh hahahahahaha okay then" "yeah I'll just put the mattress in my room so you won't get woken up by my parents when they get home" "alright" I then got up and went into the closet and got out the mattress and air pump to blow it up then I went to my room and began to blow it up once it was blown up I got blankets and pillows and put it on the mattress then Lauren and Nathan walked in then Lauren said "were supposed to share that small mattress?" I then said "you can sleep with me if you want it's big enough for the both of us" "sure?" "yeah" "oaky then" I then went to my closet and began to look for something for me to sleep in then I heard someone say "wow" I looked to see Nathan there I then said "hey" "your closet is huge" "I know I don't even use half of it" "I can see that" "hahahahahaha" "did your parents give you the bigger room?" "no there's is about the same too" "really?" "yeah" "that's so cool" "hahahahahaha I know I even got my own bathroom this house has a total of 4 bathrooms one in my room, my parents room, the hallway, and downstairs by the kitchen" "that's cool" "it's alright" "hahahahahaha how long have you lived in this house?" "since we moved here" "no wonder it's like whatever to you, your used to it already" "yeah that's true when we first moved in this room looked so big to me" "it's just that you have gotten used to it" "yeah" I then found some pajamas that I could wear then got them then I went to my bathroom and changed when I got out Lauren said "should we go back downstairs and watch another movie?" I then said "we can watch one up here because if we fall asleep on the floor were going to stay down there" "true" I then went to the living room and closed and locked all the doors and windows then turned off the TV and put on the house alarm then I went upstairs to my room then I turned on my TV and let Lauren pick a movie then she ended up picking "The Fault In Our Stars"  then Nathan said "this is a girl movie" Lauren said "well we are girls" "yeah but I'm not" "you can pick the next movie" "deal" I then sat on my bed and watched the movie when it finished Lauren said "that was so sad" I then looked at her and she was crying I then looked at the floor and noticed that Nathan was asleep then I said "are you okay?" "yeah I always get emotional in these type of movies" "hahahahahaha my mom does too" "how can you not be crying?" "I mean it was sad but not sad enough to make me cry" "you are a strange child" "thank you" "oh god" "Nathan's asleep" "yes girls night" "hahahahahaha" "what do you usually do when your awake late at night?" "I either sit on the roof or sit by the pool with my feet in the water" "oh so you just chill" "yeah pretty much" "hahahahahaha at least your allowed outside at night I'm not" "why not?" "parents" "oh" "are they like that with Nathan too?" "no just me" "why I mean I know your a girl and there scared you might sneak off with your boyfriend" "no boys" "oh then why won't they let you, I mean you can tell me anything because anything you tell me stays between us" "before we moved here I told my parents that I was lesbian and at first they thought it was just a phase and all that crap then one day they barged into my room and caught me kissing a girl then they yelled at me and then we moved here" "wow that sucks" "yeah I know" "was that girl your girlfriend?" "no I wanted to really find out if I was attracted to girls and oh boy was I right" "hahahahahaha I don't get why parents say it's a phase like shut up you don't understand my feelings" "yes finally someone who understands me" "hahahahahaha" "yeah" "don't worry love I still see you the same your sexuality doesn't change how I see you" "thanks" "no problem" "can I be honest with you?" "of course" "I've never been with a girl but I have had crushes on some in my old school" "really?" "yeah and that one girl my mom caught me kissing I asked her if she could help me out to see if I really did like girls" "oh I see" "yeah and when I kissed her it just made me realize how much I really like girls, why can't I be normal?" "hey no don't say that, you are normal love okay" "not to my parents I'm not every time I say I'm going to hang out with a girl there going to ask me questions like when I called her she started to ask me all these questions and it sucks you know" "I know love but to me your normal I'm sure your parents will come around" "I hope they will" "me too but hey if you ever want to get away from your house you can come here okay" "okay thanks Denise" "your welcome" "so what should we watch next?" "I don't know you pick" "okay let's see" Lauren then began to look for a movie to watch after a while she said "there's nothing" right when she said that my phone began to ring I then looked at it then seen Melissa's name on the screen I then sighed then said "I'll be back" "okay" I then got my phone then went downstairs I then sat on the table then said "hello" "why didn't you answer me?" "because what you said was wrong on so many levels" "and?" "you don't know what that was like so you don't have a right to tell me to get over it" "well you need to it happened a while back" "you just don't understand because it's never happened to you" "still" "why did you call me?" "because you didn't answer my calls or texts" "maybe it's  because I was ignoring you" "why?" "because what you said was wrong" "it's true though" "yeah okay then" "I'm right" "bye" I then hung up then just sat there I couldn't believe that my 'best friend' thought like this about what happened to me I then sat there with tears going down my face I then got up and turned off the alarm ad opened the front door and just walked out of the house and went for a walk as I was walking I just let all the tears fall and I didn't know where to go so I just went back home when I got there I sat on the porch and just cried I don't really know why I was crying this much but I was hurt I felt betrayed by my best friend the only person who I thought I could count on. I have no idea how long I was sitting out there for until someone said "Denise!" I then looked to see Lauren there she then sat next to me then said "are you okay?" "no" "don't cry love" "I'm sorry you didn't have to go look for me" "I panicked" "sorry" "it's okay your okay that's all I care about" "yeah" "come on let's go inside" "okay" I then got up and went inside then when I got inside I locked the door and put the alarm on again then as I was putting the code more tears began to fall, I still didn't understand when I was crying maybe because I felt hurt and mad then I noticed someone sit next to me I looked to see Lauren there then she said "want to talk about it?" "I'm just hurt I guess my best friend hurt me" "how?" "you know when we were at the mall and someone called my name and we left?" "yeah it was that guy you bumped into yesterday" "yeah well 7 months ago he tried to rape me some guys heard me yelling and stopped it" "oh my I'm sorry Denise" "it's not your fault ever since Melissa got with her boyfriend she's been doing things that she's never done before like partying and drinking" "she took you to a party?" "I told her I didn't want to go but she told me she wanted me there and I went when really she left me alone the whole time the guy drugged me and yeah" "oh wow she doesn't sound very nice" "she IS nice just around her boyfriend she's not and today she told me I need to get over this situation but she doesn't understand this has never happened to her before" "yeah I know what she said was not very nice of her to say" "she only said it because her boyfriend is there" "does he go to our school?" "no he goes to another school around here" "oh" "yeah it's like at school she's so nice but once she's around him she changes and it sucks you know" "yeah she shouldn't have to change for no one she should be herself and the guy should love her for her not for someone she's not" "yeah that's what I always say but whatever it's her life not mine I shouldn't worry" "yeah, come on let's go lay down" I then got up and me and Lauren went to my room I then turned off the TV and washed my face then laid down next to Lauren then eventually fell asleep.

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