Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


3. Chapter 3

The next morning when I woke up I looked at the time and it was past 10 I then got up and went to the bathroom and did my morning routine then I went downstairs and got some cereal to eat then I turned on the TV and watched the news because there was nothing on I then finished eating then I went to go get my phone and when I checked it I seen that Nathan had texted me back it then said "sorry I fell asleep" I then messaged him back "hahahahahaha I win" "what are you doing?" "watching TV you?" "watching TV too well my mom's watching the news and I'm just sitting on the couch with her" "oh I'm watching the news too" "why?" "because there's nothing else to watch" "oh hahahahahaha" "yeah" "what are you going to do today?" "I don't know yet probably stay home" "that's it" "um yeah I don't have much friends just you and Melissa" "really?" "yeah" "but your so nice I'd think you would have more friends" "nope" "well that sucks" "I know but it's whatever" "well you are leaving soon" "yeah true" "did you see that plane crash on TV" "yes I'm watching the same thing as you" "right" "smart one" "why thank you" "oh god" "I'm bored" "go play video games like other guys do" "that's boring" "your the first guy who tells me video games are boring" "not all guys are the same" "yeah true" "entertain me" "no you entertain me" "I don't know what to say" "me either" "hahahahahaha not cool" "I want pizza" "oh same but I have no money" "hahahahahaha loser" "no funny" I then got up from the couch got dressed and left my hair down then got money and the house keys then went walking to Nathan's then I texted him back "it's very funny" "no I want pizza" "looks like your not going to get any" "sadly"

When I got to Nathan's I then knocked on the door then his mom opened it she then said "hello love" "hi is Nathan home?" "yes hold up" she then went to go call Nathan when he came to the door he said "did you really come all the way here to make fun of me for not having pizza?" "no I didn't" "then what are you doing here?" "I'm going to buy us pizza" "us as in you and me?" "yeah should I not buy you pizza?" "um no" "well come on get dressed I know a spot where we can get good pizza" "well I have to shower first" "just go shower" "well I'm not going to leave you out here so come in" "okay" I then followed Nathan to his room then he said "if you want you can stay in here" "okay thanks" "no problem I'll be out soon" "if you take more than 20 minutes no pizza for you" "okay okay" Nathan then went to go shower and I stood in his room sitting on his bed then I pulled out my phone and was just on Twitter until someone said "oh hey" I then looked to see Lauren there I then said "hey" "where's Nathan?" "shower" "oh" "yeah" "are you here to tutor him again?" "no were going to go eat some pizza" "the two of you" "yeah" "like a date?" "no like two friends hanging out" "oh" "hahahahahaha yeah what are you going to do today?" "nothing I miss my friends but I'm too far for me to go see them and I'm too far for them to come to me" "I'm sure you will make friends here too just takes time" "I know" "well since your not doing anything do you want to come along with me and Nathan?" "no I don't want to intrude" "your not" "okay then sure I'll go" "great" "I'll go get ready" "okay"

Once Lauren left I then laid back on Nathan's bed because I was bored then I hear the door close I then looked to see Nathan wrapped in a towel I then said "you really couldn't change in the bathroom?" "I forgot my clothes" "smart one" "I'll change in the closet so don't panic" "you didn't have a choice here Nathan" "okay guess I didn't have a choice hahahahahaha" Nathan then went into his closet then I said "I told your sister she could come too" "why?" "because why not should I have not done that?" "no it's fine I'm just surprised she wanted to come" "at first she didn't because she thought it was a date but I told her it wasn't" "she thought we were going out on a date?" "yeah" "oh" "then I told her we were just hanging out" "oh" Nathan then walked out of hi closet and put on his shoes then he said "I'm going to go see is she's ready" "okay I'll be here" Nathan then walked out and right as he walked out my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hey Denise" "oh hey Melissa" "are you busy?" "I'm hanging out with Nathan" "the new kid?" "yeah he seen me at the park yesterday and we hung out" "oh" "and were hanging out again today" "aloe just the two of you?" "no with his sister too" "oh well ditch them and come over my house" "aren't you with Alexander?" "yeah the three of us can hang out" "I'll think about it" "come on I'm your best friend" "I know but Nathan and his sister are cool too" "well if you change your mind you know where we will be" "okay bye" "bye"

Once I hung up I put my phone in my pocket and waited for Nathan, moments later he came back holding his little sister Alina I then said "aw baby" "you are one weird girl" "hey babies are my weak spot" "hahahahahaha you want to hold her?" "yes" "hahahahahaha Lauren is almost done" "okay" Nathan then handed me Alina then I sat there with her in my arms then about 10 minutes later Lauren said she was done so I handed Nathan Alina and he took her to her mom then me and Lauren went to the living room then there dad seen us then he said "where are you and Nathan going Lauren?" "to eat with Denise" "alright" her dad then handed her some money then she said "thanks dad" "your welcome" then Nathan came back and as we were walking out I then said "I'm going to stop at my house real quick" they both replied "okay"

When we got to my house we walked in then I went to my room really fast and got more money then I got my grey sweater and white beanie and put on the both of them since it was cold outside then I went back downstairs then I said "okay I'm ready" we then all got out and I locked the door then we continued to walk and as we were walking "Outer Space/Carry On" began to play I then pulled out my phone and said "hello" "hi love" ''hi mom" "how are things there?" "there good don't worry the house is still standing" "hahahahahaha well that's good" "how's America?" "its good hot and sunny" "hahahahahaha that's good" "you haven't been locked in your room all day have you?" "no I'm out with some friends right now" "oh that's good" "so don't worry about me being in my room al day" "hahahahahaha I'll try not to" "hahahahahaha" "well I just called to check up on you" "hahahahahaha I'm fine" "okay then bye me and your dad love you" "I love you both too bye and have fun but not to much fun" "I'll keep that in mind bye" my mom then hung up then we continued to walk when we got to the pizza place we walked in and went to go order when we paid we went to go sit down then Lauren said "it's pretty empty here" "I know which is weird because it's always packed" "oh well" "true" then Nathan said "how long have you been living in Sydney?" "8 years, I was 9 when we moved to Australia" "where did you live before?" "Los Angeles" "no way" "yeah" "that's so cool" "hahahahahaha I like it here anyways" "so all your family is over there?" "yeah all of them" "why did you guys move here?" "my parents company moved here and so we packed up and came here" "oh that make sense kind of" "my parents really like there job that's why they moved here" "oh" "yeah" Lauren then said "do you ever miss LA?" "sometimes I do because my family is over there but it's not like if I go back I'll have friends who will remember me I was 9 when I left people move on and find new friends especially at that age" "that's true" "but I miss my cousins you know I haven't seen them since we moved here" "you guys don't Skype?" "with the time difference it's hard" "damn that's true" "I'm sure I'll see them again one day" "hopefully you do soon" "thanks"

A couple of minutes later the pizza had got to the table and we began to eat then I said "so Lauren do you like any bands?" "only one there from here" "oh really?" "yeah I drive Nathan crazy with them it's funny" Nathan then said "you play them so much a day it drives me insane" "I'm sure it's not that bad" "oh it's bad" "what's the bands name?" Lauren then said "5 Seconds Of Summer" I then looked at Nathan then said "that's the band that annoys you?" "yes very much" "that's a shame then because it looks like your sister is going to be coming over my house more than you" "oh god no not you too" "oh god yes me too" Lauren said "you like them too?" "I love them" "your the only one I met who likes them also" "me too, well besides my friend Melissa" "really?" "yeah I mean the only friend I have is Melissa really" "how come your so nice?" "I don't really know" "well now you have 3 friends you have Melissa, me, and Nathan" "yeah that's true" "and now that I know you like 5sos it's even better" "hahahahahaha have you ever met them?" "sadly no have you?" "no not yet but I'm not giving up" "I haven't gave up trust me'' then Nathan said "this pizza is so good'' "I told you it was going to be good" "what are we doing after this?" "um I don't know" Lauren said "anything but go home" "you guys want to come over my house?" "would your parents be alright with it?" "there not home" "oh" "there out of town for a couple of days" "oh so your alone?" "yeah it's not as fun as you think it is though" "no parties?" "I mean if you call blasting music while I lay on the couch a party then yes'' "hahahahahaha oh god" "I'm not  party type girl I've never liked parties" "really?" "yeah even little kids birthday parties annoy me" "hahahahahaha" "I'm what you call a good girl I don't party, or drink, or do drugs, or sleep around with people" "I only do one of those things which is party" "I'd rather stay home and watch Netflix" "so you really had a twin?" "yeah one that I didn't know about till a few months ago" "what's her name?" "Isabelle" "I like her name" "me too" "sucks you know" "what?" "losing someone" "yeah I can imagine how hard it was for my parents" "I know how your parents felt when we lost our little brother it was the most hardest time in my life" "I can only imagine" "yeah but he's not in pain anymore" "yeah that's true"

After we had finished eating the pizza we got up and left then I said "what do you guys want to do?" Lauren said "anything is fine" Nathan said "as long as we don't have to go home" I then said "you guys want to go to the mall?" they both agreed to go so we walked to the mall when we got there we went into a few shops to look around and we had went into this dress shop and Lauren said "Okay Denise your trying on dresses" "what!?" Nathan said "oh lord no" Lauren said "come on it will be fun" "fine" Nathan said "I'll sit on the chairs outside the dressing room have fun" me and Lauren then got a bunch of different dresses and began to try them on and showed them to Nathan and each other.

Nathan's POV

As Lauren and Denise went looking for dresses to try on I sat on a couch that was in front of the dressing room since we are probably going to be in here for a while. As I was sitting there a guy sat on the other end of the couch then he said "girls" I then looked at him then said "tell me about it" "who are you here with?" "my sister and her friend you?" "my sister" "your going to be here for a while" "no kidding" "yeah" "is your sisters friend hot?" "um I guess" "yeah" As I was sitting there I seen Denise and Lauren go into the dressing room with dresses in there hands and a couple of minutes they came out in the first dresses they were long and the top had sequence and Lauren's dress was black and Denise's was coral Lauren said "what you think?" I then said "why black Lauren" "were just looking bro chill" Denise then said "I like the black one though" "oh god can you both just hurry" then they went back into the dressing room when they went back in the guy sitting next to m said "so which one was your sister?" "the one in the black dress" "so the one that was in the coral colored dress is the friend?" "yup" "dude she's hot" "and?" "ask her out" "it's too soon she just met me" "but do you like her you can't just ask a girl out because she's hot you have to like her?" "she's nice and funny and sweet I think I do" "is she single?" "yeah" "how long have you known her for?" "3 days" "oh yeah it's still too soon" "yeah I know plus what if she doesn't like me" "well it's too soon to tell right now" "I know" A couple minutes later Denise and Lauren came out in dresses that went up to there knees and were kind of puffy then Lauren said "what do you think?" "too dressy these dresses are for like prom and stuff" "Nathan we know that plus prom is coming up soon so we decided to look" then I noticed Denise was just looking at the dress in the mirror then she went back into the dressing room after them trying on so many dresses we finally left the store and if I would've stood in that store any longer I would've exploded.

Denise's POV

After we had tried on so many dresses I didn't like how any of them fit on me I'm so insecure that it kills me as we were walking around Nathan and Lauren were talking about something that I wasn't really paying attention too and I guess I wasn't looking were I was going because I had bumped into someone and I almost fell to the floor but they caught me I then made eye contact with the person then I said "I'm so sorry I didn't watch were I was going" "it's okay don't worry about it" then Nathan said "Denise are you okay?" "yeah I'm fine" I then walked to Nathan and Lauren then we continued to walk around and go into a few shops a couple hours later we left and decided to head to my house to relax a bit when we got there we walked in then we sat on the couch and talked for a bit then we decided to watch a movie I then turned off all the lights then sat down and began to watch the movie in the middle of the movie I noticed that Nathan and Lauren were both asleep so I went into the closet and got out blankets and covered them when I made sure the door was looked turned on the house alarm then went to my room changed to my pajamas got myself a blanket then went to the couch turned off the TV and laid on the couch on my phone until I fell asleep.

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