Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


2. Chapter 2

The next morning when I woke up I noticed that the house was quiet. I then got  up from my bed and went downstairs when I got to the kitchen I seen a note on the breakfast bar I then got it and it was from my parents saying that they were going to be home sometime next week and they left money. I then went back to my room and got my phone then went back to the couch and laid there on my phone I then decided to text my mom so I texted her "god morning mom I hope you and dad have a safe flight and I love you both see you when you get home" I then sat there on my phone bored and decided to get dressed so I could go for a walk around town for a bit I then went to my room and changed and did my hair then I put some money in my pocket in case I get hungry or something then I got the house keys and went out for a walk. As I was on my walk I decided to stop at the park for a bit so when I got there I walked around and then sat on a bench. As I was sitting there someone said "Denise?" I looked to see the new kid from school there I then said "hey Nathan"  "where's your friend?" "you do know that were not together 24/7" "right hahahahahaha" "oh you have a crush on her huh?" "no, I don't mean it in a bad way she's a nice girl but no" "hahahahahaha no would've been fine" "so what are you doing out alone?" "going for a walk or was, what are you doing out alone?" "didn't want to be home, parents are so annoying'' "oh" "yeah why didn't you want to be home?" "I was bored considering I have the house to myself" "I wish I had the house to myself" "it's not as fun as you think" "well I usually have friends over" "I would have Melissa over but she's with her boyfriend because he just got back from a trip so there spending time together" "didn't want to be the third wheel aye?" "yeah pretty much" "hahahahahaha well don't you have a boyfriend of your own?" "me hahahahahaha that's funny" "how is that funny?" "no guy wants me and I'm single'' "well these guys must be blind because you are beautiful" "gross am not" "oh yeah you are" "whatever floats your boat but we are not discussing this right now" "so I win" "nope" "damn" "so what made your parents move you schools?" "we just moved into this town we lived 4 hours away" "oh wow well welcome to Sydney" "thank you" "are you the only child?" "no I have a twin sister actually" "a twin awwww that's so cool" "it's alright then I have another sister she's 4 months old" "damn your out numbered" "no I have a brother he's 7" "awwww that's cute I bet he's happy to have you as a brother" "only if he were here" "oh I'm sorry" "it's fine you didn't know, he passed away when he was 3 he was sick born with a lot of problems so we knew it was going to happen" "that sucks though I'm sorry" "thanks" "that must have been hard" "it was very hard, do you have any siblings?" "no it's just me I'm an only child" "oh" "I'm not spoiled like other or most child kids if that's what your thinking" "oh no I can tell your not spoiled" "a lot of kids always tell me that I'm lucky for being an only child but if they knew it got lonely after a while they would hate it" "I'll give you my baby sister then you won't be alone" "oh god, that's mean" "hahahahahaha" "how come I didn't see you with your sister yesterday?" "she had different classes then me and she had met a girl that day in the office who showed her around" "oh now that makes sense" "hahahahahaha yeah" "so what are you going to do for these couple of days off of school?" "nothing you?" "nothing I don't know when my parents are coming back but it is sometime next week" "oh lame so your going to be alone?" "pretty much I did all my homework yesterday to get it out of the way" "I still need to do mine" "well you better get to that" "you make homework sound so easy" "it's not that difficult" "math is the worst" "it's easy for me" "what math do you take?" "I'm in your class Nathan" "right duh" "it's really not that difficult" "says miss math girl here" "I mean it's not that hard" "it's hard not all of us are smart you know" "I'm pretty sure your smart too everyone is smart people are just lazy" "well I'm one of the lazy ones" "so you got nothing the teacher was talking about yesterday?" "nope" "what were you doing all class period?" "just sitting there" "you sit next to me you should've told me I would've helped you" "I didn't want to bother you" "did you not see how many people came up to me during class?" "yeah" "I'm like a tutor if anyone needs help in any subject I'll help them" "really?" "yeah a lot of them have passed there classes with my help" "wow that's good"  "next time you need help ask me" "do you think you can help me with math?" "hahahahahaha of course I can just tell me when you need the help" "right now?" "oh you mean for your homework?" "yeah" "sure I'll help you I got nothing else better to do" "can you come over my house?" "sure what time?" "like at 4pm?" "sure" "I'll give you my number so you can text me when your going to go over" "alright" I the handed Nathan my phone and he put his number in my phone then he said "I'll send you my address when I get home" "alright well I'm going to head home I'll see you in a few hours" "okay" I then got up and went home when I got home I went to my room and just laid on my bed as I was laying there my phone vibrated and I then looked to see that Nathan had texted me I looked at the text and it was his address so then I replied to him "I'll see you in an hour" "alright" "are your parents okay with this?" "were just going to study they won't mind" "okay then" "I want chocolate" "well go get some" "I don't have any" "lame you know what I want?" "um no" "gummy worms" "chocolate is better" "no psh in your dreams kid" "in my dreams chocolate fountains exist" "you have the imagination of a 5 year old Nathan" "hey at least I have an imagination" "hmmm" "what?" "I'm thinking if I should go buy some gummy worms" "I mean if you want to yes go" "but my bed is so comfy" "and I'm the lazy one?" "your the one who's getting tutored not me" "hey" "hi Nathan hahahahahaha" "I still want chocolate" "go tell your mom" "she won't go buy me some" "hahahahahaha I think I'll go but chocolate now" "how rude" "hahahahahaha kidding I'm still in bed'' "why are you so mean to me?" "I'm not doing anything to you" "ugh" "I'll see you later Nathan" "okay" I then sat there and decided to get my books ready and stuff so I packed them in my school bag then got some money and walked to the store when I got there I went to the candy section and bought chocolate and gummy worms then went to go pay when I paid I walked out of the store and made my way to Nathan's when I finally got there I knocked on the door then a lady answered it she then said "hello can I help you?" "hi um is Nathan here" "yes he is hold on um come in" I then walked in while the lady went to go call Nathan I then stood there awkwardly then Nathan said "hey Denise" "hi" "come on" I then followed Nathan  to his room and when I walked in I expected it to be dirty but surprisingly it wasn't he then said "you can sit on my bed" I then sat down then I said "did you ever get your chocolate?" "sadly no" "well aren't you lucky I'm nice" "what?" I opened my bag and took out the candy I bought then he said "oh my god did you really go buy me chocolate?" "well at first I wasn't" "rude" "but then I did along with my gummy worms" "oh god your the best" "hmmmmm well you got chocolate happy?" "very" Nathan then got some chocolate then he said "do you want to go to the back it's more quiet out there?" "sure" I then put the chocolate and gummy worms back in my bag then I followed Nathan to his backyard and as we were walking Nathan's mom said "Nathan were are you going?" "the back were going to study" "alright". We then went to the back and there was a little table with 4 chairs so we sat down then we began to get to work. Once we finished Nathan said "you make math sound so easy" "it is pretty easy if you know what your doing" "I can see that" "hahahahahaha" ''thank you for helping" "it's no problem" then someone said "Nathan!" "what?" "oh your busy never mind" he then looked at me then he said "sorry about that" "it's okay" "have you talked to your parents?" "no I texted my mom but she never replied" "that sucks" "I know but there probably asleep'' "do you know where they went?" "to America" "oh why didn't they take you?" "my parents were going for work" "oh" "yeah and I really didn't want to go'' "it's America though" "I know but to be stuck in a hotel while my parents are at work no thanks" "that's true" "that's why I didn't go" "oh, um let me go put my stuff away I'll be right back" "okay" Nathan then got his stuff and went inside then I sat there an began to put my stuff away too until someone said "oh hello" I then looked to see a guy there who I'm guessing was Nathan's dad I then said "hi" "I'm Daniel" "I'm Denise" "nice to meet you" "you too" "are you my daughter's friend?" "no I'm Nathan's, I was helping him out with his homework" "homework aye?" "math" "finally he's doing his homework" "doesn't do it much?" "no like at all" "hahahahahaha he did all his homework right now" "I'm glad to hear that" "me too" "where is he at?" "he went to go put his stuff away" "alright well it was nice to meet you" "you too" Once his dad went in I sat there on my phone until Nathan said "whatcha doing?" "oh god don't do that next time I will hurt you and it won't be my fault" "sorry" "it's okay just remember for next time you sneak up on me like that" "okay hahahahahaha" "what tie do you have to be home?" "I don't have a time I'm home alone remember" "right" "why you ask?" "I thought you were going to leave" "do you want me to leave?" "not really" "okay then I won't leave yet just let me know when you get tired of me and I'll leave" "ha ha ha very funny" "you know it was very funny" "whatever floats your boat bob" "my names not bob it's Denise" "oh god" "hahahahahaha I'm kidding" "do you want to go inside?" "sure" we then both got up and as we were walking my phone began to ring I then said "hello" "hi love" "hi mom how's the trip?" "were about to get on another plane" "oh god again?" "yes were not even in America yet" "oh lord" "I know hahahahahaha" "well have fun" "we will I will call you as soon as I can okay" "okay bye I love you" "we love you too" Once I hung up we continued to go inside then Nathan said "do you want me to take your bag to my room?" "sure" he then took my bag and put it in his room and when he came back his mom said "are you two done?" Nathan then said "yeah were done finally, um mom this is Denise, Denise this is my mom Karen" I then said "hello it's nice to meet you" "hi it's nice to meet you too, would you like to stay for dinner?" "sure if it's no problem" "oh no it's not a problem" "okay then I'll stay" "great" we then went to the couch and watched some TV until Nathan's mom told him to go get his little sister who was crying he then came back a little bit after holding his little sister trying to get her to stop crying and about 10 minutes later she was still crying so then I said "here let me try" "are you sure?" "yeah your struggling there" he then handed me his little sister then I got up and rocked her slowly and soon she had finally stopped crying then Nathan said "thank you Jesus" I then laughed then kept on rocking her until she fell asleep I then sat on the couch with his sister still in my arms then his mom said "wow Nathan that's the first time you get her to stop crying" "it wasn't me mom" "oh hahahahaha there's always next time'' then Nathan said "how did you know what to do?" "my parents friends well some of them have babies I learned over time and even when I don't try to put them to sleep they will just fall asleep" "do you have like super powers or something"  "no hahahahahaha" "your really good with kids I guess" "very good" "you can have her then" "Nathan that's so mean" "I'm kidding" "sure you are, hey you should be grateful you have siblings I don't have any" "I know and I am very grateful" "good you should be" "I am" "so what's your sisters name the one I'm holding?" "Alina" "I like that name"  "hahahahahaha" "wait so who was born first you or your sister?" "I was born first by 10 minutes" "wow that must've hurt like hell your poor mother" "your mom went through it with you too" "true very true" "hahahahahaha" I then laid Nathan's little sister next to me on the couch then I said "see there" "how long will it last?" "depends on the baby" "oh" "yeah hahahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "you know what sounds really good right now my good friend?" "chocolate?" "no Nathan" "then what?" "pizza" "oh yes pizza" "I'm going to buy some tomorrow" "I want some" "I'll mail it to you and by the time you get it, it's going to be all hard ad moldy" "hey that's nasty" "I'm just saying" "ugh hopefully my mom gets pizza tomorrow" "I'm getting it tomorrow for sure" "ugh your so mean to me" "how am I being mean I bought you chocolate" "true okay your half mean" "no I'm not" "uh yeah you are" "your like a girl arguing with a girl" "that made no sense" "wasn't supposed to" "you are so weird" "I know maybe I'm too weird to tutor you" "whoa wait hold up you are not too weird for that" "that's what I thought" "meany"  "it's okay" A couple of minutes later Nathan's mom said that dinner was ready so we all went to the table ad of course I sat next to Nathan I sat there awkwardly then Nathan's twin sister went to the table and said "oh I didn't know we had a guest" Nathan then said "this is Denise she's my tutor" "oh hi Denise it's nice to meet you I'm Lauren" "hi it's nice to meet you too" "do you go to our school?" "yeah I'm a senior it's my last year" "oh were a senior too so that's cool, I thought you were younger than us" "no I'm 17 but I get that a lot you'd be surprised" "really?" "people sometimes think I'm 14" Nathan's mom then said "you do look 14 kind of" "even family members think I'm 14 at least the ones I haven't seen in years think I'm 14" "what's the longest you have gone without you know seen a family member?" "um forever I know my parents have cousin's who I haven't met or know about and my dad has a brother that me or my mom have never met before" "oh wow" "well I just recently found out about my dad's brother through my aunts" "oh wow" "it wasn't shocking to me I was just like wow can't believe he's never showed his face around" "does he live around here?" "no he lives in America" "oh" "yeah" "do you have any siblings?" "um no my mom did tell me I had a twin though" "had?" "yeah she passed away three days after we were born she was sick" "oh I'm sorry" "thank you" "did your mom ever take a picture of the both of you when you were born?" "she did but I didn't know I had a twin until I found the picture in one of our photo albums" I then pulled out my phone and went to my photos and found the picture and showed it to Nathan's mom she then said "wow you both would've been identical" "I know it's crazy to think I have a twin ever since I found out I go visit her at the cemetery I go like every other weekend" "that's sweet of you" "yeah" "so you have no other siblings?" "no  just me my mom and dad" "oh I actually have 4 kids" "Nathan told me about your son I'm sorry for your loss" "thank you" we then continued to talk and eat when we were all done I then said "thank you for dinner that was really good" "your very welcome" I then looked at Nathan then said "I should head home" "wait your going to walk?" "Yeah is that a crime?" "yeah you can't walk out there alone" "I always walk out there alone at night" "well I'll walk you" "fine" Nathan then went to go get my school bag from his room when he got back he said "mom I'll be back I'm going to walk Denise home" "okay be careful" I then said "thank you for dinner again" "oh it was no problem it was nice to meet you" "it was nice to meet you too bye" "bye" me and Nathan then began to walk to my house s we were walking he said "why didn't you tell me about your twin?" "I didn't think it was important" "oh" "sorry" "it's fine, have you heard anything else from your parents?" "no just earlier when my mom called me" "oh" "there probably asleep or still on a plane" "oh that's true" When we got to my house I then said "thanks for walking me Nathan" "it's no problem I'll see you" "bye and text me when you get home" "okay I will bye" I then went inside closing and locking the door behind me then I went to my room put my stuff away then I got my pajamas which really was only a long shirt then I went to go relax in the bathtub for about 45 minutes when I got dressed I went downstairs to make sure all windows and doors were locked as I was closing the curtains I notice it had started to rain I then went up to my room and decided to watch  movie I then heard my phone vibrate from my desk so I got up and noticed that Nathan had texted me a while ago telling me he was home I then texted him back "are you still awake?" considering it was 1am I didn't know if he was asleep. Moments later he replied "yes I thought you were asleep?" "no I was in the shower" "oh" "yeah" "so are you going to sleep?" "no I can't sleep" "why?" "the lightning and thunder" "it will stop soon" "hopefully" "you can't really sleep during a storm?" "no well at least not alone if my parents were home I'd be fine because I know there home but when I'm home alone I can't sleep" "call your friend?" "she's with her boyfriend" "oh right" "I have a movie on hopefully I will be able to sleep" "and if you don't?" "I won't sleep" "how can you survive?" "I can trust me" "what's the longest you can last till like what time?" "8 in the morning" "shut up" "not lying I did it once with my friend" "damn not even me" "what's the longest for you?" "4 in the morning" "oh lame" "let's have an all nighter" "I'm going to fail" "how do you know?" "because I'm here bored and no one to keep me company" "so you need someone there?" "yeah pretty much" "oh well we can try it" "alright" "so what are you doing?" "in my room watching a movie you?" "laying in bed" "your going to fall asleep" "I'm not even tired" "ugh if it wasn't raining I'd go sit on the roof" "is that even safe" "I don't know but I've been doing it since I was 10" "oh" "it was either sit on the roof or go for walks" "you went on walks alone when you were 10?" "no the walks started when I turned 14" "oh" "yeah and eventually my parents found out about the walks" "did they get mad?" "no they were very understanding" "oh wow that's good" "yeah" "if my parents ever found out I was sneaking out at night they would lock all the windows shut" "really?" "yup" "wow so there over protective?" "way too much" "my parents are like that too when it comes to certain things but when it came to my walks there were fine with them" "hell I can't even go to the store without getting thousands of questions thrown at me" "they just care" "yeah I know" "and there parents" once I sent that text I began to actually pay attention to the movie. When the movie finished I looked at my phone and seen that it was 4:30am and Nathan never replied to me so I turned off the tv and laid there in bed until I eventually fell asleep.   

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