Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


12. Chapter 11

*NOT EDITED* *Michael's P.O.V* I don't think I slept last night I feel terrible for what I said to Denise I didn't mean any of it and now she hates me I have no idea what time it is but I hear noises going on around the house so I'm guessing that Denise and her friends are up for school I wanted to get up but I didn't want to at the same time because I know Denise doesn't want to see me, and soon enough my alarm went off meaning it was 7:15 I then got up and went downstairs but as I was about to take the last step down the stairs the front door closed so I guess they were walking, I then sat on the couch and just turned on the TV and watched whatever was on but I really wasn't paying attention to the TV my mind was else where I really want to tell Denise that I'm sorry nd I didn't mean what I said but she's pissed and last night after I tried to talk to her and she didn't want to talk I went to my room and when I heard her crying it broke my heart it was my fault she was crying and I feel terrible a couple minutes later I heard "morning" I looked to see Ashton there I just looked back at the TV then he said "she's still not talking?" "I didn't see her this morning I guess they walked to school" "oh" "so I'm guessing she's still pretty mad at me" "not to be on her side or anything but what you said was pretty harsh" "I know Ash I wish I could take it back but I can't and it's killing me" "just give her time mate" "what if she wants nothing to do with us or me mostly anymore" "I'm sure it won't come down to that" "I hope your right Ashton" "me too Mikey me too" "I've never felt so guilty before" "your already attached to her that's why" "yeah I guess I am" "hahahaha we can all see it" "see what?" "that your attached to her it's cute" "oh god stop she hates me right now" "fine" then it was quiet then Ashton said "so what are we doing today?" "I don't know" "want to go visit your family?" "there three hours away Ash" "just for the day?" "they’re going to want to meet Denise" "have you told them about her?" "well no not yet" "then today we go and you tell them that you adopted her then next time you go take her" "what if she's still not talking to me?" "well then I don't know" "ugh your no help" "but for real's go see your parents Michael" "what about you?" "my mum is out of town till Friday afternoon with Lauren and Harry" "and Cal and Luke?" "I don't know you could ask them" "I will" I then got up and went to their room then I opened the door then I said "guys!" Calum said "go away" "do you guys want to go see your parents today?" Luke said "parents?" "yes, Luke as in Liz, and your brothers, and dad" "sure" "you Calum?" "yes" "okay get up get ready we're leaving soon" "okay" I then walked out of the room and went to where Ashton was at then I said "they said yes" "alright" "do you want to come with me so you won't be bored I'm sure mum and dad would love to see you?" "yeah sure" "alright I'm going to go get ready" "okay" I then went up to the room I was sleeping in then I went to go shower when I got out I had on black skinny jeans and a ban shirt with my red and black flannel and my high top black converse I then got my phone and put it in my pocket then I went back downstairs I then went to the kitchen then I said "hey Ashton!" "yeah?" "is there still some of what you made last night?" "not sure you could check" "okay" I then looked in the fridge and seen a plate of food I then got it and put it in the microwave once the timer went off I took it out and got a fork and sat at the table and ate once I was done I washed my plate then I didn't know what to do so I just sat on the couch then I got my phone and texted my mum saying that I was going to go over for the day and mum replied saying that it was more than fine after that I went on Twitter just scrolling through my feed nothing really catching my attention so I got off of Twitter then just sat there staring at the wall not really knowing what to do I've just been down in the dumps since yesterday hopefully seen my parents today helps a little bit and the bad thing about going is I can't tell Denise a head of time since I still don't have her number so I'll have to write her a note and leave it on her room door or something that way she knows I then got up and began to look for a paper and pen when I found both I wrote the note and put it by the door where she usually leaves her keys. About an hour later the guys were done and I see that Calum and Luke had a bag packed I then said "you guys know were only going for the day, right?" Luke said "I'm staying for a couple of days’ mum misses me" Calum said "me too" "alright well are you ready?" they all nodded their heads then we walked out the house and I made sure the door was locked then we walked to the car with Ashton driving this time. When we finally arrived in our home town we dropped off Luke and Calum and told them that we'd see them in a couple days then me and Ashton made our way to mum's by the time we got to mum's house it was already 2pm when we pulled up in the driveway we got out then we walked to the door I then knocked on the door and seconds later mum opened the door and she said "oh honey I missed you" "hi mum I missed you too" I then hugged her then she said "Ash hi love" "hi Karen" mum then hugged Ashton then she said "come on in boys" we then walked in then I said "where's dad?" "at work, he will be home in two hours" "oh okay" "how long are you staying?" "just for today I have to go back today" "do you have a girlfriend I don't know about Michael Gordon Clifford?" "no I wanted to tell you when dad was here" "tell us what?" "remember when I told you I wanted to adopt?" "yes, you told me management was giving you a hard time about it" "yes they were" "were?" "they finally agreed mum" "oh Mikey that's wonderful news" "thank you" "so when are you going to adopt?" "I already did" "you what?" "um I adopted a girl on Sunday the boys went with me" "and how come you didn't bring her?" "she had school" "how old is she?" "17 management only agreed because I told them I'd adopt a girl 10 or older and she was there" "17?" "yes" "what's her name?" "Denise" "wait she's 17 what was she doing in an orphanage did her parents not want her?" "oh, no mum her parents they loved her to death but they were murdered in front of her almost 2 years ago while they were out for a family night" mum then gasped then she said "I remember when it first came out on the news poor girl" "she's great mum" "when will I meet her?" "soon mum okay" "okay, so how is she like Ashton?" Ashton then said "she's pretty relaxed laid back type of girl" "yeah mum she's awesome but at first she's shy but once she's around she comes out of her shell" "she sounds great" "you will love her I hope" "oh love I'm sure I will I mean you boys obviously did" "she even let us stay in the house that she lived in with her parents" "oh wow how is that?" "well right now we are sharing rooms because one is occupied by boxes and the other is her parents room so it has all their belongings in it she said she's going to clean it out but I told her not to rush because I know she might not be ready for that yet" "oh wow Mikey" "you should've seen her the day I adopted her mum we went to the cemetery to see her parents and sister and I've never seen a girl so broken before" "a loss like that takes time to heal" "I know but I don't want her to think I'm trying to replace her parents" "I'm sure she doesn't think that" Ashton said "she knows you’re not trying to replace them Michael, yesterday when we were talking she said that she didn't even think about you trying to replace them she considers you as her adoptive dad even though she hasn't called you dad yet she told me she's just getting used to having us around that's all" "oh well that's a relief in a way" mum said "she sounds like an amazing girl" "she is mum" "tell me a little about her like what does she like?" "she likes to go on walks hahahaha, she loves pizza like me, she likes to read, she loves to listen to music she basically is a chilled out type of girl" Ashton said "oh she also loves photography she showed me some of her photos and wow she's amazing" "photography wow she sounds like an amazing girl" "she is mum" "what time is she out of school?" "like at 3" "you’re going to leave her home alone?" "no mum that's why we’re going to go back in a while" "oh well maybe one weekend you guys can come like come Friday after she gets out of school and leave Sunday evening or something" "that sounds like a good idea mum" "just let me know when" "I will, oh and another thing" "what's that?" "she's going to be graduating from high school soon do you think you and dad would be able to go?" "of course, just let me know what day and we will be there" "I'll let you know when I get more information on it" "okay, does she do well in school?" "I mean I guess I haven't asked her about her grades yet but I'm sure she's doing good" "has she gone to Prom yet?" "she doesn't want to go" "why not?" "she doesn't like the people she goes to school with and her friends have dates so she doesn't want to be alone" "why don't one of you boys take her?" "I already tried that but she said no because of our safety" "she knows what you boys do?" "yes she's a fan" "oh that makes sense" "yeah but I'm going to try my best to get her go" "you have a plan?" "something like that hahahaha" "oh Mikey" "hahahaha" "you boys want something to eat?" we both nodded our heads then mum went into the kitchen to make us something to eat then Ashton said "you have a plan?" "yes and it involves you" "me, why me?" "Denise seems closer to you" "so what exactly do I have to do?" "ask her to Prom" "oh um" "what?" "yesterday when we were talking in the pool I might have asked her" "what did she say?" "she will think about it but I didn't like ask her in a fancy way" "I think I know how you can ask her" "how?" "with pizza" "pizza?" "yeah I mean she loves pizza so why not" "not a bad idea" "it's a good idea" "well she said she was going to think about it so I don't want to pressure her so I'll give her till next week if she doesn't say anything then I'll use your pizza idea" "alright" "oh that also reminds me" "what?" "I need to talk to management" "about what?" "to see if they would hire Denise as our photographer" "photographer?" "yeah she showed me some of her photos and she's amazing at it I think they would hire her" "they are looking for a new one too" "I should probably go call them before they fill in the spot" "yeah good idea" Ashton then got up and most likely went to my room to make the call I then went to the kitchen to talk with mum, she had ended up making us sandwiches, so me and Ashton sat at the table and ate them then the front door opened then I heard "Babe I'm Home!" "in the kitchen!" "who's car is in the driveway....Mikey!" "hi dad" I then got up and went to hug him then he said "so what brings you home?" "I just wanted to come visit for the day" "just for a day?" "yeah I have to go back" "what can be more important than your old man?" "um a lot" "but you’re not working?" "remember when I told you that I wanted to adopt?" "yes but your mum told me there were complications?" "yeah there was but management finally agreed because I told them I'd adopt a girl 10 years old or older" "that's good news son so when are you going to adopt?" "I already did" "really?" "on Sunday I adopted a girl she's 17 really sweet but very shy" "17?" "yeah" "why was she in the orphanage, did her parents not want her?" "no it wasn't like that her parents they well they loved her so much but they were killed so that's why she was in there" "oh wow that sucks" "yeah I know but overall she's a great girl" "why didn't you bring her?" "she's still in school so she had to go today" "oh" "yeah she's graduating soon" "really, when is it?" "not sure yet but I'll let you know" "yes let us know and we will be there" "I will" mum then said "does she have any family left from her parents?" "yes there all in America though" "oh she's from there?" "yeah but she moved here when she was 9 but apparently she was born here because her parents were on a business trip here and her mum went into labor like one or two days before they were going to back home" "oh wow that's crazy" "I know" "you should invite her family over here for her graduation" "I'm going to have to like find out there names and somehow get in contact with them" "ask her?" "but I want to surprise her" "her Skype history, does she even have Skype?" "she does I'll ask her to borrow her laptop while she's a school tomorrow and I'll see is she has them on their" "alright good luck Mikey" "thanks mum" About 2 hours later me and Ash decided to head home it was about 6 going onto 7 and it would take us 2 hours maybe less if there wasn't traffic so after we said our goodbye's we got in the car and drove off to the house as we were driving Ashton said "do you think she's still mad?" "I'm not sure I mean she might be and I hope she's not" "yeah me too" "maybe I should talk to her and tell her I didn't mean to tell her what I said" "you could try that" "I haven't slept this is taking over my life" "you look exhausted" "gee thanks" "no problem hahahaha" "no matter how much I tried to sleep I just couldn't fall asleep last night" "maybe tonight you will be able t get some sleep" "yeah hopefully" Throughout the rest of the car ride it was either spent silent or a small conversation going on here and there when we got to the house finally the lights were on so we were thankful she was home because if she wasn't then we were screwed because we didn't have keys to the house we then got off and Ashton knocked on the door then moments later she opened the door she then looked at us then walked back to wherever she was as I then walked in then Ashton said "hi" she then said "sup" "how was school?" "same old same old, how was your visit?" "it was good well my mum and siblings are out of town so I spent the day with Michael and his parents" "oh that's cool" "yeah but I'll go visit when they come back" "true" I then said "did you eat already?" "yup" "oh" her phone then began to ring and she answered it and talked to whoever was calling her I then went upstairs to the room and changed to some basketball shorts and a shirt a couple minutes later I seen Denise sitting at the table with her school books and laptop around her then I walked to the couch then Ashton said "what do you want to do?" "I don't know" "let's see what's on TV?" "okay" Ashton then found something on TV and I sat there for a while until I got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water as I was reaching for the cup my phone began to ring I then answered it and said "hello" "hi Mikey did you guys make it back safe?" "hi mum and yes we did we just got back like 5 minutes ago" "alright just called to make sure" "you worry too much mum" "I can't help it hahahaha" "I know mum" "well that's what I called for let me know when you’re coming back over here" "I will bye I love you mum" "bye I love you too" I then hung up then got the cup and filled it with water then went back to the couch and watched whatever Ashton was watching about 30 minutes later I told Ashton I was going to sleep and to see if Denise would lend him her laptop he then said he would then I went to the room and I really wasn't tired I just wanted to come to the room really I guess to be alone in a way I was sitting there not really knowing how long I was staring at the ground until I heard "hey" I then looked to see Denise there I then said "hi" "can I-can I come in?" "yeah if you want to" she then walked in the room then she sat next to me then it was quiet for a while then I looked at her and seen her crying then she said "I'm sorry Michael, I-I didn't mean anything I said I was just mad and hurt and I'm-I'm sorry" "I'm sorry too what I said was uncalled for and I wish I could take it back I truly and sorry" she then hugged me then at first I was taken aback but then I hugged her back then she said "how did your trip to your parents go?" "it was good they-they um want to meet you" "you told them about me?" "of course why wouldn't I?" "because of what happened yesterday" "I was hoping you would let me explain and put that behind us" "oh hahahaha" "yeah, when are you going back?" "I don't know maybe this weekend or the next one" "I'm not busy this weekend, or the next, or the next wait I might be the third weekend" "friends?" "no Prom" "wait you’re going since when?" “well it’s not a for sure thing” “who asked you?” “Ashton kind of in a way I guess” “you guess?” “he just said that he would go with me if I wanted to go” “oh Ashton huh?” “what?” “when I tell you, you tell me no” “he wouldn’t take no as an answer and ugh who could say no to that face well I didn’t tell him yes either I told him I’d think about it” “and the couple of the year award goes to” “Michael were not together” “yeah, yeah, yeah I know” “hahahaha alright well I’m going to sleep now” “good night Denise” “good night Michael” “oh one more thing” “what’s up?” “can I borrow your laptop tomorrow?” “sure it’s on the table charging” “thank you” “you’re welcome” “I’ll be awake tomorrow to take you to school” “okay” Denise then walked out of the room and I felt like a huge amount of stress was lifted off my shoulders and all of a sudden I felt tired so after brushing my teeth and washing my face I laid down and made sure the alarm was on for 7:15am then soon I fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.
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