Louisa Fletcher is not your average 21 year old university student. She has secrets, a complicated past that has made her build a strong outer shell, not letting anyone close enough to properly get to know the depths of her. Tyler Mitchell however, has had a troubled childhood and is struggling to find his way in his life. But, he has a secret, one so big it could cause serious turmoil if it were to ever come out. He's determined to keep it hidden, but will the untold truths between these two mysterious souls drive them apart, or will they manage to let one another see who they really are? Find out by reading Shadow.


22. Chapter Twenty-Two.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been so busy with school! I'd love to know what you guys think of the story so far, so be sure to let me know! :) Hope you enjoy xx




I wiped my hands on my apron and sighed, the heaviness of my legs finally getting to me. I was working a 9 hour shift today, and I'd had to force myself not to yawn multiple times. It was nearing 8pm, and my manager had told me I was done for today.

I breathed out a sigh of relief, quietly, so he wouldn't think I hated my job. I didn't hate it, but it did get very tiring eventually. I said my goodbyes to my fellow coworkers and walked out of the restaurant, the nice breeze of the wind hitting my face. I had lent my car to Faith today so she could go visit her brother for the day, so I had to walk home.

The soft sound of people's laughs and chatter echoed through the street, and the streetlights illuminated the sidewalk with streaks of light, coming closer and going further away in my eyes.

Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks at the sound of his voice. I could notice it from a mile away, and it sounded like he was with someone. When the giggle of a female rang in my ears, a sense of anger rushed through me that I had to push down with all of my might. Finally, they came into vision across the street, Tyler with some woman that wore a skirt that was far too short for her but showed off her tanned legs. I couldn't see her face since Tyler's back was facing me from across the street and he was leaning over her, obviously saying something that made her giggle and smile.

I don't know why I felt such anger and jealousy, I mean, I'd told him to stay away from me, I just didn't think he'd go out screwing women straight away. I thought me leaving him affected him somehow, but I was wrong. 

I just stood there, staring, until I decided to cross the street and walk over to them on purpose. I knew I was probably acting like a child, and the wiser thing would've been to just walk away, but something inside of me wouldn't let me go before seeing for myself, if Tyler really did like this woman.


He didn't see me yet, but I was nearing, and I clenched my teeth together in anger when I saw her laugh and smile at his words I couldn't hear yet.

Finally, his head snapped towards me and his eyes locked into mine. I crossed my arms and stood in front of them, the yellow streetlight making the woman's face come into show, and she wasn't ugly. She had blonde hair and what I could see were emerald eyes, she wore a top that basically left no room for imagination. 

''Louisa,''Tyler said sounding surprised, shoving his hands back into his pockets.

''Who is this person, Ty?''the woman said sweetly, placing her hand on Tyler's shoulder and I had to use every ounce of self-control I had not to slap it away. Ty. Really?

''Go wait at my car, Karen,''he told her, and I was baffled he was going somewhere with her, probably to fuck her.

She did as told and trotted away, her heels clattering and creating a soft echo.

''Is this how you're getting over me?''I said with an annoyed tone, my body stiff with anger and annoyance. 

''She doesn't mean anything to me,''he ruffled his hands through his hair and I almost wanted to laugh at the thought that once it made me feel special, cause his action indicated he was nervous around me. Now I just wanted to yell and scream at him.

''So you just fuck women to get over me? Really, Tyler?''I inquired, my voice hard and cold. 

There was desperation in his eyes and his body was just as stiff as mine.

''It's not like that, it's just a distraction from the pain,''he spoke, ''You told me to stay away from you 2 weeks ago, Louisa. That's what I'm doing.''

I wasn't going to cry in front of this boy again, I wasn't going to let him get to me.

I stepped closer to him and although I'd swallowed the lump in my throat, I felt a tear roll down my cheek, and I instantly hated myself for it.

''You go have fun with Karen, Tyler,''I said coldly, so close to him that I could feel his breath on my skin.

''Louisa, wait!''he called after me as I walked away, cursing to myself why I'd been so stupid to ever fall for him. It was a huge, fat, mistake.




I used to love sleeping till 12am in the morning when I was a boy. All the other kids would be awake by 8, but due to the heavy stress I was being put under just as a child, it got to me and I always slept it off.

Now, I hadn't got a proper inch of sleep in almost a month and two weeks. So here I was, laid in a bed with a woman I didn't even know, the ticking of a clock making my head go crazy. I stared at the wall above me, my chest rising and falling with every breath.

I didn't even know why I was here, in a bed with someone I'd just met yesterday. This wasn't me. I didn't do one night stands. Last night had been a blur - going to the club with Miles and a girl hitting on me, us leaving the club together and seeing Louisa on the street. Louisa. She had looked tired, the bags under her eyes evident in the soft glow of the night sky. Her hair had been up in a ponytail, a day's work done its job on it and made strands of her hair fall around her face. But mostly, I remember the look in her eyes.


I couldn't see an inch of the Louisa I'd been with a couple of months ago, all of it had been washed away due to me. I just saw coldness in her eyes, and anger. I knew from the moment she started speaking to me that she only thought less of me now. I mean, she'd seen me with another woman and I suspected the thoughts that had ran through her head. Truth was, I only went with Karen because I thought it would make the pain easier to deal with, that I'd get some sort of a joy feeling out of it. Didn't happen. And for the better, Louisa hated me even more now than she did before, and I felt even more guilty. Well done, me. 

I'd been through a lot of shit in my life - seen my mother change into someone else completely, having to force the antidepressant pills down her throat and hate myself for it after. I'd known what pain felt like, but what I was feeling now went totally over the limit of any suffering or pain I'd witnessed.

What angered me the most is that I could've stopped this whole situation. I could've not made the deal with Dean and tell Louisa everything in the beginning, I could have not gone to the club and left with Karen, I could still be with Louisa now if I'd acted correctly. But I hadn't, and this was where I was at, completely empty and a grey space in my head. 




When I arrived home that evening, I'd lied and told Faith I was fine before going to bed. And then cried myself to sleep. I'd felt like a stupid teenager crying over a boy, and I pitied myself for it.

I refused to let this guy get to me any longer, and from now on, I'd be a happy single woman and not have a care in the world. 

I was driving to my home-town today to visit my parents, since I hadn't seen them in a while. Truthfully, I'd avoided going to see them ever since my dad cheated on my mom and she still took him back. I was angry and wanted to shake some sensibility into my mom. And I just needed to get away from everything back in Washington, being careful not to run into Tyler had really took its toll on me. It was time to get away for a while.

I parked in front of my parents house, and took a deep breath before walking to the door. I was nervous, and I wasn't sure why. I knocked on the door, waiting anxiously for a response.

The door opened and my mother greeted me with a huge smile on her face.

''Louisa, honey!''she pulled me into a huge hug and I knew then how much I'd needed to see her. I'd moved out ages ago and I could handle things on my own, but from time to time, a mother's love could fix any wound.

''Come on in,''she said happily, walking in before me. The house was almost the same as it was when I'd left. A chestnut coloured staircase and a cream couch to the right of it, the worn out material bringing back lots of childhood memories. A picture I'd drawn when I was in 5th grade still hanged up on the wall, the smiling faces of what were supposed to be my happy family, brought a wave of nostalgia to my mind and images of the past ran before my eyes. 

''I've just made lunch, come sit down,''my mom hurried to the kitchen, and I smiled. It felt like home,  the smell of certain notes of sandalwood and vanilla I'd just referred to as 'home' before, lingered in the air. 

I helped my mom set the table and I ignored the annoying feeling I got when I had to set a place for my dad. I despised him now, and had every right to do so.

''Dad should be home any minute, he took my car to get fixed,''my mom explained and I stiffened, not sure I wanted to see him again. Our last encounter had been stormy, I'd called him names I'm still sure he deserved and left with a slam on the door. It hadn't been pretty.

''And please, don't stir up old trouble,''my mom pleaded, looking at me from across the table.

''Mom, you have to under-''I couldn't finish my sentence, cause the front door swinged open and my father walked in.

''Louisa, you're back,''he said simply, a small smile tugging at his lips. 

''Yeah,''I stated, and he sighed, moving to the kitchen to help my mom. 

We sat down to have our lunch and it was slightly awkward, the only sound heard being our forks and knives clattering against the plates.

''How is life down there?''my mom asked, breaking the silence.

''It's good, keeping myself busy,''I smiled before shoving a piece of broccoli into my mouth.

The rest of the day I spent mostly with my mom, and my dad kept his distance, noting my obvious discomfort around him and respecting it. I was glad he did.

Sorry for the short chapters lately, longer ones are coming I promise!! :)


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