Louisa Fletcher is not your average 21 year old university student. She has secrets, a complicated past that has made her build a strong outer shell, not letting anyone close enough to properly get to know the depths of her. Tyler Mitchell however, has had a troubled childhood and is struggling to find his way in his life. But, he has a secret, one so big it could cause serious turmoil if it were to ever come out. He's determined to keep it hidden, but will the untold truths between these two mysterious souls drive them apart, or will they manage to let one another see who they really are? Find out by reading Shadow.


3. Chapter Three.



I followed Tyler into a fancy, italian restaurant located by a beautiful river. I was glad I chose to wear a dress and heels, since wearing anything else would many any woman feel out of place here. We were seated at a window, that opened a gorgeous view to the river, the sun just setting above it. It was beautiful, and took my breath away.

''This is beautiful,''I said breathingly, my eyes still on the scenario outside. 

Tyler chuckled and grabbed a menu from the table.

''I've been here for a few family dinners, that's how I knew it was great,''he said, his eyes scanning in between the menu and my eyes. 

''Oh, really? Where does your family work?''I asked, realising after that I might've been a bit too straight forward.

Tyler seemed to stiffen in his appearance and I regretted asking him, an obviously uncomfortable question.

''They own a huge engineering business,''he explained, not looking at me. 

''Ahh, right. What's the best on the menu?''

I could sense Tyler's eyes on me, even though my eyes were scanning all the foods they served. 

''Medium cooked beef is a good choice.''

I couldn't say anything else before the waiter came and took our orders. The sun was nearly set now, and I couldn't take my eyes off the view. By the prices, I could see how expensive this place was.

''What about your family?''Tyler asked, and I snapped out of my haze. I placed my napkin on my knees, trying to do something with my hands.

''Nothing really special, my mom works as a social service worker and my dad is a business man.''

''Why did you come to uni here?''he inquired, his eyes sparking with genuine intrest and it caught me off guard. The only conversations I'd had with any guy lately was if he had any condoms and if he could slide it on quicker. Guilt crept up on me.

''I had to get away from everything. What about you, where were you brought up?''

Tyler relaxed into his seat, and un did his too tight tie around his neck, which made me chuckle.

''Virgina,''he replied, looking out the window and I wondered why he couldn't look me in the eye when he spoke about something personal. Maybe I was just too curious.

Before I could reply, his phone rang in his pocket and he seemed pissed when he looked at the caller.

''I'm gonna have to take this, I'm sorry. I'll just be a second,''he apologised before heading further away from the table. I sipped my wine and sat back in my seat, enjoying hearing people's constant chatter around the restaurant. I hadn't been in a proper restaurant for ages. It felt slightly weird but great at the same time. I guess I'd distanced myself from a normal life for so long, that I forgot what it felt like.

''I'm sorry about that,''Tyler shook his head and sat back in his seat.

The waiter brought our food and I had to say, it tasted absolutely delicious. I'm pretty sure my mouth watered at the taste. After we were finished, we decided to take a walk outside. The weather was perfect, just a slight breeze that felt refreshing. I followed Tyler to the bank of the river, and we stood in silence. The breeze made my hair lift off my shoulders, and I could feel Tyler's eyes on me. I looked at the river before us and felt a sense of peace I hadn't felt in a long time. Maybe it was the peaceful atmosphere, or maybe it was the person I was with. 

''Why Washington?''I asked, and I could feel him sigh.

''Felt like it was the right place for me to be, I guess.''

''Where do you live?''I was scared my questions were too curious, but damn it, I was!

He chuckled and looked at me.

''You want to come stalk me every night?''he teased, his eyes glistening.

''And leave cheesy notes at your door.''

He laughed and I joined in.

''Just around the block, at an accommodation house for guys who have no idea what they're doing with their lives.'' 

I chuckled and felt the curiosity rise in me.

''I wish there was one for girls, too.''I sighed.




Tyler dropped me off at my dorm, and we left it at a hug. I walked up the stairs, feeling my feet nearly give up on me. All I wanted to do was take these damn heels off, because I was sure I had at least ten blisters on my feet already. I opened the door and took off my shoes.

''How was it?!''Faith's excited voice filled the room.

''Great,''I said, walking into my room, just wanting to sleep. It was unusual of me to actually want a decent amount of sleep and that, in my own bed.

''Is that all you're going to give me? Come on, I need details!''she followed me into my room and I chuckled, sitting on my bed. This was going to be a much longer night than I expected.

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