Louisa Fletcher is not your average 21 year old university student. She has secrets, a complicated past that has made her build a strong outer shell, not letting anyone close enough to properly get to know the depths of her. Tyler Mitchell however, has had a troubled childhood and is struggling to find his way in his life. But, he has a secret, one so big it could cause serious turmoil if it were to ever come out. He's determined to keep it hidden, but will the untold truths between these two mysterious souls drive them apart, or will they manage to let one another see who they really are? Find out by reading Shadow.


1. Chapter One.



I chugged the alcohol down my throat and felt it burn, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I handed Faith a shot and she shook her head rapidly after swallowing it.

''Damn, this shit burns! How can you take it?''she shook her head again and I threw my head back in laughter.

''Practice makes perfect honey,''I winked before downing another shot of vodka and probably something else the bartender had mixed in, since he had flirted with me all night long and I'm pretty sure I saw him hold two bottles as he poured me the shot. Not that I minded, though. 

I handed the shot glass back to the bartender and he took it from my hands.

''You sure you want more? You've had plenty,''he shook his head.

I slid a bill across the bar and he understood my answer as his hands grabbed the vodka bottle.

I downed a few more as Faith stuck to rum and coke. I felt someone touch my butt from behind and I quickly turned back around. I faced a dark blonde guy, probably had as many shots as I had and I couldn't tell his facial features due to the dim lights of the club but he seemed decent enough. Before I knew it, his hands were on my neck and his tongue was in my mouth. 




My eyes snapped open and as soon as they did, I felt a numbing pain in my head. I cursed myself for drinking so much last night and I was about to get up and change my clothes, but I realised I wasn't in my own bed. Oh god. I had slept with the guy I danced with last night. I thought it smelled weird in here. 

He was still fast asleep as I quickly got dressed and left the building. I shook my head and wished I hadn't since it caused immense pain explode in my head, but I ignored it and texted Faith asking her to come pick me up. I felt bad since she had picked me up three times this week, and I knew she was probably annoyed with me but she never told me she disliked my behavior.

Her car pulled up and I got in, my feet aching from last nights' heels.

''Who was this one then?''I could tell the irritation in Faiths' voice. I sighed and let my pounding head fall back.

''I don't know. We never exchanged names,''I looked out the window and heard Faith take a sharp breath. She didn't say anything, though. I knew she wanted to, but she didn't want to hurt my feelings. She was a great roommate, although sometimes I wish she'd just tell me what she thought of my behavior, not keep it all to herself and rant to someone else about it. 

When we got back to our dorm, I changed into my sports bra and some yoga pants. My headache wasn't so bad anymore so I decided to go out on a run, knowing it helped me feel better anyway. 

I walked to my usual route and put my headphones in, as I began to run and enjoy the feeling it brought me. Since it was Saturday today, I could go on a longer route than my usual. When I took the turn to Weldford street, I stopped for a breather. I took a sip of my water. 

I ran for another 30 minutes until I felt a sharp pain down my ribs and stopped to get myself in order. 

''Didn't know this was your route,''a voice behind me spoke and I jumped and turned around. I faced a bloody tall, dark haired man, who's abs were out in all their glory and I actually had to take a deep breath from the sight. Holy shit, he was gorgeous. His eyes were a hazelnut colour and he was sweating like mad, but it only seemed to make him hotter by the minute. 

''Uh, yeah. I took a longer route today,''I finally replied and drank what was left of my water. He chuckled and shook his head.

''I've seen you running before, just never on this route. Be sure to feel welcomed, though.'' 

A smirk appeared on his lips. 

''I would do, since it's my neighbourhood too,''I crossed my arms over my chest and he laughed.

''Sassy, eh?''

I shook my head and couldn't stop the smile forming on my face.

''Well, I better let you go on. See you around,''I winked and moved past him.

''I never got a name?''

I stopped and looked over my shoulder.




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