Louisa Fletcher is not your average 21 year old university student. She has secrets, a complicated past that has made her build a strong outer shell, not letting anyone close enough to properly get to know the depths of her. Tyler Mitchell however, has had a troubled childhood and is struggling to find his way in his life. But, he has a secret, one so big it could cause serious turmoil if it were to ever come out. He's determined to keep it hidden, but will the untold truths between these two mysterious souls drive them apart, or will they manage to let one another see who they really are? Find out by reading Shadow.


4. Chapter Four.



The buzzing of my phone wouldn't stop and it made me feel uncomfortable and rude, since I was sat in a lecture and I'm sure the professor had thrown me at least 10 dirty looks by now. I knew who was calling, and that's why I wanted to ignore it. The calls wouldn't stop, so I left the room as quick as I could.


''What the hell do you want? I have a lecture,''I cursed into the phone.

''I want to know what you've managed to find out. You haven't called or contacted me in any way and if you continue this, it could break our deal.''

''I can't talk right now. I'll call you back.''

''Remember, if you don't, he'll find out everything.''

I ended the call and leaned back against the wall, feeling my head come into contact with the cold brick wall. I ran my fingers through my hair, out of frustration.

''Something wrong?''a voice beside me chirped.

Great. Of course Elizabeth would speak to me at the worst of times.

''Nope, I'm good.''

''Hmm, okay. You fancy meeting up later?''her posh british accent echoed on the silent walls and I chuckled.

''No. I have stuff to do, and I have to get back to my lecture.''

''Was nice speaking to you,''she said, in a flirtatious tone. I had some history with this girl but I was so over it. I wish she would be too. I had enough on my mind and dealing with her would actually make my head explode.


''Why do we have 2 weeks old milk in our fridge?''I heard someone say downstairs and I had to keep myself from cringing at the thought. Sometimes I did hate living here.

''Ty! It's for you,''Lewis called from downstairs and I was surprised to hear him say that, since I barely ever had any visitors. No one really knew where I lived.

I made my way downstairs and faced Louisa.

''What are you doing here?''I asked, shocked to see her here.

''I have some links to some people and they lead me here,''she smiled, that sassy, cheeky smile of her's and I couldn't help but chuckle. 

''I'd ask you to come in, but you'd probably rather not,''I looked back at the room and saw Cole and Ben playing a video game, Miles on the phone to some side chick, Jay with his head in the fridge and everyone else were just laying around. I wasn't sure I could even see the floor because of all the trash on it. 

Louisa shook her head and chuckled. ''I'm happy with talking outside.''

I closed the door behind me and followed her outside.

''Why'd you come to see me?''I inquired, looking into her beautiful eyes.

''There's this baseball game a few miles from here tonight. Faith wanted to go and I figured maybe you'd be interested.''

''Luckily I like baseball, so yeah, I'm up for it,''I smirked and I could see a smile creep onto Louisa's face. 

''Great. I'll pick you up at 7.'' She began walking towards her car.

I ran my hands through my hair and let out a breath.


''I've never been the biggest fan of baseball but hell, that was a great game!''Louisa spoke, her voice hyper like a little child's and I laughed, loving that part of her. 

I opened the car door for her, even though it was her car, and she chuckled.

''What a gentleman,''she threw her hands together in the air, giving me her appreciation and I sat into the passenger seat, feeling rather odd doing so as usually I would drive.

Louisa drove us back to my place.

''You want to come inside?''I inquired, hoping that she'd say yes. I could see the hesitation on her face, as her eyes moved from one side to the other, her brain was obviously considering this.

''Sure,''she finally replied, and I grabbed her hand before opening the door. Just as I expected, the guys hadn't cleaned up and for the first time, I felt ashamed of the litter on the ground and basically everywhere in this house. Wasn't exactly the ideal place to impress a girl you like.

''Oohhh who's this?''Lukas made his way towards us and I wanted to grab Louisa's waist just so this douche wouldn't lay a finger on her, but I knew that couldn't be possible considering the circumstances and that Louisa would probably freak out.

''She's just a friend, Lukas.''

''I'm Louisa, nice to meet you, Lukas?''Louisa reached out her hand, and took both me and Lukas by surprise.

He shook her hand and nodded. ''You look lovely, by the way,''he flirted, and I felt the jealousy waves whoosh over me so I cleared my throat and took Louisa upstairs instead.

''How long have you lived here for?''she asked, looking at the surroundings in my room.

''Two years.''

She understood that it's not a subject I like to talk about and that stunned me, how she already read me so well. This girl was something else.



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