My life as a Clifford

Hey I'm Caitlin Jaydon Clifford, sister to the famous Michael Gordon Clifford. My life is hard as mini Michael Clifford especially all the hate I get.

Copyright of Caitlin


10. 8

Ash's pov

I knew it. They liked each other. Luke and Calum I mean, I'm happy for them but I'm upset for Michael because he's the 3rd wheel. My friend Abigail Breslin likes him so I could ATTEMPT, to hook them up. I know Michael likes Abi because he talks about her ALL the time when I'm on the phone to him.

After I thought that I got a text from Abi saying

Abi: Hey, what you up to?

I simply reply with

Ash: much just hanging out with the boys, what about you?

She knows who I mean by people

Abi: Same. Hey can you ask Michael out for me?

I smirk at the thought and reply

Ash: kk I'll do it now

I text back and say

"Hey mike can I talk to you for a second outside"

"Uh sure" he says then pauses the game and walks outside I follow slowly

"Abigail asked me to ask you this." I paused

"Go on then Ash say it" Michael says and taps inpatiently

"Will you go out with her" I mutter

"Yes" he says

Then my phone buzzes in my pocket it's Abi I pick up

"Hey Abi" I say

"Hey so what did Michael say" she asked

"He's with me now so you can ask him" I say and put her on loudspeaker

"Michael will you go out with me" she asked

"Yes baby I will" he says then adds "I'll get ash to pick you up and bring you to my place if you want"

"Ok" she says excitably then hangs up

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