My life as a Clifford

Hey I'm Caitlin Jaydon Clifford, sister to the famous Michael Gordon Clifford. My life is hard as mini Michael Clifford especially all the hate I get.

Copyright of Caitlin


9. 7

Michaels pov

God the boys have been gone for ages and I haven't heard anything for about 15 minutes I'll go check. Walk a few steps and catch a snipet of Ash, Luke and Calum's convosation

"Hey Luke why you holding cal like that" I hear ash ask

Hold cal like what I thought I pop my head round the corner and see Luke with his hands snaked round Cals waist

"same reason as you" Calum says

"Yep" Luke says as Calum cuddles into him and Luke leads him towards the pool and attempts to push Calum in but Calum grabs Luke and pulls him in with him.

I pull my head back, wait Calum and Luke are dating fuckery I thought cal had a girlfriend then I am interrupted by yelling


"L-L-Lukey" I hear Calum moan

"I'm here Penguin" Luke's voice says softly

"Can we go back to mike now so it's not suspicious" Cal asks

"Good idea, hey Ash and Caitlin why don't you come join us" Luke says

"Ok" ash and Caitlin say at the same time

I run back to my room and sit in my space then I hear bowls and crisps being emptied, Ice cream being got and spoons and loads of other food being prepared then I hear footsteps and my door opens revealing cake, Crisps, Ice cream, biscuits and all that stuff then the door bell goes and Calum walks up with 10 boxes of Pizzas

"This is what you guys have been doing" I ask

"Um yeah" they all stutter

"Cal and Luke why are your clothes wet?" I ask

"Ash pushed me and Luke into the pool" Calum pipes up

"Oh ok" I say, knowing the truth

"Let's eat" Caitlin says

"Yeah" everyone cheers in reply, we'll everyone except Calum who is awfully close to Lukes penis

"Calum, what are you doing" I ask

"Oh leaning my head on Luke's lap" Calum replies confidently

"Oh ok" I reply back

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