My life as a Clifford

Hey I'm Caitlin Jaydon Clifford, sister to the famous Michael Gordon Clifford. My life is hard as mini Michael Clifford especially all the hate I get.

Copyright of Caitlin


5. 3

Michaels pov

"Boys" I whisper and signal them to follow me and we walk downstairs to listen to Ash and Caitlin's convosation. As her brother it's my duty to look after her

"Thanks Princess" Ash says

"No problem Daddy" Caitlin says as she walks out and out onto the patio and into the pool

"So they are dating now Mikey" Calum says quietly

"Yeah " I smile

I smirk and see Ashton walking towards us and tell Luke and Cal to get into my room and I walk downstairs

"Hey Ash" I smirk

"Hey, what you smirking at" he asks

"Oh cal and Luke were saying how much they love coming over here" I lie smoothly, I'm a really good liar so I can get away with it

"Oh ok, I'm gonna go talk to My pr- I mean Caitlin" he says nervously

"Have fun" I say and bro hug him


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