My life as a Clifford

Hey I'm Caitlin Jaydon Clifford, sister to the famous Michael Gordon Clifford. My life is hard as mini Michael Clifford especially all the hate I get.

Copyright of Caitlin


4. 2

Ashton's pov

Sexy,Hot,Adorable,kissable,out of my limit are 5 words to describe Caitlin, the way her black and blonde hair hair floods over her shoulders. OMG she's coming back over

"Here Michael told me to give you this" it was a little note, I opened it and it read 'I know you like my sister more that a friend, I trust you so it's fine if you ask her out coz I heard that at that wild party we went to you made out with her, if you do ask her out you better look after her or i will cut your baby making cylinder off of those balls, lol -Mike' I close it and turn to face Caitlin

"Kitty Kat can I ask you a question?" She looks really worried

"Uhh yeah sure" she stutters

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask

"Yes, but we have to be a secret coz mike will kill us" she says smirking

"Ok princess" I kiss her soft lips pull away and giggle

"Your coffee is in mikes room daddy" she says

"Thanks princess" I say say stuttering getting a little bit turned on

"No problem daddy" she knows what It does to any boy so she's using it to her advantage



Hope you all like this chapter

Loves you's,Stay strong, stay fierce, stay wild

~Kitty Kat/Caitlin

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