My life as a Clifford

Hey I'm Caitlin Jaydon Clifford, sister to the famous Michael Gordon Clifford. My life is hard as mini Michael Clifford especially all the hate I get.

Copyright of Caitlin


3. 1

Caitlin's pov

I sigh as my brother once again calls me up into his room

"Michael what the fuck do you want now" I say as I walk through the door

"Firstly your 17 don't swear and secondly get me 3 teas and a coffee"

"Fine Michael" say "I'm not a fucking café though dipshit" I put my hand on my hip

"You are now" he smirks

"Whatever" I say as I give him the finger then turn on my heel and walk out the door when Mikey calls

I fill the kettle up and get 5 mugs out I put a tea bag in 3 of them and a spoonful of coffee in the last one then put one sugar and milk in all of them then I put them on a tray

"Need any help" I turn to see Ashton fletcher Irwin

"Nah I'm good thanks" I say as I go by him

"Ok" he mutters as I walk up the steps and into Michael's room once again

"Thanks CJC" Luke and Calum say, I hate that stupid petty nickname that they all gave me when I was about 12

"Yeah thanks Caitlin, can you give this to ash please" I snatch the slip of paper out of Michaels hand and walk out again

I walk out and see Ashton

"Ya coffee is in Michaels room ash" I smile

"K thanks Kitty Kat" he smirks



Hey thanks for reading

As you can see I dropped my nickname in there.xx

Love you all.

Stay strong stay you

~ Kitty Kat

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