Cool For Cats

Nancy, a widow and an aspiring model of the 1960's, has a friendly cat. The cat has brought her fame and fortune in many ways. It was all wonderful until she met the love of her life. Her feline becomes less adorable, with this, she makes some... physical changes. This brings danger to all, including herself. How can she balance love if her furry friend won't let her move on? Unless this charming young man has a dirty secret...


6. 1964

It's January and I have some weird feelings about this year. Rochester hasn't called me for a month. He usually calls everyday. I feel he is trying to accept that we are never going to see each other again. This is my last year... Whenever I look at Monet, I almost cry. I've been doing some bathing suit shoots for the photographer I saw on the street. His name is Cameron Sheldon. I'm on the front cover of "Life's a Beach" magazine. I wanted to tell Rochester, but I don't know what he's feeling right know. I'm just so confused. I'm in the apartment I rented. I stare at the phone. Monet stares at me. He wants me to call. I pick up the phone and dial. It's ringing. "Hello?" He answers. "Oh my God, hey! How are you? We haven't talked in a while." I say. "Yeah, I'm so sorry, I've been planing something. You want to hang out tonight? The plains outside of the city? I know the best spot." He says. "Awesome. See you there, bye I love you!" I reply. Monet was right, I'm glad I picked up the phone. 

The sunset was just as beautiful as the ones in Miami. Everything looked so beautiful out here. The wind was uplifting and cool on my skin. I parked along the sandy road, right next to the Shepard's tree. The sheep were drifting off to sleep around the great tree. I suddenly see a bright red car cruising along the sandy road. It was Rochester. I hear a "Meow!". It was Monet nestled in the backseat of my car. Rochester hopped out of his car smiling ear to ear. "I see you've bought Monet with you. Awesome, it'll be even more special." He winked. I blushed even harder. He brought out a huge array of flowers. All of them were roses. My favorite. "Oh my lord, Rochester! They're beautiful!" I squeal. Then he hands them to me smiling again. "Wait, there's more." He says, reaching into his car. He brought out a big box of chocolates. "Jesus, Rochester! What's this all about?" I questioned. "Come over to the tree and i'll show you." He laughed. Suddenly the tree lit up with lights and lamps just like the Oxford tree. Monet followed Rochester. My mouth was open. It was all so beautiful. "Nancy..." He pulled my attention. He was kneeling, his hands outstretched. He pulled out a black box. He revealed the box, it was a diamond studded ring that sparkled ever so beautifully in the moonlight. "Nancy Fawn. Will you marry me?" He said steadily. I screamed inside and out. "Yes!" I chanted. I kissed him over and over again. Life looked better and better. To Be Continued... 

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