Cool For Cats

Nancy, a widow and an aspiring model of the 1960's, has a friendly cat. The cat has brought her fame and fortune in many ways. It was all wonderful until she met the love of her life. Her feline becomes less adorable, with this, she makes some... physical changes. This brings danger to all, including herself. How can she balance love if her furry friend won't let her move on? Unless this charming young man has a dirty secret...


5. 1963

Next year is my last year in England. I watch the days go by like dew on a palm. I saw palms a lot in Miami. Dew was a reoccurring thing also. I would sit outside with Rochester (the calico) and watch the sun set and rise. Miami had the best sunsets. I would miss supper for them. I would take pictures of the darkness kissing the light good night at six. I was walking down the street in the afternoon in London. I looked up. The trees were just, trees. They weren't the endless stream of royal palms decorating the streets. I missed Miami and the beach. More and more I kept doubting the chances I had two years ago. I thought that our love would last even when I'm alone in Miami. The only thing that helped my chances was Monet, my birthday present from last year. Monet has been a sweetheart. His huge eyes and his beauty made me realize how lucky I am to have all these people in my life. Rochester and Monet mean the world to me, and I want to spend the rest of our lives together as a family. That felt too soon. I know it's only been two years, but I feel like I could marry Rochester. It's too unlikely though. I'm going back to America and he's staying here. Sometimes I just wanted to punch a pillow. I don't want to leave him. I love him. Suddenly, a photographer walks up to me. Excuse me, ma'am? May I take a photo of you? You just look so stunning. I need you in my article." The photographer stuttered. He had a bowl cut and a droopy face. He had bags under his eyes so visible, his eye bags had shadows. You could tell he hasn't slept for weeks. "Wow! Of course!" I said, excitedly. I sort of posed like a model. He looked at the film. "Oh my God. Can you work for me? You are perfect!" He smiled. "Oh my God! Yes! Of course! When do I start?" I said, excitedly. "In a week. I'm just down the street. Here's my number if you have any questions. Goodbye! Thank you so much!" He said as he threw me a piece of paper and bolted away. It was strange, but fantastic. I can't wait to tell Rochester the news. To Be Continued... 

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