Cool For Cats

Nancy, a widow and an aspiring model of the 1960's, has a friendly cat. The cat has brought her fame and fortune in many ways. It was all wonderful until she met the love of her life. Her feline becomes less adorable, with this, she makes some... physical changes. This brings danger to all, including herself. How can she balance love if her furry friend won't let her move on? Unless this charming young man has a dirty secret...


4. 1962

The year after was more carefree with Rochester. We did more star watching and sometimes we would just sit and watch the sheep in daylight instead. Either way, the best times in the world were with him. I still had two more years to go before I had to go back to Miami. Although in the future I wanted to move to England so I could be with Rochester forever. But that won't happen at the moment. We were watching the sheep graze the open plains. "Do you have a cat now?" He asked. "No, I've only had Rochester. That was when I was fifteen." I answered. "Let me guess, if you're the same age as me, that was 1957. Am I close?" He said. "On the target. Rochester was a calico cat. I miss him. He died in a hurricane.". "I'm so sorry. He sounds like a great friend to have. I wish I had someone like that growing up.". It was silent. Not awkward silent, but nature silent. We were admiring the scenery. Then he suddenly asks "When's your birthday?". "July 12, 1942. Next week actually, why?". "Oh, no reason." He was smiling. On my birthday, I knew something was up. Rochester called at six in the morning. "Am I bothering you, Nancy? I'm sorry I need to talk to you about what we're doing today." He said, rushed. "Oh, no it's fine. Where do you want to go?" I said, groggily. "I was thinking something like the Oxford campus oak tree." He said excitedly. "Awesome. When?". "In 30 minutes. If that's alright with you.". "Well, fine. Why not? Can't wait! See you there. Bye I love you." I said. I scrambled to get ready. I just barely made it in time. I was wearing a white sweater, and bell bottom jeans with a black head band. It was my bangs phase. For some reason, the oak tree looked larger, more grand since the day we met. I think it was the purpose that made it stand out. This time, there were string lights and lamps hanging over the branches. It was still kind of dark outside. There he was. Standing in front of the beautiful oak with a big pink gift box wrapped in a blue ribbon. It was all so beautiful that I started to cry. He handed me the box. "I love you, baby. Happy birthday." He said. I opened the box. It was a Bengal kitten. I screamed. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I leaped into Rochester's arms and chanted over and over again "I Love you!!". After all the love settled down, I asked "What's his name?". "It's your birthday present. You name it." He smiled. "I need a name that you like, so I can keep you in my heart forever." I smiled. "I like that idea. Hey, what about Monet? He's my favorite artist." He replied. I hugged him. "I absolutely love it!" I said. The sunrise came slow. My heart a different story. Monet meant life to me. I love Rochester and I can't wait to see what happens next with all of us. To Be Continued...

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