The Drama Begins

Emily is a teenage girl who just started junior high swimming, and keeping up with all the drama is very hard. There's fighting, relationship problems, and picking sides.


1. My First Day

    Hi, my name is Emily, and today is going to be a great day, because after school today, junior high swimming starts. My favorite part about it is swimming, of course, and also making new friends.


  As the seventh bell of the day rang,  I stood up, and hurried out the door to go to my locker to grab my bags. I walked with a fast pace, excitedly looking around for bus 38, which would take me to West High for my first day of swim practice.

  When I got on bus 38, I saw that the bus was crowded with little kids. I looked back at my friend, Jamie, and I said "Is this the right bus?". "Yeah, I think so..." Jamie replied. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was the bus driver. "You guys must be the swimmers." she said. "We've got to drop off all these kids, first. Then we'll be on to your stop." she continued. "Why don't you kids take a seat in back." she said as she motioned us towards the back.


   After all the kids got off, we were off to West High. It was a really bumpy ride. When we got there, we went through the sports entrance, then into the locker room. We didn't get dressed yet,  we wanted to set our backpacks out on the bleachers, and then go back into the locker room to change.

  When we got out there, everyone was already there, sitting on the bleachers, with their clothes on. I sat down next to my friend, Lainie, who I had met last year. "What's going on?" I asked her. "The pool's broken, so practice is canceled for a week." she explained. "Wow, what a great first day." I thought to myself.

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