When The World Falls Around Us (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Summer Billens days consist of constant running and fighting, She has to to survive. Since she had to run and leave her parents a few weeks ago when this all started. When the world changed. Now she has to fight her way through London to survive. Okay with being alone until she is cornered and saved by none other than Niall Horan from One Direction, who leads her to the other members who are trying to survive. Will they survive the zombie apocalypse or will they fall with everyone else around them?


1. Chapter 1

 The sun shines brightly in my face waking me up. I look around me grabbing my back pack that has a couple of nine miles and a crossbow I stole from my dad before I left home. I clutch my bat after slipping on my back pack and leaning down to look off the edge of the roof I had climbed up to to sleep on. I was going to have to go through the house to get back down. I could see a few of them walking towards the end of the street I had come from but not to many this morning. My hand clenches tighter on the bat in my hand as I feel a surge of anger rush through me. I hate this. I hate having to hurt people even though they may not be alive it feels wrong. I miss waking up every morning to my moms cooking and watching the news with dad. Now I am all alone and I don't know what to do. I contemplated suicide but every time I see my parents faces and know that's not what they would want. They would want me to live. Though I don't know how much longer I can without getting more food. had survived this far because I had packed my bag with ramon packages, bread, water and granola bars. Everything I could before I had to run.


 I take in a deep breath before glancing over the edge for the window I had climbed up here from. Once I find it I grip the edge of the roof and swinging down into it careful not to lose my balance and fall to my death. I look around the trashed room, imagining the family who lived here rushing to get as much as they could before the had to go. I stare at the photo of the husband and wife with their son and daughter on the wall hoping they got somewhere safe. That they didn't reach the same fate as my parents. I hear thumping coming fro the next room. I quickly raise my bat ready to bash its head in if I have to. I open the door to the room I'm in just in time to see the zombie coming from the room next to it. Once it notices me it comes at me a sickly growl coming from it's mouth. I wait until it gets just close enough to grab me before slamming me bat down on it's scull. It stumbled back slightly some of its rotten flesh falling to the wooden floor. It's dead eyes seeming more angry than before as it grabbed for me again and I slam it down even harder as it falls to the floor. I brought the bat down again and again until it was no longer moving, blood splatter all over my shoes and some on my shirt. Though most of the blood is now on the wall beside me.


 I feel my blood run cold slightly as it usually does when I have to kill a zombie. I head downstairs being cautious for anymore that might be on the first floor. I get lucky and there aren't anymore in the house so I run outside. I move through a few backyards until I am past all the zombies on the street before taking off up the road. Hoping to see a market of some kind so I can get more food and maybe a map so I can find out were I am. Only knowing that I am still in the UK.



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