Can't stop

He is everything I ever wanted but I just can't..Have him ! No matter what he does , No matter what he says and No matter who he is I will always chase him , Sneak to his house at night and make love to the stars , Have One on one Parties And Especially Have those Beautiful Cuddle moments..What would I be if he wasn't even part of my life . I'm under his control


1. Crossed

Stefan was Cleaning the shelves while whistled His favorite Songs . I sat on the couch just looking through some magazines , Some of these dresses caught My attention and some of them I just thought were weird . Stefan kept smiling at me then looking back at the shelves , I was getting Kind of tired of it so I just Smirked back . The doorbell rang and That's when he stopped to answer it , Of course he used his super speed and then answered it . ''Oh ..It's you Damon . '' I turned My body around letting My hand Dangle over the couch ''Hello brother '' . I stared at him , I knew Damon and When I mean I knew Damon I actually Know Damon . He's the Bad brother no let me say it more clearer He's the dangerous brother , the one who always puts Stefan into Danger and the one Who doesn't have a diet , He just kills Humans and feast on their blood . ''Hey Miss Elena , How are you today ? '' I groaned turning My body back around ''Hi Damon '' I sighed looking back at the magazines , He sat across from me grabbing A bottle of Whiskey Chuckling a bit as he drank . ''What do You want Damon ''  Stefan asked crossing his arms standing by me Near the couch , He leaned down and Put both of his arms on it now . ''Oh What do I want ? '' He asked Taking another sip ''Yeah '' Stefan replied back . ''Nothing '' ''Nothing ? ''  ''Yeah , Nothing ''  ''Now , We all know that's a lie '' . I stared at both of them , Stefan had a serious look on his face and Damon Just wore his usual smile .

''I seriously Don't want anything Stefan , Even if I did I would just get  right to it or just force it out of you '' I shook my head getting up from the couch now , I sighed walking away but I was stopped by his comment ''Unless Elena wants me to have Anything '' . They both looked at me , I turned around Facing Damon , He took another long full sip of the Whiskey bottle And gasped when He finished . ''What do you mean if I want You to have anything ?! '' He tilted his head to the side making a puppy dog face ''Oh I don't know , Maybe You want me to do A favor maybe ? Or Hunt a person for Ya '' ''I don't want anything from You Damon ''  ''Okay I'm just gonna repeat what Stefan had said earlier ...Now , We all know that That's a LIE '' . He gets me so aggravated ! Everything about him Just annoys me in all sorts of ways he possibly can ! . ''Look Damon , Leave Elena alone and get out '' Damon both of his hands in front of his chest while looked down at the floor with his eyes closed . ''Alright , Alright I will but just remember Stefan '' He paused putting the Now Empty Whiskey bottle down while standing up and walking towards Stefan and whispering in his ear ''I'm You're brother slash you're Enemy , I can never go away '' Stefan looked at me with A sad look then he changed it to his regular look . Damon and Stefan don't have that special  Bond Unlike some siblings do ..Such as me and Jeremy for Example , Jeremy and me Don't really have a big bond but we get along very well ..Sometimes .  ''I'll catch you Later Stefan ! '' He shouted opening the door , He looked back at me nodding his head and smirking ''Elena '' . Damon walked out leaving the room Quietly Awkward between Stefan and me , Until Stefan Stood up straight and went upstairs talking to me ''I have to lock him up '' I shook my head exiting My now not spaced out moment . ''You have to what ? ''  ''I have to Lock him up Elena ! , He's too strong and Dangerous and especially Dangerous to you ''   ''He's not Dangerous to me ! '' Stefan stopped at the top of the staircase looking down at me at the bottom of the staircase ''He can't hurt me Stefan ...Not when I'm with you ''  ''Elena , He could hurt you . Even if you are with me , That doesn't matter to him ! Damon is an Animal you can't trust him'' I crossed my arms , I gave Stefan  A rude look , I took one step up the stairs ''Who said I trusted him ? '' He ignored me and walked into his bedroom ''Stefan !! '' I shouted at him , He closed his door on me and then locked it . I stopped in  front of it in shock , I sighed heavily taking a step back . I reached my hand out to try to open it but resisted . So I walked out And Went downstairs . He needed space and I'll let him have it . 

I started to make Some coffee for myself , I put the cup down and looked out the window . I sometimes see myself as  a mistake to Stefan . I think he thinks that if he actually thinks I trust Damon , But seriously How can he actually think I trust Damon ?! I barely even talk to Damon but If I do then it turns into A argument , And then we wouldn't talk for days which is amazing to me . ''Elena ! Where have you been I've been looking for you ! So has bonnie and Matt '' Caroline rushed into the kitchen in her yellow sun dress and Pink Flats . I stared at her up and down while taking a sip of my coffee ''Well , Tell them I've been here ..In this Hell hole '' She gave me a look and walked up to me for a hug ''This isn't you're hell hole Elena , You're home is '' She laughed while I chuckled hitting the side of her arm playfully ''Hey'' She said Giggling , We both sighed and smiled . Caroline is back , At least ..for now I guess .

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