Notebook Diary (Jungkook ft. V)

Daily basis emotions brought to you into a book with a sad ending. How do you think the fictional life of Jeon Jungkook is? Who do you think he meets online? Is it his mind reflection, and imagination or is it a real person on the other side of the world feeling what Jungkook feels?

*Inspired by a book I read. By no means am I copying it, or something like that.*

*updates every thursday and monday*



7. entry 7/dec17

So it's Saturday. I ate a little bit yesterday, but I wasn't really getting deep into the thought of feeling like a worthless peace of shit, cuz I was waiting for anontae to go online. 

The liar he is, he didn't go online the way he said that morning. 


It's like 10 a.m right now, and my aunt is off to somewhere. I'm home alone, and I told my friend to come over. 

Her parent's don't let her come over, though. She is kind of homeschooled, and homeowned? 

I sat on my computer, thinking of what to do now. I didn't have much motivation to do anything other than sleep, but I slept more than I needed anyways.

anontae logged in. 

anontae is typing..

anontae: yesterday I wasn't home. sorry 

imkookie: me neither

If I lie will he know? 

anontae: really 

imkookie: yes why? why are you automatically suspecting me like that?! SO RUDE OF YOU! 

anontae: o.. mianhe dongsaeng . .haha :D

imkookie: we are not that close for you to call me dongsaeng 

anontae: really? I'm a only friend to u right now 

imkookie: i don't know you that much, and you creep me out. I have patriot21a4, so no you are not my only friend right now. 

anontae: i think i know you 

imkookie: clearly .

anontae; no. I seen you

imkookie: where

anontae: in  library?  

imkookie: ... no 

anontae: yes. you was there 

imkookie: and what was I doing 

anontae; I forgotten 

imkookie: grreat .

anontae: grreat.

imkookie: you are an alien 

anontae; how did you know 

imkookie: oh wait. Really? 

anontae: :D

imkookie: WHT DO YOU MEAN, HYUNG!!

anontae: hyung.. i think we not close? 

imkookie: ugh. so frustrating 

anontae: sorry 

imkookie: ok send me more photos so I can print them 

imkookie: I MEAN! NO! Just because.. . i still ldont .. believe you .... 

anontae; hm . ok, but you have to message me photo from you so I can print too ;///

imkookie: ok?.. I guess

I don;t send people things. Especially selfies .

Gotta check to see if this alien thing will do anything with them, though. .. 


I had to walk to the library alone in the cold weather. I went to print out the selfies anontae sent me. 

What's his name anyways? 

Whatever. Here is the photos. 

(If u wanna read with photos follow me on wattpad: @vasimarin the story is there as well)


I had to ask once again if he can stop sending me those kinds of selfies. He could at least learn some extra english in the mean time. 

I sent him these. 

He said "You could smile more."

I replied with a "You too"

Yah pretty much what my day was.

I waited for Patriot21a4 to reply to my messages, but she just left them on read. 

I tried reading some Korean books my mom sent me, but really it's so boring. I don't know.

I'm hungry.

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