Notebook Diary (Jungkook ft. V)

Daily basis emotions brought to you into a book with a sad ending. How do you think the fictional life of Jeon Jungkook is? Who do you think he meets online? Is it his mind reflection, and imagination or is it a real person on the other side of the world feeling what Jungkook feels?

*Inspired by a book I read. By no means am I copying it, or something like that.*

*updates every thursday and monday*



5. Entry 5/Dec.14

Here are the photos anontae sent me .

(Movellas doesnt let me post the selfies)

I really want to know if the boy is playing with me right now. 

I really want to know why those teasing photos were sent to me. 

What do I think? 

Does he think I'm a girl that will wet her panties if she sees his photos. 

They do seem quite realer now, though.

Why does he look like a 'just came from Mars' anime doll? 

He sent me a message early in the morning saying he is sorry he couldn't find a more normal or smiling photo. 

Well, I mean. If those are the selfies he takes? ok.. 


I'm heading to school now. I had to wake up early to glue this to the notebook. 

Couldn't I get any creeper. 

It's not like anyone will ever see this.

I'll probably burn it when it ends.

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