1. crybaby

September 6,1995

It was a sunny day in Phoenix Arizona. It was raining and their was already a rainbow people seemed so happy yet mad and crazy today. In Christ hospital , their was a mother giving birth after 8 hours of labor, their was a waaahhhhhhhhhh. The baby was out the mother father and son stared at the new born baby with their blue eyes brunet hair and an evil grin. The mom spoke and said she one off us now....... The baby shut her eyes and began crying really loudly for 1 hour straight. Everyone was annoyed. The nurses brought in the financial papers with an annoyed look in their face. Here your go they said. The mom slammed her fist on the table shut up crybaby!!! The nurses who were even more annoyed now said what do you want to name your child? The mom looked at her darling daughter who kept crying and with a grin on her face said let's name her crybaby

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