Peter Pan

What if everyone stopped believing in magic what would happen to the fairytales.


1. Don't talk about fairytales

My name is Lylarose I live in New York with my brothers Andy and Henry I am the youngest out of everyone. My mommy is Emma and my daddy I don't know who he is but this is our life I feel like something was missing.

It is a long story but here we go imagine your in New York and that people are yelling and driving crazy and they never stop. I closed my window and got dressed then I combed my hair and put it in a ponytail.

My brother Andy knocked on the door I knew it was him because he takes me and Henry to school all the time. I opened the door then we ate breakfast eggs and beacon with sausage it was my favorite. Henry ate fast trying to hurry up and leave I knew why my brother has a crush on a girl named Bethany.

I don't mind but my brother Andy is very protective even if boys go up to me but we are in elementary school. Henry waited then he came out and bumped into Bethany she told him oh hi Henry are you okay.

Henry got up and said "Yeah sorry about that it's just that my brother is um do you like the weather today?" I watched as my brother Henry failed to talk to Bethany he always gets nervous about girls especially about Bethany. I wish I could help him but then my brother Andy would know about them I can't let that happen Henry ran off and Bethany followed they both went inside middle school. I stopped and went inside my school kids where talking about their day and their vacation.


I sat down and then I saw Belle our teacher everyone sat down she pulled out a list I wondered what it was for. Belle said "Class gather around I am going to tell you a story about fairytales and just to let you know they are real well they use to be." Everyone and I looked around and were shocked then the alarm went off oh no I don't want to go our teacher will get in trouble. 

Men in black walked inside and said "Okay everyone we need you to go in the jeep like last time so we can check you it won't take long come on." We nodded and I walked away I saw the jeep and we went inside together then they drove us to an apartment. Some kids got out and we had to follow finally we went inside they told us pick a number.

I went up and picked my number one great I got called and opened the door there was a lady smiling typing something on the laptop. She told me you must be Lylarose I am Sally all ask you some questions then you will be sent to the next room alright. I sat down and Sally said "Have you heard anyone talk about fairytales today in your classroom."

I thought about it I didn't want to lie to the lady she seemed nice but I care about my teacher more. Sally waited and I said "I really don't know my teacher told us something but I wasn't really paying attention to her I was busy thinking about something else."

Sally nodded and wrote down what I said I bit my lip what if she found out I was lying. She asked more questions and I answered them then she told me go down the hall and wait. I thanked her and went down the hall I could hear people talking and yelling about something. Finally I sat down and a boy came out wearing green with green eyes he looked familiar.  

He told me to follow him so I did I went inside the room it was green with trees and a tent inside the office this is weird. I saw a chair and sat down he came inside and locked the door. He said "Hi I am Robbie Kay and you will answer some questions again with this machine it will tell me if you are lying so tell the truth." I started shaking they know I was lying this isn't good what will they do to me.

Robbie Kay put the wire on me and asked me to say my name so I did and the machine was working don't lie you can do this. He told me do you have any powers I thought the question was a little weird but I decided to answer it I told him no of course not. Robbie Kay looked at the screen but I couldn't see it anymore he wrote something on a notepad and told me do you believe in fairytales. I smiled and looked at him and said "Yes I do and I know we are not suppose to remember or believe in fairytales but I do and I can't forget."

He told me interesting you know I am looking for a girl she has powers and she never forgets anything just like you. Then he said something that caught my attention he told me her name is Lylarose the rose means that she will shine and rise up against any enemy and no one can stop her. I knew my mommy told me that before but it was a story it can't be true he told me but it's not you because you would of hurt me.

I didn't understand why would anyone go after a teenager boy he doesn't look dangerous to me I walked out and closed the door. Then I went outside how can this place be any different then fairytales what's so bad about them that we can't think or remember them. Whatever secret they are hiding from us I will find out but for now I better get back to the others before our teacher Belle get's in trouble.


 I went back to the school and saw blood everywhere on the ground there was dead bodies of our teachers and parents of the students. My mommy wasn't one of them I saw a note and read it oh my god they are looking for the girl Robbie Kay said he was looking for if I don't find her they will kill everyone.              


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