Fallout 4 Bomming

It's all peaceful in the nice and safe Sanctuary, you are a Father of your new beautiful son named Shaun, un til, the impossible happened, you know the guys we were fight, well they dropped Nuclear Bombs on us, we had to run to Shelter of Vault 111, we were Cryogenically frozen for who knows...



I was in the power armour clearing the town of Raiders, then this Irradiated Giant lizard came from the sewer, and it scared the Shit out of me, but I killed it with the Minigun, I'm lucky to be still breathing, year, that was close, lucky I had that Power Armour. I talked to Preston Garvey, he said it's safe to move out, we going to Sanctuary, that's were I live, or, were I used to live. To see the future [from Mama Murphy] she wants Drugs, and it's so annoying, But you can kill her, yayyyyyyyyy, I killed her, but she had NOTHING, it was great, I USE HER FOR STORAGE. she has unlimited space, so use her as storage. So I did something for Preston by helping this Settlement asking for help, The Minutemen will help anyone in need. I helped them, it was just a few 'Raiders', if they are Raiders, why don't they steal from me? Anyway they would not cause they know I will Murder them. So I killed the Raiders and help the trapped settles. They told me there was a full suit of T-45 Power Armour, but it out of juice, And I had they Fusion Core.

After I put the FC in the Power Armour, killed Raiders then out of the Sewer, but with the minigun, I slayed the beast     

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