Dragon Ball Academy

Piccolo is the first Namekian transfer student to the Dragon Ball Academy. Fitting in among the other students is going to be tougher than he thought. Join Piccolo as he encounters school cliques, friendships, rivalries, and even romance!

I only own Tayte. Also, no, Gohan and the others will NOT be appearing in this story. This IS a Piccolo/OC fanfiction. Please read, comment, and enjoy.


2. Lunchtime Fiasco

"Okay," Tayte chuckled, "I know your day was off to a rocky start, but I promise it will get better."

Piccolo gave her a skeptical look as he followed her into the lunchroom, tray in hand. Students milled about, searching for friends and seats. All of them wore the standard black uniforms with white undershirts. The girls' skirts seemed a little short (Vice Principal Roshi's doing, no doubt) while the boy's tops hung closely to their frames. All of the students appeared athletic and fit; even the multiple Majins.

"Come on," Tayte's voice cut into the Namekian's thoughts as she led him around a large group of humans, "I sit over here."

Piccolo felt a shiver run down his spine. Turning, his gaze locked with Vegeta's. The Saiyan sat at one of the far tables, Raditz and Nappa on either side of him. A couple other Saiyans sat at their table, every one of them hanging on the rich boy's every word. Piccolo glared before breaking eye contact.

"I see you've noticed the Saiyan table," his companion chuckled, "they're the athletic ones. The humans over there are the smart ones," she pointed to a table full of humans, "and that's Bulma and Chichi."

She nodded towards a pair of girls; one with blue hair and one with black. Both sat on top of their table, ignoring the multiple boys attempting to gain their attention.

"Both their dads come from money," Tayte continued, "so you can imagine people try to get on their good side," she gave Frieza and Cooler a quick nod as she hurried past their table, "Frieza and Cooler are the sons of Mayor Cold. You want to stay on their good side. Trust me. And, over there, that's where the Majins sit. They're...in their own category."

"And you," Piccolo asked, "what group do you sit with?"

Smiling, Tayte waved at a table with a small group of different races, "This one."

"Piccolo," Goku waved, moving his large lunch aside to provide room for the newcomers, "I didn't know you and Tayte were friends!"

Saying nothing, Piccolo merely sat down beside the redheaded human. Her table was made up of Goku, the bald kid from Piccolo's first class, a human with three eyes, a scowling blonde girl, a fat Majin, and a black haired human with multiple scars on his face.

The three eyed human kept his uniform neatly pressed while his female companion's was slightly ruffled. She also wore a belt with a chain around her waist. Her hands were covered in fingerless leather gloves. And instead of socks, she wore fishnets over her legs.

The Majin's uniform seemed a size too big, the pants held up by a large belt. Both the bald and scarred human wore their uniforms in the typical style, while Goku had two buttons open to reveal his toned chest.

"Piccolo," Tayte pointed to each person in turn, "this is Kakarot, but we all call him Goku."

"I met him earlier," the Namekian nodded, turning to glare at the bald boy, "but I never caught your name."

Flinching, he took a gulp before replying, "I'm Krillin."

"And that's Tien down there. The blonde sitting next to him is his girlfriend, Launch. The Majin is named Buu. And this right here is Yamcha."

Yamcha, who had been sitting with a broken expression on his face, leaned forward to bury his face in his arms.

"Why aren't you all with your own kind," Piccolo asked, "seems like everyone here keeps to their own race."

"Well," Tien scowled, crossing his arms, "it's kind of hard to fit in when you've got three eyes."

"And wherever Tien goes," Launch scowled, "I go. You don't like it, you answer to my fist!"

"Vegeta kicked me out of the Saiyan table," Goku said through a mouthful of food, "Tayte was really nice though. She let me sit with her and her friends!"

"I uh," Krillin avoided the Namekian's gaze, twirling his thumbs, "don't really fit in with the humans either. I shaved my head to prove how dedicated to martial arts I was. They, uh, started making fun of me."

Piccolo turned towards Yamcha, "And you? What's wrong with you?"

The boy merely gave a low moan, not moving.

"Yamcha was dating Bulma," Tayte explained, "she dumped him and...well..."

"It was awkward," Yamcha's muffled snap startled Piccolo, "for me and Bulma. One of us had to go. You can guess who got voted out."

Piccolo glanced at the Majin, who merely smiled back.

"Buu and I always sat together," Tayte said, smiling, "and our table is open to anyone willing to join us."

Piccolo's gaze slowly made its way to her, "And why don't you sit with the other humans?"

She froze, quickly avoiding his gaze by turning to eat.

"Tayte has a lot to live up to," Goku chuckled, "with a mom like hers-"


The table (as well as most of the cafeteria) fell silent at the girl's snarl. All eyes fell upon her, causing her to avoid all gazes. Suddenly, she pushed her tray away from her as she rose to her feet. Leaving the table, she hurried out of the room and disappeared down the hall. Piccolo watched the scene unfold with surprise. Slowly, the chatter returned to the lunchroom.

"What was that all about?"

"Goku's big mouth," Launch sighed, rolling her eyes, "again."

"What," the Saiyan shrugged "I was just saying that since her mom was a big time hero, she has a lot expected of her. That kind of pressure can't be easy."


"You mean you haven't heard," Krillin asked, raising an eyebrow, "you must have seen the statue in town square on your way here."

Blinking, Piccolo did in fact recall passing a large statue on his way to the school. His driver had begun to tell Guru about it, but he had tuned him out.

"Tao was a firefighter here in the city," Tien began, "one day, a fire broke out at Frieza's house."

Surprised, the Namekian turned to glance at the short Ice-Jinn.

"It was pretty bad by the time the firemen arrived. Frieza was still inside the house, so Tao and two other men ran in to find him. A piece of debris had knocked him unconscious, and a support beam had trapped him. Tao held the beam up so the men could get Frieza to safety. As soon as they were outside, the house collapsed. Tao was trapped and she burned to death."

The table fell silent, even Goku's appetite lost in the human's words.

"Mayor Cold had the statue built as a thank you to Tayte's family, but it just reminds them every day of what they lost. Now, the Cold family has a debt they can never repay and Tayte has a burden she can never lift."

"She tries though," Krillin nodded, "she joined the kickboxing team, gets straight A's, and even helps out at any charity she can. But really, it's nothing compared to her mom."

"Including her," Goku sighed, "everyone compares her to her mom. And Frieza really doesn't like being indebted to her family."

"Noticed," Piccolo nodded, recalling the Ice-Jinn's attitude towards the redhead, "trust me, I noticed."

"She always smiles though," Launch sighed, leaning into Tien's chest, "no matter how tough life gets, she has a smile for everyone."

Tien glared at Vegeta and Frieza, "Even those who don't deserve one."

Piccolo glanced at the door, "Where did she go?"

"Probably the gym," Goku said, reaching for his food once more, "she trains whenever she's upset."

Leaving the table, the Namekian made his way through the crowd and left the room. He remembered passing the gym when Satan had given him and Guru a tour of the academy.

He had heard her grunts even before he entered the large room. He found her in the corner, attacking an old punching bag. She had changed out of her school uniform into a pair of gym shorts and a black tank top. Piccolo took a moment to take in her new appearance.

Tayte was taller than most of the human girls he had met. In fact, she was close to Goku in height. Her hair hung freely around her shoulders; the wild style giving it an almost flame-like appearance.

He blushed when he realized how long he had been staring. he cleared his throat, startling her a little bit.

"Piccolo," she breathed, "how long were you standing there?"

He avoided her gaze, not wanting to admit he had been staring.


Scowling, he threw his nose in the air and crossed his arms tightly over his chest, "Long enough to know your stance is off!"

Blinking in surprise, she smiled, "Well...would you mind showing me the proper stance then?"

He glanced at her in surprise, "Fine."

He waited until she turned back to the bag and dropped into an attack crouch. Standing behind her, he guided her feet with his own and re-positioned her arms.

"There," he said, "now you're balance is equal. And you're prepared to defend if you need to. Now, would you say your punches or your kicks are stronger?"

She thought for a moment before answering, "My kicks, I guess."

"All right, show me one."

Nodding, she gave the bag a mighty kick. The top of her foot smacked against the surface, sending a satisfying sound throughout the room.

"Good," he nodded, moving forward to once again help her, "but don't hit with the top of your foot. You run the risk of breaking it. Here, back up and try hitting it with your heel."

She obeyed, finding the new method a little difficult. Losing her balance, she fell backwards into the Namekian's arms.

"Sorry," she said as he helped her to her feet, "I guess I'm just used to kicking the other way."

"Remember how I told you to stand," he nodded, guiding her back into position, "it'll really help your balance."

Giving the bag a few more kicks, Tayte soon smiled as she delivered stronger kicks.

Piccolo smirked, "Very good."

"Where did you learn to fight?"

"I was captain of our MMA club back on Namek," he said, "we traveled off planet quite a bit to learn new techniques."

"Wow," she said, "maybe you should join the kickboxing team."

"Maybe," he shrugged, "it'll be good to keep my skills honed."

Tayte gave him another smile, "Thanks Piccolo."

He frowned, "Tien told me about your mom. I'm sorry."

She nodded, "I miss her."

"I know what you mean," he said, leaning against the wall, "I lost my dad a long time ago. I was a baby at the time. Our leader, Lord Guru, raised me and my brother for as long as I can remember."

"You have a brother?"

Piccolo nodded, "Yeah. His name is Nail. He's older than me," he chuckled, "something he's always holding over my head. Do you have any siblings?"

"No," Tayte shook her head, "it's just me and my uncle."

"What about your dad?"

"I never knew him," she replied, leaning next to him on the wall, "Uncle Po says he left when mom was pregnant with me. We never figured out why."

"I'm sorry," he said, giving her a sad look, "it sounds like you've had it pretty hard."

"Yeah," she nodded, giving a small smile, "but it hasn't all been bad. I've got a loving uncle, a lot of friends, and now you."

He blinked in surprise as she turned to face him.

"We're friends now, right Piccolo?"

Blushing, he smiled, "Yeah, I guess we are."

The sound of the bell ringing startled the pair. Tayte gave a silent curse as she rushed to the girl's changing room. Piccolo waited until she returned before following her into the hall. They waved goodbye to one another as she ducked into her next class. The Namekian rushed down the hall into a large kitchen-like classroom. His next class, Culinary Arts, was to be taught by a tall man named Whis.

"Ah, Mr. Piccolo," the blue skinned man said in a gentle, yet firm tone, "how nice of you to join us today. All right class, find yourselves a partner for today's lesson."

Piccolo gave a sigh as everyone rushed to find their friends. he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Launch smirking at him. Figuring it would be better to pair with her than the approaching Frieza, he nodded and followed her back to her station. The Ice-Jinn scowled before wrapping his tail around Vegeta's arm and literally dragging him back to his desk.

"Hey," Launch whispered as Whis began to talk about apple pies, "how is she?"

"I think she'll be fine," the Namekian nodded, "she seemed it, anyways."

"She's had a lot of practice hiding her pain," the blonde nodded, "but it's good that you went to talk to her."

"Excuse me," the pair jumped as Whis appeared behind them, "am I interrupting something important?"

"No sir," Launch said, rubbing the back of her head, "we were just discussing the different types of pies."

"The only kind you need to worry about today are apple pies," the teacher smirked, a knowing glint in his eye, "but I'm glad to see you both taking such an interest in my class. Why don't the pair of you come up to the front and show the rest of your classmates how to make the perfect apple pie?"

A few of the students snickered as the pair were led up to the front and placed behind a large desk covered in ingredients. Piccolo, who had only ever needed water to survive, didn't recognize ANY of them. Launch noticed his worried gaze and stepped forward, cracking her knuckles in the process.


By the end of the lesson, both Piccolo and Launch were covered in ingredients. Turns out, Launch did not know a thing about cooking. Whis smiled as they went to the back to clean themselves off, giving them each a note to explain to their next teacher why they were late.

As they left the classroom, Vegeta laughed and pointed, "That was pathetic. I'd say you were a hot mess, Launch, but I'd be lying."

The blonde merely scowled as she disappeared into the crowd. Piccolo quickly made his way to his last class of the day. Handing his note to a short blonde human with squinting eyes, he searched for an empty seat. A familiar head of red hair caught his attention. Smiling, he sat down beside Tayte and pulled out his notebook.

hearing him sit down, she turned to greet him only to start giggling.


"You get Launch as a cooking partner?"

He blinked in surprise, "Has everyone heard about that already?"

Shaking her head, she pointed to his cheek, "You've still got some flour on your face."

Scowling, the Namekian wiped at the cheek opposite of the mess. Shaking her head, Tayte pulled a handkerchief out of her jacket pocket.

"Here," she said, motioning for him to lean towards her, "I'll get it."

Obeying, he avoided her gaze as he felt her wipe away the powder. As she leaned back into her seat, he glanced her way.

"What," she asked, "I got it all."

Blinking in surprise, Piccolo quickly leaned back and turned his attention towards the front of the room as the blonde woman began to explain the makings of a good essay.

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