How He Changed My Life

Love can cure anything. That's what I thought when my best friend, Sidney, got rid of her cold when she got a boyfriend. But when I got a boyfriend, nothing seemed different. Until Oli came along...


6. Chapter 6: The Wedding

"Alright, people! The wedding is planned for tomorrow at sunset. Be there at 4:00," Joel, or Smallishbeans, announced. Lizzie (LDShadowLady) came in with a colour palette and held it up to us.
     "Your theme is - 'Spring'! Light pastel colours like green, purple, pink, blue, yellow, and orange." She handed me the paper and I took it, smiling at her.
     "Thank you guys, so much. I really appreciate it, I do!" I hugged Joel and Lizzie and looked at the door. Yammy and Mitty walked in.
     "We have food for the reception!" Yammy shouted.
     "And the wedding cake!" Mitty exclaimed. "Customised with Lizzie's colour plan." Lizzie raised her hand.
     "That's me!" We all laughed and got situated. As if there wasn't enough people at our house, Annie, or Vengelfe, strode in, holding her phone. She had her earbuds plugged in, head bobbing to the beat. She stopped in her tracks when she saw all of us staring at her.
     "Oh! Sorry," she said, tugged the earbuds out. "I was just picking out some music to play at the wedding. There are so many choices!" I chuckled and hugged her.
     "I can't believe all of you came!" I said.
     "And not any boys," added Oli, a smile spreading across his face. On cue, Seapeekay and Smajor came into the living room.
    "What are you here for?" I asked while hugging them as well.
    "Oh, we just needed the dates," Smajor said. He bro-hugged Oli (because hugging is apparently too girly for some people) and sat on the couch. Seapeekay sat on the floor, grinning.
     For the rest of the day, we talked, played truth-or-dare, and did some drunk-spin-the-bottle (just the drunk version of that game). We all fell asleep at one point, and when I woke up, I didn't realise how much we messed up my place.
     I stepped over the unconscious bodies and started to clean up. I was washing dishes when I felt Oli wrap his arms around my waist.
     "Good morning, beautiful," he said. I turned off the faucet and smiled. "It's wedding day." He kissed my neck and rubbed my sides.
     "Are you still drunk?" I said, laughing. He moved his hands lower and started to suck on my neck. He chuckled after a while and pulled away.
     "No. But all the girls managed to not get drunk last night. They took turns keeping watch while the others slept. Just in case one of us woke up and started doing violent things." Yammy yawned and sat up. She screamed, waking up the rest of the people.
     "Why in the world did I wake up in Seapeekay's arms?!" She said, standing up. She brushed herself off and stomped over to Mitty, in Smajor's arms. She looked dumbfounded too. "I mean, it makes sense for Lizzie to sleep with Joel but me and Seapeekay? And you, Mitty, with Smajor? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" She started hyperventilating and she ran to the bathroom. I heard another scream and ran over to the bathroom to see what was going on. Annie was sleeping in the arms of DJWafflez.
     "How did he get here?" I wondered out loud. Yammy fainted and woke up the two with a thud.
     "What in the..." Annie looked around. She saw DJWafflez, who was equally confused. They both got up and brushed themselves off.
     "Well... Goodbye, then." DJWafflez said, walking swiftly out of the room. Annie nodded and followed him. Oli came up behind me and grabbed my hand.
     "Mitty has to tell us all something," he said. I dragged Yasmine out of the bathroom and into the living room, where Mitty was standing on our coffee table.
     "Last night, I got a bit drunk, but not enough to forget what happened. We all... um... Ya know... Did the dance with each other - I mean, with whoever we woke up with. Last night." She looked at her feet. "So, um... Yeah." She jumped down and looked at all of us. Joel laughed nervously.
     "Well, at least we can't remember it, right?" He scratched the back of his neck.
     "All the girls didn't get drunk, Joel," Lizzie said, staring into space. "We all did a bit, but we all remember every detail." She stared at the wall, as if recalling what happened.
     We stood there awkwardly. I remembered it too. Just a bit of it, not a lot. I think the alcohol didn't get to me that fast.
     "We have a wedding to attend, don't we? Let's get ready!" Seapeekay got us all together and we started preparing. As I was preparing, I tried to remember what happened the night before.

*INSERT SCENE HERE* (basically whatever you want it to be - let your imagination run wild ;D)

     I snapped out of it when Lizzie handed me my wedding dress. It was a beautiful cream colour, with a simple and elegant design. "Thank you, Lizzie. For everything. You've been a really great friend," I said, admiring at the dress.
     "Oh, it's nothing. You know, when your friend is going to die, you should do whatever you can to make their last moments perfect." She walked out of the room, hearing Joel call her. "Coming!"
     I got dressed and looked in the mirror. It fit perfectly.
     "You look stunning," I heard Oli say. He was leaning on the door frame in a tuxedo with his panda hat on. "I can't believe I won't see you in two months. Ever again." He started to cry. "My beautiful wife. You truly were perfect." I walked up to him and embraced him, tears running down my own face. "I will never marry another girl. Ever."
     "Time to go!" Mitty said. She poked her face in the door. "Save the tears for later, guys." She left, leaving me and Oli with each other. After a few minutes of being with each other, we heard a car honk.
     "We better leave," I said. Oli nodded and wiped his tears. We walked, hand in hand, outside of the house and into the limousine that was parked outside our driveway.
     "Here comes the bride!" Lizzie sang out of the window. Everyone laughed, lighten in the mood.
     "All dressed in... Cream." Joel faltered at the end, realising my dress wasn't white. We all laughed and Oli and I stepped into the limo. It was nice inside, the first time I've ever been inside of one. There were cup holders and the ceiling was styled like the night sky. The lights were stars, lighting up the area. The windows were darkened for privacy, which I loved. My mom was driving, despite her recent depression from her broken rib cage. There was music booming so loud that I thought everyone could hear it.
     When we arrived at the gazebo where we were getting married. It was graced with pastel roses. It was overlooking the ocean, waves lapping on the shore.
     "Oh my gosh..." Everyone (except for Joel, who planned to have the wedding at this place) awed at the exquisite sight.
     "This is beautiful!" Yammy exclaimed, peering over the edge of the small cliff. "I hope no one falls off."
     The ceremony started an hour later. Tens of YouTubers arrived at the wedding, greeting each other (with hugs and bro-hugs, of course). Then, it was time to say our vows.

A/N: Okay, so I'm not going to add that in because 1. I don't know them and I'm too lazy to look it up and 2. It's kinda boring. So let's go to the I do's!

     "Do you, Sophia, take Oliver to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The officiant turned to me. I nodded.
     "I do."
     "And do you, Oliver, take Sophia to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
     "I do."
     "Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Oli looked at me with the same eyes that I saw when we finished our first duet. He leaned in and kissed me. Everyone clapped and shouted with glee. We stepped off of the podium and ate some food.
     In the middle of talking to Mom, my stomach started doing somersaults. I ran to the garbage can, held back my hair, and puked into the bin. I held my stomach on the early trip home, Oli holding a plastic pale in front of me. He stroked my hair and patted my back. When we got to the house, Mom called the doctor.
     "Mom, it's okay. I don't need the doctor. I just need to rest. I think I'm allergic to some of the food or something." I went into the bathroom to change and noticed something weird. "MOM!" I ran to the living room as fast as I could. Mom was sitting on the couch, watching TV.
     "What is it honey?" she asked, putting down the remote.
     "I'm pregnant!"



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