How He Changed My Life

Love can cure anything. That's what I thought when my best friend, Sidney, got rid of her cold when she got a boyfriend. But when I got a boyfriend, nothing seemed different. Until Oli came along...


5. Chapter 5: The One

I arrived home to see Oli and Sidney sitting on the couch. I instantly ran to Oli and hugged him, crying.
     "What is it?" I heard Sidney ask. Her voice was shaking.
     "Skin cancer. Three months to live. Not curable," I managed to choke out. Sidney gasped.
     "Three... Three months? That's all? I didn't know that it would be fatal."
     "I've had it since I was born." Oli started stroking my hair. "It couldn't have been curable now."
     "If it makes you feel any better," Oli interrupted, "you hit one million subscribers." I lifted my head up. He pointed to the computer screen. I walked over to it. YouTube was pulled up and my duet with Oli was playing. I looked so happy then, I thought. Sure enough, my channel had 1,024,870 subscribers. I slumped down on my chair and stared at the screen. I felt Oli squeeze in next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead. "It'll be okay. I'll protect you, no matter what."
     "Why do you still love me? I'll be gone in three months, and you're going to need another girlfriend," I said.
     "I will never find a girl quite like you," he replied. That made me smile, an actual smile.
     "Oh, goodie!" Sidney exclaimed. "Let's have a group hug!" She wrapper her arms around us and me and Oli both groaned. "Come one, do you not like group hugs? I love them!" Oli glanced at me and I chuckled. He grinned and kissed me, bringing me into a big bear hug.
     "So I see you've taken my advice," Mom said. The three of us turned around to look at Mom. Her cheeks were still wet with tears, but the smile on her face said she wash anything but sad. "Especially since you don't have your whole life to live, you should take everything while you can. Like Oli. Like our time together. And like the doctor said, each second that you're alive." I nodded and heard barking coming from another room.
     "Orion!" I stood up and opened the door to a bathroom. Orion jumped on me and started licking my face. "Good boy!" I said, taking him off of me. "Good boy." He circled me and stood on his hind legs. Mom threw him a treat, and he caught it on his nose. He ate it and barked some more.
     "Your dog is amazing," Oli said, stroking the back of Orion's ears. "Amazing." I laughed and hugged him.
     "You all are amazing," I said to everyone in the room. "You made me forget I had skin cancer. I feel like I'm not going to forget for a while." Oli hugged me back, Mom smiled, Sidney squealed, Orion barked, and I cried.

     "NEO! Come here!" I woke up to a girl shouting outside of my house. I opened the curtains and saw Sidney pulling on a leash. There was a small black cat on the other end of the leash, staying put. "Just come here!"
     I opened my window and stuck my head outside. "Hi Sidney! Did you get a cat?" I asked. Sidney nodded.
     "It's not fair that you got a dog, just like that, so I asked my mom and she said yes. I didn't know that cats could be stubborn. NEO!" He started pulling away. "Come on, I thought you were the one!" I laughed really hard at this reference to the matrix, and I soon felt myself getting out of balance. I couldn't control myself and I almost fell out my window when I felt someone grab my hips.
     "Gotcha!" I heard Oli say. "You need to be more careful." He pulled me back into the room and led me downstairs.
     "I'll meet you outside!" Sidney shouted. Oli brought me down and I gasped. There was a giant cake sitting in the middle of a table, with a banner saying, "Happy Birthday!" Mom, Orion, Sidney, and Neo were all standing behind the pile of presents.
     "Happy birthday!" They all shouted, including Oli of course.
     "Sixteen! Wow," Sidney swooned. "Soon I'll be two years..." Sidney skipped two grades when she was in eighth grade. Straight to tenth. That's when I first met her, in all my classes. We had the same schedule so we just hung out a lot and became best friends. "Let's open your presents!" Sidney pointed to a large box wrapped in pink.
     I ripped it open and chuckled. "Woah." Inside was a hoverboard. I turned it on and it blinked rainbow.
     "Special, just like you." I hugged Sidney and thanked her. Next, I opened a small blue-wrapped present.
     "From, Mom. To the best daughter in the whole entire world. Thank you so much Mom!" I took out a beautiful diamond necklace. It had a small diamond rose with my name on the back.
     After I opened two more presents from Neo and Orion, some gift cards, I looked at Oli and my hands flew to my mouth.
     "Oli!" He was on his knees, holding out a ring.
     "You have made me one of the happiest people on this earth. I love you, I really do! I don't think three months is enough time for us. So, Sophia Angelica Jo, will you marry me?" I looked at mom, who was crying. She nodded and I looked back at Oli, still baffled.
     "Yes! Three months worth of non-stop yeses!" I kissed him after he put the exquisite ring on my finger. "Thank you so much. You didn't have to do this! It's so early."
     "It's so late for you. I had to do this. If I didn't, I would feel guilty forever," he said. I admire his care for me. "Plus, I made you forget about your cancer when I proposed, right?" I nodded.
     "Again. Oh, I guess it won't be so bad at all. Three months to live my entire life... That's less room for bad things to happen!" Sidney picked up Neo. She walked over to us and put him on my head.
     "Neo's favourite spot to sleep is on people's head," Sidney said. I heard Neo's breathing slow down. "See? He's already sleeping." Sidney pet Neo's tail and sat down on the floor. "I'm childish. Weird. Odd. Abnormal. But you guys make me feel like I'm included. Thank you." I slowly sat down, careful not to drop Neo.
     "You're welcome. I guess others haven't been treating you very well," I said. Neo jumped off of my head and padded into Sidney's lap. "Well, most of the kids in our grade are used to being teenagers. You've only been a teen for two years. It makes a difference."
     "But two whole years! That takes a while."
     "Two out of how many years on average?"
     "78.74 years. I guess you're right." Sidney hugged me.
     "Why do you ask?"
     "Well, I recently wanted to be a cat, so I ran around in a cat costume meowing at people. Some people called me a stupid, annoying child." She took out a black cat headband and put it on. She mewed sadly and stared at the ground.
     Suddenly, I had an idea. A fabulous idea. An idea that would take less than three months.
     I needed to make Sidney feel like she can be a cat. I was thinking, a giant room with a big litter box, a scratching pole, a few toys, and a food and water bowl. They would be big enough so that she could actually use them like a real cat. Every time she went in there, I would fill the bowl and clean her litter box until I...died.
     In fact, the idea was so amazing that I got to work on it right away the next day.

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