Mark's waiting to get some news from his mother. His friend Jack calls, and Mark is definitely not in the mood..


1. What's the most important thing?

Mark was walking down Great Marlborough Street when his phone rang. His heart started racing and his hands got sweaty. Maybe this was the call he had been waiting for. Mark grabbed the phone from his pocket and looked at the screen. On the screen he saw the picture of a green haired guy and the name Jacksepticeye blink. It was his friend Sean. Nobody knew why they called him Jack, they just did. Even Jack called himself Jack. With a disappointed Mark answered the phone;

“What is it, Jack?” Mark spewed. It came out way more offensive than he intended.

“Wow, sorry Mark. Didn’t know today was one of your grumpy days” Jack said in his pure Irish accent. “So how’s London?”

“It’s great. It’s nice to just have a two-day trip on my own. Here’s lots of nice people. So that’s great. “ Mark laughed. He had just remembered he was walking down Great Marlborough Street. “It’s nice with a couple of days off to clear my head.”

“I’m sure it is.” Jack turned his head away from the phone, but Mark could still hear what he shouted. That boy had a big voice. “Ey, ey Ma! Ma! You’re out of town next week, right?” A woman responded to his question. Jack then turned his head back to the phone, the tone of his voice was almost the same as when he shouted away from the phone, and said: “I was wondering. Now that you’re finally in London, if you would like to come visit me in Ireland and maybe we could make a video together?”

Mark started to get impatient. Without listening to a word Jack had said, he walked over and sat down on a bench.

“Jack, it’s great that you are calling, but I’m kind of expecting another call. “ He started tapping impatient on his thigh. How hard is it for him to understand that there are more important things in the world, than making a video right now, Mark thought.

“Oh, “ Jack said offended. “Well, bye then, Markiplier.“ The conversation ended. Finally, Mark thought. He took a deep breath in and breathed out. Then in. And then out again. He stood up and looked around. It then occurred to him that the street was filled with all sorts of noises and smells. Honks from busy taxi drivers and the constant humming of people. Lots and lots of people talking with each other. Sounds he had been blocking out, while only focusing on the call he was expecting, suddenly smashed through his ears and up to his brain, which gave him a bad headache. Can everybody just shut up, Mark thought, why won’t they shut up. He rubbed his fingers on his temples, when his phone started buzzing again. Could this be the one? He looked eagerly at the screen and saw the name Mom written across the screen.

“Hello Mom, it’s Mark. I’ve been waiting for you to call all day!” Mark said. He could already feel the joy and excitement that ignited inside of him.

“Hi Mark. That’s lovely to hear.” Marks mom said. He could hear the excitement in her voice. “I suppose it’s already clear to you, why I’m calling.” Mark nodded slowly until he realized she couldn’t see him. “The bank approved! They agreed to loan us enough money to finally go visit the rest of your family. My family!”

Mark was thrilled! He jumped sky high up in the air. Even though people started glancing at him. He couldn’t be happier!

“Oh, Mom, this is the best news you could ever give me! It was definitely worth the wait!” Mark could barely stop punching the air. He then hung up and took a deep breath. What was he going to do with this new information he had just got? He could shout it out loud, but would people even care? People he didn’t even know. He needed someone he already knew.

Who is relatively close to me right now? A person I can share this with, he thought to himself. Almost like he had a light bulb turned on above his head a name popped up in his head. Jack. Ireland was roughly a 10hours drive ahead, if he decided to go.

Which he did and then spent the rest of his trip at Jacks.

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