Do you know what happy slapping is?

The "queen" of the school will not bow under to anyone.


1. Who's in charge now?

”Girls, look at the CD I pinched in HMV’s yesterday.” I said. I swung my backpack over my shoulder and reached down and grabbed the CD. 

“Oh, Liam Gallagher is just so cool, Marcy!” Christy said jumping up in the air. “We can hear it after school.” My attention had already changed. A new girl had just walked in on the school’s property. Wait a second! Was Eric talking with that little filthy virgin! “What the **** is she doing with MY Eric?!” I exclaimed. Who did she think she was? She was not in charge of that school, I WAS!


At home I texted Eric.

“hey, honey! <33 i would like to know what u were doing w/ that new girl @ school? haha, just curious, u kno. :/ :))”

“Hi, Marcy. I just gave her, her phone back. She dropped it when she got out of the car. No problem there.” 

“well, i would like if u stay as far away from the girl as possible!”




“Oh, that album is sick” Annabelle said pointing on the CD with a smirk on her face. She always said anything to try get acknowledged by me. It never worked. “Hey, what’s Eric doing over there?” I turned my head. To my fright, that bitch of a new girl was talking to Eric again. I grabbed my phone and texted her.

                      “Keep your filthy fingers off my Eric!”

There. But that wasn’t enough. She had to pay for the humiliation she had put me through.

“Girls, that bitch of a new girl is trying to steal Eric from me!” I said exaggerating. “And I know the best way of doing it! Have you ever heard about happy slapping?” I looked at Christy. She nodded her head with a smirk and her eyebrows in a v. “I can hold the phone.” she said. “When are we going to do it the?” Annabelle asked hesitating. She clearly wasn’t in on the plan.” At first, I thought it should be done in the break, but on the bus was a better solution. There wouldn’t be as many to interrupt us there. “On the bus,” I said, “after school today.”


We sat in the back of the new girl’s bus. Waiting for her to get on board. “Oh my god.” Christy said impatience. “When is she coming!” Right as she finished her sentence the new girl stepped in. She sat only a few rows away. I looked over at the girls and nodded. It was time. I jumped up and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out on the narrow space in the middle of the bus. She started screaming as I started slapping, punching and scratching all over her. She didn’t put up much of a fight. She didn’t even hit after me. I looked over my shoulder to ensure me that Christy filmed it. She did.

When I was finished, we stepped out of the bus, without knowing if the new girl was conscious.

Before splitting up I told Christy to post the video when she got home.

Who is now in charge?

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