Dragon Eyes

Three Dragon Eyes hold the power of three ancient and powerful dragons. Each dragon with it's own particular purpose, and now, they are calling for their human counterparts, the ones with the power to control the Dragon. Except, no one knows where the Eyes are, and with the world on the brink of destruction, the Three must race to recover their Dragon Eyes, and learn to master the power they hold.


1. The Prophecy

The Dragons Will Rise

From the will and the strength of three untouched souls,

they will harness the Dragon Eyes

The power they possess will bring down the reign

of the hateful King of Erinsin (erin - sin)

Through the midst they will come,

with more power than just the one

The fall of evil is almost assured,

unless one decides to turn.

Within the mountain, river, and sky, they will find the Dragon Eyes

The Dragons Will Rise

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