Dragon Eyes

Three Dragon Eyes hold the power of three ancient and powerful dragons. Each dragon with it's own particular purpose, and now, they are calling for their human counterparts, the ones with the power to control the Dragon. Except, no one knows where the Eyes are, and with the world on the brink of destruction, the Three must race to recover their Dragon Eyes, and learn to master the power they hold.


2. Background and Information

     There is more to the world then what is portrayed.  Evil and goodness fight for a rightful spot in the world, and we cannot see that battle, for it is only internally that we seek the battle.  There is no manifestation of the Evil itself, but the person or being the Evil captures.  Just as there is no manifestation of the Good itself, but those who it captures or those who fight rightly for its cause.

     The Kingdom of Erinsin has been under King Hathbogs control for 50 years.  The King has not aged or gotten sick, or even been wounded in his throne time.  All that has occurred is the evil that has been brought forth upon all of it's citizens.  There is magic that is involved, some say, or maybe it's a remedy that makes you not age, or maybe it's just an illusion through a veil no one can pierce.  

     In the mountains, there are small places where they are not ruled by the iron fist of King Hathbog, but rather a greater, kinder nature.  These secret hideouts are guarded and protected by ancient runes, rituals, and an army that cannot be defeated.  To find these hideouts means you have a pure heart, and you do not have any evil that lurks inside of you waiting to pounce on your soul just as you enter the gates.  

      For years, King Hathbog has searched for these hideouts, but all search parties have failed, or they have never come back.  His rage continues on as his defeat spreads even wider.  There are small societies within his own Kingdom that defy his ruling and all have been killed for the mere thought of going against the King was always heard.  

     The rage, anger and madness come from a place fed by all people's fear, sadness, and loss.  The Evil feeds off the weak and then in turn, feeds those who are willing enough to join it's own ranks.  For a price.  Always for a price.  

     There is another emotion that digs deep in the King of Erinsin.  An emotion that does not feed or hunger, only gives.  It gives that twinge of uneasiness, that feeling someone bad is going to happen.  That feeling where someone is going to jump out at you, but you don't know when, or how long it will be until you fall.  That feeling called fear.

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